Animals easily recognizable from our own world. Deers in forests. Lions in prairies. Coyotes in deserts, etc


Animals that are fictional to our world, but are very real in Hearth.


Goblins on average normally only grow to about a foot in height. Their leathery skin protects them from the elements of the forest. While they are incapable of speech, they usually attack in small groups of five or more. Their interest can usually be piqued by giving them shiny objects.


Smaller than goblins, gnomes are nasty little buggers. They like to ambush adventurers from bushes and brush. Similar to goblins, they are drawn to magical objects, and will attempt to make off with it.



Small, flying, mischievous, fairy-like creatures. They will do more than steal from you. They like to plan intricate traps and pranks to make an adventurers day absolutely terrible.


Giant birds that roam the skies in search of their next meal. For the most part, they tend to stray away from civilization. Adventurers should keep a lookout when they enter a clearing if they don't want to be bird food. While their diet consists of cattle and other domestic creatures, it has been known that they will pick up a human when the opportunity arises.


Similar in appearance to the extinct dragon, Wyverns are smaller and more agile. There are two variants of the Wyvern, Fire breathers and Ice breathers. Like the Roc, Wyverns also keep away from civilization but tend to be bolder at times. They have a similar diet as the Roc, feeding mainly on cattle and oxen. If an adventurer finds themselves stood up against one of these things, they should pray they have help with them.


Giant Spiders

Quite common to find in thick wooded areas and caves. There are four variants: Giant Spiders, Poisonous Spiders, Sand Spiders and Cave Spiders.

  • Giant Spiders are the most common of the variants, they like to lure their prey into their webs.
  • Poisonous spiders are mainly found in thick-wooded areas and deliver a nasty toxin when bit by one.
  • Desert Spiders like to hide in the sand to ambush their prey from underneath, you can distinguish their hiding spots by a place where the sand has been sunken in.
  • Cave Spiders catch their prey by cornering them in the cave system. While they can't see, they can track their prey by feeling the vibrations of the web they weave on the cave's floors and walls.


Creatures that are not meant for the mortal realm. Only brought in through serious magic




Hollow Armor

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