Akane Mori
Akane at the age of 17, circa the year 2060.

Basic Info

Name: Akane Mori (ah-kah-nay mo-ree, meaning 'Deep Red Forest')
Player: Wixelt

Description: Akane has mid-length orangey-red hair and matching eyes. She appears to be in her mid to late teens (for reference, she's 17 at the point of introduction), and is rather short. She commonly dresses in an unzipped, slightly over-sized white hoodie along with a black shirt/dress combo piece. She also constantly wears a pair of white headphones, whether they are on or off her ears, as they and her portable music player (usually visible at her waist if she isn't wearing her hoodie) were the only technology she had with her when she arrived.

Demeanor: Akane is rather rough and abrasive, but in a playful sort of way. She apparently never runs out of energy, meaning she's easily distracted and struggles to sit still for very long. She is very obviously a bit of a delinquent; speaking casually all the time; but is smarter than she lets on.


You have 50 points to distribute among the 9 stats, but no stat may exceed 10. The stats are divided up into three core stats and further divided from there making a total of nine stats.

  • Body: 8
    • Strength: 0
    • Agility: 8
    • Endurance: 0
  • Mind: 11
    • Knowledge: 7
    • Wisdom: 0
    • Perception: 4
  • Soul: 6
    • Charisma: 6
    • Will: 0
    • Luck: 0

25 remaining

Derived Stats

These stats are special and are created at character creation. They are derived from the above nine stats, each being a combination of two of them.

  • HP: 0 (End.+Will)
  • Attack
    • Melee: 0 ((Str.+Agi.)÷2)
    • Ranged: 0 ((Kno.+Per.)÷2)
  • Defense
    • Physical: 0 ((Str.+End.)÷2)
    • Dodge: 0 ((Agi.+Per.)÷2)


  • Taikoku Energy Blast
  • Quick Feet





  • Flashlight
  • Two-way Radio
  • Portable Music Player
  • White Headphones
  • Taikoku Energy Ring


Vector Manipulation: Utilising her natural 'taikoku' energy reserves, Akane is able to deflect and/or alter the vector (direction) and magnitude (size) of any moving object within a certain range of her. This is one of the few ways in which she can directly express her abilities, as she was still in training before she arrived in the hotel.


Should she fail to make use of this ability, the magnitude aspect of her power will likely amplify her abilities but won't change the direction of what she's attempting to move. If it is coming towards her, this will cause it to hit her even harder. If it isn't moving towards her, it might hit someone else harder than it would have before.


Akane was born in the year 2042 in Tokyo, Japan. Both of her parents were rebels against what, at the time, was a government regime manipulated from the inside by corporate executives. Both said corporations and the rebels made use of the natural energies of the world; otherwise known as 'taikoku' (which quite literally means 'world power') to achieve their goals, with Akane's mother being a rather potent user.

Akane would not know any of this until she was much older, however, as both of them were killed and labelled as terrorists by the state when she was only a year old after a failed raid against an underground black market ring secretly funded by the corps. This was all before she even had a chance to know the real them, leaving her with the 'terrorist' news reports as the only way she knew them for years to follow. Naturally, she was now an orphan and was put into the adoption system.

[To be continued]


  • Akane can only speak, read and write in the Japanese language. Luckily, since language barriers aren't an issue in the hotel for one reason or another, this isn't usually an issue (at least as far as speaking is concerned, anyway). In the instance that it is, however, she is able to understand clear hand signs.
  • Akane's birthday is December 2nd, 2042.
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