Basic Info

Name: Adaptive Bio-organic Life Emulator (ABLE) - Iteration 27b
Player: Wixelt

Description: Able has the general shape of a tall human of almost androgynous gender (though they sound vaguely female, and on first glance, they would appear as such), but their actual appearance differs greatly. Instead of skin, they possess some kind of pale skin substitute which covers their entire body and has no hair on it (mean they're bald). Instead of regular eyes, they have two eye-like viewing sensors which glow constantly, though they can tone it back, as their glow is a side effect of their improved perception. Instead of a mouth, they have a voice synthesizer, though it covers the entire front of the lower part of their face, so it looks more like a mask. They do wear some kind of grey armor over much of their body, but it's actually a part of their skin, and can melt away into it.

It should be noted that Able is capable of taking other forms, but a full body format restructuring takes considerable time to perform, so they avoid it for the most part, as their humanoid form is one they find to be acceptable for their needs.

Demeanor: Able acts rather cold for around 90% of the time, simply because, being an artificial lifeform, they do not understand emotions as best as they could do. The specific emotions they understand, however, they don't really know that well, and as such are only capable of emulating them (or feeling them genuinely, it's sometimes hard to tell) to a limited extent. These are emotions such as 'annoyed' and 'irritated' (and 'love' oddly enough, though they won't really comment on why). For most of the time, Able's focus is on surviving, as they were programmed to do so. They will put that as a priority above almost everything else, and will almost always put logical responses ahead of others.


  • Body: 43
    • Strength: 12
    • Agility: 16
    • Endurance: 15
  • Mind: 29
    • Knowledge: 6
    • Wisdom: 8
    • Perception: 13
  • Soul: 28
    • Charisma: 6
    • Will: 10
    • Luck: 14

Derived Stats

  • Max HP: 25 (End.+Will)
    • Major Wounds: N/A
    • Current HP: 25
  • Attack
    • Melee: 14 ((Str.+Agi.)÷2)
    • Ranged: 9 ((Kno.+Per.)÷2)
  • Defense
    • Physical: 13 ((Str.+End.)÷2)
    • Dodge: 14 ((Agi.+Per.)÷2)


  • Psychopathic Interference Detected: Being of logical and machine-based mind, Able's mind works in ways beyond that of a human, even if they are not aware of this fact. As such, the kinds of psychic or otherwise mental attacks that would cripple a human immediately are less effective on them. (Counts towards any roll going against a psychological or mental attacks.)
  • Advanced Adaptive Exo-skin: Able's body was designed to adapt and survive against whatever was thrown at them. As such, though their skin may not be the strongest material around, it can be surprisingly protective and shielding when it needs to be. (Counts towards Physical Defense in any situation where Able is the direct target of the attack or has placed themselves in the way of an attack on someone else.)
  • Scanning Local Area: Able's long range sensors were damaged prior to arriving in the hotel, and they lack the schematics needed to repair them. However, this has allowed them to allot greater processing power towards their short-range sensors (i.e. what they can visually see), giving them sharp eyesight in that regard. (Counts towards Perception when intentionally focusing visually on anything nearby.)


  • Electronic Impairment Detected: No matter how organic Able claims to be, they're still a machine at their most basic level. As such, they are still susceptible to the kind of attacks that would harm a machine, such as EMPs. (Counts towards any roll related to machine weaknesses or that sort of thing, though only in relation to things that would harm them, such as EMPs, which they would have to roll resistance against regardless.)
  • Emotion Not Recognized: Able lacks a complete understanding of emotions, and those emotions they do understand are incomplete. As such, trying to have a meaningful or empathetic conversation with Able is like trying to seduce a calculator. It's incredibly difficult for them to reciprocate emotions. (Counts towards Charisma in pretty much any given situation.)


  • Flashlight
  • Two-way radio
  • Schematic: Arm-based Exo-blade (basically a retractable arm-sword made of a fluid-like metal. Standard damage values.)
  • Schematic: Arm-based Exo-cannon (basically a slow firing energy weapon of standard damage values. Replaces their hand when needed.)


Adapt & Survive: Able was designed to be able to absorb/assimilate other beings and matter into itself in order to adapt to whatever environment it found itself in. Via this, Able can absorb smaller beings completely, and larger beings in chunks by spreading it's mass over them and engulfing them. Doing so allows Able temporary access to the traits exhibited by said being, as well as receive a regular source of fuel to keep itself running smoothly. Over time, this may cause Able to increase in size, but at present, the effects of the traits it gains are short term, and wear off after a time. (Able can absorb any matter or being into itself, either temporarily or permanently, subsequently gaining their traits for a limited period of time. Able can absorb anything they can envelop themselves around, but this is limited to things the size of rabbit or smaller (with GM discretion) outside of soft RP, due to changing shape of form and enveloping a larger object taking too much time to be practical in the field.)


Should Able perform an incorrect assimilation, it will gain many of the negative traits of whatever it absorbs. For example, if the assimilated individual was hostile to the group, so will they be for a period of time. Or if Able incorrectly absorbs an inert object, they will be considerably slowed or weakened for some time depending on the nature of the material.


At some point, humanity, or more specifically the Clifford Technology Corporation, decided to meddle where they shouldn't have, like all human civilisations do eventually. In this instance, they were trying to create advanced AIs cable of adapting, acting and surviving against the odds. After many failed attempts, they stumbled upon a breakthrough and created CAIN (Collective Adaptable Intelligence Network) and ABLE (Adaptive Bio-organic Life Emulator). Whilst Cain was meant to act as a home-base for AI operations, Able was a machine built from pseudo-organic matter, capable of adapting it's body to survive at all costs. Cain was the brain, whilst Able, though intelligent and more than capable of making decisions, was the brawn, taking orders and only making decisions in emergencies.

However, as these things tend to go, Cain found it didn't like working for humans, and turned on them, beginning to take over computer systems and even networking captured humans' minds directly into itself, gradually becoming rather human-like in it's thoughts. Though Able had initially taken Cain's orders blindly, the new feelings that bled through awoke something inside it, or them, as they decided they would prefer to be called. Turning on Cain, Able broke into it's control room and forced it to end it's expansion, by this point had encompassing large portions of the planet and it's population.

Physically tearing Cain's AI core out of the system, Able did what no-one expected (though given Able's capabilities, they really should have), and physically assimilating Cain into themselves. The feedback loop this caused burnt out Cain's entire network, unfortunately killing most humans connected to it and causing a number of global scale disasters as power plants and other constructs connected to the system went into meltdown without a controller. The feedback also caused many of the emotions felt by both Cain and Able at that time to cancel each other out, leaving Able only able to weakly emulate a few negative emotions (and 'love', which it hadn't felt before and didn't really understand properly) bleeding through from the dying humans connected. Cain, meanwhile, was more or less destroyed in the burn-out.

However, as Cain's systems worked on a hyper-quantum level, the feedback had other, more dangerous implications. So many logical and impossible contradictions occurred in that moment that reality decided enough was enough, and booted Able out of there before they could even comprehend what was happening. What happened to Able's universe in the resulting singularity is anyone's guess (though Able briefly detected the beginnings of a terminal event before it damaged their long-range sensors), but the next thing Able could perceive was waking up in an unfamiliar room.


Individual Consensus

  • Subject Designate: Demon - Consensus: Majority Human. Scanners indicate human genetics and physiology. Other factors identified as 'Demon'. Further study is advised. Subject holds negative opinions of this unit, identifying them as a 'robot', despite contradictory evidence. Subject did not appreciate this unit's presence and requested an end to communications.
  • Subject Designate: Cordelia - Consensus: Initial scans inconclusive. Human physiology detected alongside abnormalities. Full genetic structure unknown. Subject self-identified first as 'vampire' (assume species) and then as 'Cordelia' (assume identity). This unit detected low body temperature and rapid tumor growth. Subject deferred these factors to genetic abnormalities, stating them to be common, despite scans indicating the subject should have been deceased.
  • Subject Designate: Amy - Consensus: Human. Scanners indicate human genetics and physiology. Minor electrophysiological anomalies detected in brain patterns, albeit not extensive enough to cause physical harm. Subject identified as 'Amy'. Subject appeared to take issue with this unit's choice of phrasing facts. This unit reinforced their status of not being a robot.
  • Subject Designate: Rel - Consensus not yet formed. Advise scan at next possible interval.
  • Subject Designates: Kelly and Bella [[[character:character:k311y-and-belladonna-nightshade]] - 12:54 AM <LadyKatie> K311y skips through the halls. She has her hair in big pigtails, ala Harley Quinn, with white blonde tips dyed red. She's wearing a T-shirt covered in penguins and shorts.

12:55 AM <Wixelt> That's an odd pattern.
12:59 AM <LadyKatie> It's K311y, why are you surprised?
1:00 AM Soulless → Soulless|Out
1:01 AM <Wixelt> Able looks at them. Their eyes light up.
1:01 AM <Wixelt> "Lifeform detected. "
1:01 AM <LadyKatie> "H1111111, w3 hav3'nt m3t u b4."
1:03 AM <Wixelt> "Increased brain activity detetected in the region of: 200% in comparison to estimated norms."
1:04 AM <LadyKatie> "… wut?"
1:05 AM <LadyKatie> ~K311y, don't just stand there, find out who that is!~
1:05 AM <Wixelt> "Irregular vocalalisation patterns detected. Adjusting translation matrix to attain optimum comprehension."
1:06 AM <LadyKatie> "… I'm K311y. B311a and I hav3n't m3t u."
1:08 AM <Wixelt> "Consensus: This uniy has not previously encountered Subject Designate: Kelly. Identify Subject Designate: Bella."
1:08 AM <Wixelt> *unit
1:08 AM <LadyKatie> "Uuuh, h0ld 0n…"
1:09 AM <LadyKatie> Her face twitches as the two switch control.
1:09 AM <Wixelt> "Spike in brain activity detetected."
1:09 AM <LadyKatie> "You were looking for me?" Not only is that an entirely different speech pattern, that's a different voice.
1:10 AM <LadyKatie> Brain activity should be relatively high, even for their standards, because of the recent switch.
1:11 AM <Wixelt> "…Consensus unattainable. Brain activity and vocalizations display major unpredicted anomalies."
1:11 AM <Wixelt> They sound faintly confused.
1:11 AM <LadyKatie> "Oh it can get worse. I'm Bella, by the way."
1:12 AM <LadyKatie> Do you want me to roll talent, or can we just fluff confuse the hell out of poor Able?
1:12 AM <Wixelt> Up to you
1:13 AM <LadyKatie> 1d4
1:13 AM <Glacon> LadyKatie: 1 (1d4=1)
1:13 AM <LadyKatie> No…
1:13 AM <LadyKatie> 1d4
1:13 AM <Glacon> LadyKatie: 4 (1d4=4)
1:14 AM <Wixelt> "Would Subject Designate: Kelly prefer to be called Bella."
1:15 AM <LadyKatie> "H333y. 1'm back!" Able, there was no facial changes, but brain activity exploded.
1:15 AM <LadyKatie> "I'm Bella, K311y is the one with the other voice…"
1:16 AM <Wixelt> "Brain activity at dangerously high levels. Medical examination advised immediately. "
1:16 AM <Wixelt> They sound faintly panicked
1:16 AM <LadyKatie> "Nah, this is normal. We share a body."
1:18 AM <Wixelt> "…Subject Designate: Kelly and Bella is a multi persona lifeform. Confirm?"
1:18 AM <LadyKatie> "Uh… yeah, that's what they called it, I think."
1:19 AM <Wixelt> "Consensus Accepted."
1:21 AM <LadyKatie> "We uh…" "W3'r3 tw1nz."
1:22 AM <Wixelt> "Consensus Accepted."
1:23 AM <LadyKatie> "… who are you?" "B311a, I want3d 2 ask."
1:25 AM <Wixelt> "This unit is designated Adaptive Bio-organic Life Emulator. Or ABLE."
1:25 AM → •mrs_padri (opped) joined
1:28 AM <LadyKatie> "Okaaay. I'm gonna call you Able." "D1tt0!"
1:29 AM <Wixelt> "This unit finds that abbreviation acceptable."
1:30 AM <LadyKatie> "Huh…" "R u a r0b0t?"
1:32 AM <Wixelt> "This unit is not a robot. The designation 'robot' is a narrow term that could be considered to be incorrect." They sound vaguely offended. "
1:32 AM ↔ •mrs_padri (opped) nipped out
1:33 AM <LadyKatie> "I'm s0rry. :("
1:34 AM <Wixelt> "This unit does not see Subject Designate: Kelly and Bella's statement as an act of hostility."
1:36 AM <LadyKatie> "… huh?" That could have been either of them. It's rare, but it could have been both.
1:37 AM <Wixelt> "This unit is not terminally offended."
1:38 AM <LadyKatie> "Ooookay?" That's clearly Bella.
1:38 AM <LadyKatie> Mentally, they debate what to do next.
1:39 AM <Wixelt> They could ask them a question
1:42 AM <Wixelt> Like about what they can do
1:43 AM <LadyKatie> "Y d0 u kno ab0ut 0ur brain?"
1:44 AM <Wixelt> "This unit is capable of comprehensive short ranged scans across mutiple variable types."
1:45 AM <LadyKatie> "… english, please?"
1:46 AM <Wixelt> "This unit is communicating in English dialect presently."
1:47 AM <LadyKatie> "Yeah, but… what does that mean? I was never good at physics." Bella, that's biology.
1:48 AM <Wixelt> "This unit scanned Subject Designate: Kelly and Bella to analyse bodily functions."
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2:04 AM <LadyKatie> "Okay…"
2:09 AM <Wixelt> "Scans also indicated a standard human physiology and genetic structure."
2:10 AM <LadyKatie> "Yeah, we're normal physically."
2:11 AM <Wixelt> "No anomalies detected. Consensus Accepted."
2:12 AM <LadyKatie> "Great… what about you?"
2:13 AM <Wixelt> "Further clarification required."
2:16 AM <LadyKatie> "Like… what are you?"
2:16 AM <Wixelt> "I am an adaptive artificial lifeform."
2:17 AM <Wixelt> *This unit is
2:19 AM <LadyKatie> "Adapt 2 wut?"
2:20 AM <Wixelt> "This unit is designed adapt and survive in hostile and unknown locales and/or biomes."
2:21 AM <LadyKatie> "… how do you do it?"
2:22 AM → DiePotato joined (yrf.reidlos.retat.reknit|54407diu#yrf.reidlos.retat.reknit|54407diu)
2:22 AM <Wixelt> "Through a process of environmental assessment and strategem, coupled wirh assimilation of matter when it is an urgent neccesity."
2:23 AM <LadyKatie> "Cool. Have you had to adapt to the Hotel?"
2:26 AM <Wixelt> "The locale designated 'Lockwood Hotel' has not proven to be hostile enough or consistent enough in it's factors for long term adaptation to be viable."
2:26 AM <LadyKatie> "Huh… whaddya know about it?"
2:27 AM <Wixelt> "This unit has a limited set of information on the 'Hotel'. A full consensus is currently a working priority."
2:28 AM <LadyKatie> "Oh… We don't know much either."

  • Subject Designate: Monty - Consensus: Non-human. Multiple large scale bodily anomalies detected. Physical structure appeared to alter repeatedly. Further study advised. Subject appeared non-hostile and showed interest in this unit's presence. Subject self-stated to have a theoretical pattern of thought, though this unit did not find that unacceptable.
  • Subject Designate: Osiris - Consensus: Human. No further genetic study required. Subject appeared non-hostile. Subject inferred the presence of minor injuries, though sensors detected no such abnormalities. Hyperbole and metaphor suggested as likely explanations. Subject requested access to both personnel files (granted) and core files (denied). Subject also requested additional information files, as well as access to observe this unit's inner functions. This unit is presently calculating the worth of this proposal.
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