Adrian Populum

Description: Red and yellow hoodie with a cubilist pattern, and black leggins. Guy Fawkes mask. Occasionally wears a dark blue trenchcoat with red and white stripes.
Demeanor: Generally tries to get off on the right foot with whoever she can. Not afraid to try to manipulate people to her own ends. Reaaaaaaallly likes being a thorn in the side of whoever she identifies as 'authority.' Generally likes to put on a very showman-esque attitude.
You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 6
    • Agility: 10
    • Endurance: 7
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 16
    • Wisdom: 8
    • Perception: 10
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 19
    • Will: 16
    • Luck: 8

Original HP: 23

  • Max HP: 23 (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: 0 (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: 23 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 8
Attack (range): 13
Defense (phys): 6
Defense (dodge): 10

- Parkour! Adrian has had to escape from authorities who knows how many times. Makes good practice jumping over urban obstacles. (Agility when doing parkour stunts, roofjumping, navigating urban environments, or sneaking in crowds).
- They'll call me freedom, just like the wavin' flag: "You say 'subversive,' I say 'champion of the people.' " (Charisma when addressing crowds, or when working through various forms of media).
- Fires of the Revolution: Adrian has had to do some… less than savory things in their pursuit of a better world. (Knowledge for activities such as hacking, sabotage, and planting explosives).

- Viva la revolu-GAK! Maybe it's not always the best idea to antagonize a whole squad of secret police. Doesn't mean Adrian won't try it anyway. (Wisdom when trying to not be impulsive when Adrian feels people's rights are being stamped on).
- Slightly less bulletproof than an idea: There's a good reason Adrian prefers to get out of dodge before lead starts flying. (Disadvantage on ranged dodging against firearms once already hit by one).

-Two-way radio

Talent - Seeds of rEvolution: Adrian was originally created as what we might call a bioweapon, able to manipulate nearby biological matter at will. The bio part works fine. The weapon part… welll… Adrian can select from a few effects on a success. Effects apply to up to three creatures (including or not including Adrian) on a roll of 3, and all local allies/enemies and up to two enemies/allies (at GM discretion) on a roll of 4. Effects last a few hours to a few days, also at GM discretion.

  • Wetware Network: All effected creatures have advantage on charisma rolls towards each other. If a creature would already have advantage from a different source, they instead roll 3 times and take the highest roll. Creatures can also share simple ideas and thoughts with each other telepathically.
  • Nighthowlers: Affected creatures grow claws or fangs and have advantage on melee attacks, but have disadvantage on Will or Wisdom checks to avoid being drawn into combat.
  • The Ravaging: Affected creatures take a -2 to Endurance, and take 1 minor wounds whenever they take damage from an attack.
  • Flute Bones: Affected creatures have advantage on Athletics/Acrobatics rolls to climb or jump, and do not take fall damage, but have disadvantage on melee defense rolls against blunt weapons.
  • Biomodding: This one works a bit differently; Adrian can use it to permanently make cosmetic changes or do things such as genetic therapy, but it requires a lot of time and focus, and often several distinct sessions as the effects have to build up over time.

Backfire - EVElutionary Disadvantage: On a misfire, Adrian disperses bits of her own bioenergy into the environment. She immediately takes 1d2+1 points of major wounds, and strange flora and fauna may appear in the area in the next few weeks.


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