Admiral Rickard Osiris
Rickard Osiris as a Combat Engineer.

Name: Admiral Rickard Osiris
Player: Complete_Zero
Description: Rickard is a fit man who stands around 5’8” and weighs around 213 lb. Upon arrival, he had short black hair and a neatly trimmed full beard. The color of his eyes are light brown and he often wears either loose-fitting fatigues or a tech suit for his space armor (UC Orion Mark V).
Demeanor: Rickard is generally a nice guy when not in casual situations. He's easy to get along with and will always help out a friend. He's not always too trusting at first, but that's probably because he's somewhere completely new. He typically takes on a serious attitude during combat or stressful situations. Rickard is a natural leader and may attempt to take the leadership role in the group as long as he understands the situation. If not, he will easily step down for others to lead.


  • Body:
    • Strength: 3
    • Agility: 5
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind:
    • Knowledge: 10
    • Wisdom: 5
    • Perception: 6
  • Soul:
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 7
    • Luck: 0
  • HP: (10+7)= 17
  • Attack:(melee) (5+3)/2= 4
  • Attack:(range) (10+6)/2= 8
  • Defense:(physical) (3+10)/2= 7
  • Defense: (dodge) (6+5)/2= 6


- Advanced Engineering: Osiris has extensive knowledge on robotics and computers. He can repair, operate and possibly create machines that might be super advanced to someone in our modern world.

- The Codex: With the Codex, Osiris has a small database of pretty much everything from his own universe. This can give him great detail on elements or cultures from our own world, which would have been his own past.

- Leadership: As a natural leader, Osiris can lead his fellows into battle or on a mission. His brave words could inspire allies or intimidate adversaries.


- Close Quarters Combat: As a space marine, Osiris was only really trained with ranged weapons. There isn't much need for close-ranged combat anymore. His training lied more in ranged combat than CQB.

- Encumbered: The Orion Mark V Space Armor can be quite heavy on the field. It might weigh Osiris down in areas or worlds with higher gravity. In other words, it's fucking heavy and Rickard will take a penalty to Agility or dodging.


-Two-way radio
-The Codex
-UC Orion Mark V Space Armor
-Experimental Ion Beam Particle Rifle
-Thermal Knife

Talent: Ion Gun - The Ion Gun is a neutral-particle-beam weapon that ionizes atoms by stripping an electron off of each atom. The charged particles are then accelerated, and neutralized again by adding electrons afterwards. This weapon was designed not only to tear through shields, but also through armor like a thermal knife through butter.
Backfire: Overcharge - Seeing as the Ion Gun is an experimental weapon, overcharging the beam can result in an electromagnetic pulse that disables all electronics in a 10 yard range of Osiris for thirty minutes.


Since he was very young, Rickard took an interest in engineering. Like any young engineer, he would take machinery apart and put them together again. The only difference, was he was born in the 24th century. Humans had already began exploring other star systems and even other galaxies.

His education was more or less A+. There wasn't ever a time when, in school, Rickard would fail an exam or not turn in proper assignments on time. He was the expert student. This put him on a path to excellence. His future was clear. He wanted to become a robotics and computer engineer creating top-of-the-line equipment for everyday people or even for the military. At just the age of nineteen, Rickard started investing in creating an Ion Gun that could be carried around by troops on the field.

As a young lad creating and repairing all kinds of technology, he took in all that experience like a sponge. But, soon he would have to leave his job as a commercial engineer and enter the service as a combat engineer. A war started. A rebellion. The Omega Rebellion made their way onto the scene and Rickard was first assigned to the frigate-class starship known as the CSSV Falcon SO-3, under the command of Captain Corey Fargate. Under Fargate, Osiris was given a Codex to record new information while they went on planetary missions. He was under his command for about two years before being promoted.

Osiris was promoted to Captain at the age of 21 for his excellent service and astounding leadership. He was, in fact, given the Falcon as Fargate was moved to another, newer model ship. As captain of the Falcon, Osiris went many times into battle, in open combat with his trustworthy, loyal crew. It quickly became apparent that he was an excellent commander with a natural affinity for leadership. He was soon promoted.

Eleven years later, Rickard is thirty-two years old and has been given the title of Fleet Admiral. He commandeers the Titan-class ship CSSV Hyperion TS-IV. By now, he was given a couple of awards, including the Medal of Honor he had received as a Commander whilst on a planetary mission to disrupt Omega Rebellion communications, saving every one of his strike-force members from the unexpected explosion. He put his life in danger for them. It was a big piece of proof that he was a capable leader. As Fleet Commander, he comandeered an entire fleet against the Rebellion. He made a nemesis out of the opposing Omega Rebel Kurt Reese. Their battles were always heated. Both were capable fighters. But… it wasn't until the Collapse… that their actions became legend. If only to them.

It was a rather dark day. Either side of the Rebellion had started getting sick of the war. One final encounter was to go down, to decide which would surrender. The Galactic Coalition… or the Omega Rebellion. The CSSV Hyperion TS-IV and a massive fleet of Battle cruisers and fighters faced similar force headed by the stolen former Coalition OSS Oceanus Omega TS-V Titan-class ship. In the middle of their massive battle, a nearby star suddenly went supernova, completely obliterating all of the smaller ships. The only ones left were the heavily damaged Titan-classes. Before they could respond, the star then collapsed within itself, drawing all of the matter in and creating a black hole. The flaming Oceanus then rammed into the Hyperion, snapping it in half as they drew closer to the rip in time-space. Escape pods has left the wreckage and had enough propulsion and distance from the rip to successfully yet narrowly escape from it. All but two people had left. Admiral Osiris of the Galactic Coalition and Kurt Reese of the Omega Rebellion. They were the last to escape. Their pods were not clear, though, and were sucked into the vortex of space. As they neared the black hole, the two pods slammed into each other, smashing them apart and ejecting the people within. In the heat of the previous battle, they began to fight as they were sucked into the great vortex. As they entered Event Horizon, they grabbed onto each other and began punching as much as they could. Then… everything went black and white at the same time…

The next thing Osiris remembers is waking up in some primitive designed hotel named 'Lockwood'. (January 16, 2016– Arrival date IRL)



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