Adnoki Ruumba

Name: Adnoki Ruumba, a.k.a. Noki
Player: Fae
Description: In her baseline form, Noki's body structure is similar to that of a short human woman. However, her skin is tan and mildly ruddy in coloration, and is slimy and shiny, similar to that of a salamander. Her digits are similar to those of a tree-frog. Her hair is shoulder-length and stringy. Her eyes are rather large, round, and solid black.
Demeanor: Noki often acts rather naive, and occasionally childish. However, despite her lack of memorized knowledge, she is rather good at noticing things and puzzling them together, and may let on more than she knows. She is rather carefree, and her attention seldom rests on one thing.

  • Body
    • Strength: 5
    • Agility: 20
    • Endurance: 12
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 5
    • Wisdom: 12
    • Perception: 13
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 15
    • Will: 7
    • Luck: 11

Original HP: 19

  • Max HP: 19
    • Major Wounds: 0
  • Current HP: 19

Attack (melee): 12
Attack (range): 9
Defense (phys): 8
Defense (dodge): 16

-Squirmy: Noki's flexible and fluid biology gives them an advantage when trying to fit through small spaces. (Agility when fitting through tight spaces.)
-Face of an Angel: Not having a fixed appearance makes it harder for people not to like you. (Charisma towards people who might find her current appearance cute or pleasant)
-Water Worlder: Having grown up in a very wet universe, Noki may have a much easier time than others moving through water. (Agility or Endurance while immersed in water.)

-Wandering Eye: Noki is very carefree and has a short attention span, making it difficult for her to focus. (Will or Perception while trying to pay close attention to a single event.)
-Not Built for the Heat: The downside of being composed of so much water is that you have a hard time staying strong when it begins to evaporate. (Endurance against heat or thirst damage)

-Two-way radio
-Small, spring-powered dart pistol.
-Silver knife with a weird leaf-shell shape to it. Probably more ceremonial or symbolic than actually offensive.
-A bar of soap.
-Some odd coins.

Talent: Noki can shift the texture, build, and coloration of her body. This allows her to camouflage with her surroundings while she is standing still, or to change her physical appearance.
Backfire: Unfortunately, messing with a system that unstable may result in her body loosing some of its cohesion. If this happens, she will be paralyzed and twice as vulnerable to tearing and slicing damage for two turns.

Unfortunately, little of Noki's history is known. Upon her arrival to Lockwood Hotel, she was experiencing severe amnesia. It is unknown whether her amnesia set in shortly before being transported to Lockwood, or if the transportation is what caused it. However, a few pieces of memory have been left behind that have been used to piece together her identity, event if she may not consciously remember them all.

As near as can be figured, Noki is from an aquatic or amphibious world called Nemoa. She lived a fairly refined and sheltered childhood as part of an aristocratic family. However, shortly after coming of age, Noki opted to take part in a cultural ritual where members of noble families 'run away' for three years to expand their view and understanding of the outside world before choosing whether or not to stay, or to return to their ivory towers.

During this time, Noki mostly relied on her good perception and quick thinking and movement to see her through. Though a life among the working class was difficult, Noki found it to be fulfilling and exciting. Eventually, though, her homesickness and reliance on her roots won out, and she returned to her family. Though this decision was not considered by the ritual to be reversible, Noki soon discovered that the hum-drum routines of her old life could no longer hold her interest. she began to contrive a plan for a second escape. Unfortunately, she was only able to live out this freedom for a short time, before the world ended unexpectedly, and she found herself further from home than she ever dreamed of running.

Miscellaneous: Noki's slime may occasionally give off very faint but pleasant scents. She can scale things fairly easily. She is a good painter.

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