Achille Lazare

Name: Achille Lazare
Player: WetBeard

Description: Achille is a tall (Six feet, six inches) humanoid with slightly disproportionate limbs, weighing a slim 130 pounds. Rather spindly but not displeasing or unpleasant to look upon, in fact, quite the opposite. Achille is like his world demands: A work of art. Nice features that are quite comfortable to look. He dresses splendidly as well, clothes made out of a fabric similar to his voice, smooth and silky. Regardless of the form his face is in (See Talent) his eyes always have an intelligent sharp look and he has a grin that's to die for.

Demeanor: Achille is a very calm and passive person. He keeps cool in all situations, and is rather caring and loving. However, at the same time Achille can be manipulative and devious.

  • Body
    • Strength: 2
    • Agility: 4
    • Endurance: 3
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 6
    • Wisdom: 8
    • Perception: 6
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 10
    • Will: 7
    • Luck: 4

Derived Stats

These stats are special and are created at character creation. They are derived from the above nine stats, each being a combination of two of them.

HP (END+WILL): (3+7) 10
Attack(melee) (STR+AGI)/2: (4+2) 3
Attack(range) (KNO+PER)/2: (6+6) 6
Defense(physical) (STR+END)/2: (2+3) 2
Defense(dodge) (AGI+PER)/2: (4+6) 5


- Aren't I just beautiful?: Achille is a sight for sore eyes, normally. If his appearance is just right, he's very… Calming, soothing of the nerves. He's usually considered beautiful without being unapproachable. It's something he's gotten quite good at, telling which appearance will work best. (Wisdom)
- Art is Influential: Coming from a world where everything is art, including self, Achille acts like the role of artwork using the art of wordcraft. Achille is quite effective at talking, and as such, is very influential on people when he needs to be. (Charisma)
- Form and Elegance: Achille doesn't do things that harm his image, and rather appreciates making others beautiful (Like himself) and well mannered. Achille knows most of all the things behind acting formal. (Knowledge)


- Aren't I just beautiful?!?!: Achille is insane when it comes to how others view him, he must be perfection, art! If people don't see him as such he will do anything in his power to make sure they do. This is usually triggered by some form of disapproval of his appearance, ranging from a blatant statement or something as simple as a funny look.
- And surely more so!: Achille is also very self absorbed in making sure he looks the absolutely best, and becomes unfocused and flustered when near a being of more beauty then him.


-Two-way radio
-Carving knife
-Make up kits
-Hand mirror
-Other apparel enhancing equipment


'Carving' - (Noun) An object or design cut from a hard material as an artistic work. Or, as Achille puts it. The act of creating a new face for himself. It's… An odd ability that his earth evolved into. Allowing the structure of his face to change. Which also gives Achille a natural… Tell, for what appearance people will like the most. However this doesn't go without it's…
Backfire: Carving has an active backfire: In which Achille fails to carve a face, causing him a debuff in his charisma and one points of damage.


The earth Achille comes from is much different from the one most are many used to. An earth where everyone is obsessed with the concept of art, everything is considered an art form ranging from Achille's own art of wordcraft to something as brutal as murder. The people themselves viewed each other as a work. Every passing thought, word, creation was a beautiful work. Achille lived by society's standards and was quite high in it. Words crafted beautifully like any sculpture, yes, Achille was highly held.
Achille saw his world die before him, like a flash.
And it was the grandest masterpiece he had ever seen.

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