Name: All
Player: Smaugnolia
Description: All is a small humanoid, standing about 4'8" tall when upright, though she commonly goes on all fours. Her body appears humanoid in structure, but rather than purely being animal tissue, her form is green-stained exposed animal flesh interspersed with leafy structures, furry patches, chitinous coverings, roots, mycelium, exposed bone and plates, and wood sewn together into a vaguely feminine figure. Her head is the most humanlike part of her, where long fur and feathers and leaflike structures mat together into what could be mistaken for oddly decorated human hair, wreathing a mottled green and pink, sickly looking human face. Her joints are oddly articulated, letting her run on all fours as comfortably as walking upright. If clothed and convinced to stand upright, she can pass for a very sick human with questionable ideas about hair styling.
Demeanor: All is impersonal and flighty, like a cornered solitary animal. Her command of language is loose at best, as the closest she has ever used to spoken language before was a method of transmitting orders to her autonomous drones or communicating with other hive minds via a direct neural link, and she has an implicit fear of other creatures she perceives to be sapient. She always expects hostility, and will look for outs in situations.

  • Body
    • Strength: 10
    • Agility: 10
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 8
    • Wisdom: 15
    • Perception: 15
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 16
    • Luck: 11

Original HP: 26

  • Max HP: 26
    • Major Wounds:
  • Current HP: 26

Attack (melee): 10
Attack (range): 11
Defense (phys): 10
Defense (dodge): 12
Healing: 15

- All Terrain: All exists as a conglomeration of vastly different organisms bound together by a complicated nanotech genetic parasite, and contains within her body genetic material from many of her world's extremophiles,and the potential for sudden reconfiguration of her biological adaptations, making her more able to adapt to extreme environments than the typical humanoid. (Advantage on checks to endure in hostile environments.)
- Thorny: All's extremities possess or can rapidly produce wooden, bony, chitinous, and keratinous spines, spikes, and thorns. These can be a great boon to climbing ability, ability to grip objects, and also allow unarmed blows which would normally be glancing and ineffective to still rip and tear flesh. (Advantage on checks for unarmed close quarters combat, and for keeping a solid grip.)
- Healing Slot: All is capable of converting biomass consumed into a suitable flesh-replacement for most purposes. Given a genetic sample, she can tailor this flesh replacement to integrate itself into any person. Given significantly more time her body can even manufacture larger replacements for organs and limbs, though the process of replacing them is rather traumatic. Replacement tissue is soft and delicate, and requires time and safety in a low-stress and low-activity environment to strengthen and properly meld to the host's biology. Host cells will eventually subsume and replace wounds healed with flesh-replacer, but not larger systems like limbs and organs.

- Socially Maladapted: All Has difficulty discerning the proper course of action in novel social situations. She is capable of learning and acting properly in social situations which can be rehearsed (comforting a mourning person, table manners, small talk) but panics in situations where memorized phrasings and topics are not helpful. (disadvantage on social rolls in unique social situations.)
- Tiny: All is very small at 4'8", and while she's fairly dense for her size, it's not enough to keep her from being easily picked up by most decently strong people, as well as giving her disadvantage on any task where height is a boon. (Disadvantage on checks to perform physical tasks where leverage from height would be an aid, or to resist being grappled/manhandled.)

-Two-way radio

Fleshwarping: The parasites which hold All together are capable of extreme feats of biological modifications. She can expend concentrated packages of energy rich sludge and parasites held in pustules inside her body to rapidly warp the flesh of her own body or of a severely injured and disabled, or otherwise immobile organism. She can rapidly warp biomass from herself or others into inanimate objects, subvert the consciousness or biological integrity of disabled organisms to serve her purposes, or produce small autonomous organisms from her own flesh to act as drones. All objects produced as such will eventually rot, and all organisms produced as such gain All's need for extreme caloric intake, and cannot operate outside an environment not established by All indefinitely, as without the guiding intelligence of a hive-mind environment established by all, the parasites in such organisms will either lose direction and cohesion, causing the organism to physically fall apart, or selectively over-optimize the organism into a useless heap of organs wholly dedicated to a single, likely pointless task. (Can convert disabled organisms into inanimate tools or drones of similar capability to original creature. Can do same with own flesh, but can only produce small, single-purpose drones and tools.)
Energy hog/Abominations/Autosubversion: All's body continuously reforming and reshaping itself, as well as producing parasite-sacs and autonomous beings, requires vast quantities of food each day. She must consume many thousands of calories in a single day, and several pounds of biomass, in order to maintain cohesion. Failure at this will cause her body to begin to fall apart, limbs and muscles sloughing off over several days until she is reduced to a hibernating brain case, which will desiccate itself and enter suspended animation until reintroduced to an environment established by All, or is devoured by a restored backup. When subverting other creatures, failure to do so may result in a sudden reanimation of the creature, with unpredictable and often dangerous behavior and abilities. Attempting to warp her own flesh to produce drones can accidentally release uncontrolled parasites into her body, which begin attempting to fight the already present parasites and warp her own flesh, resulting in terrible debilitating sickness until her body fights off the autosubversion. (Must consume many thousands of calories a day. Failure to subvert organism produces uncontrollable monster. Failure to warp own flesh causes debilitating sickness.)


TLDR: All is the preserved consciousness of a hive mind which once encompassed all life on her home world. She is the last survivor of a massive war between thousands of such hive minds which once littered the planet, which in the process she consumed and subverted. Her original form was destroyed when a tremendous asteroid caused a resurfacing event of her home world, vaporizing her.

All was not always all there was. In the ancient, misty pasts, beyond the reach of memory, all was simply a parasite, a nanomachine of unsure origin, an organism designed to hegemonize biomass and genetic codes, floating along in a tidepool, and spreading between the molluscs dwelling there. The parasite reshaped the organisms it infected to its purposes, slowly spreading and warping the species around the area into new, cooperative species, which developed complex methods of attaining energy, cooperation, and communication. After a fashion, the pheremone signals and neural paths through trees and roots and animals and symbiotic mycelium networks came together and grew into a slow, cautious mind. Animalistic at first, it slowly woke up, learning to comprehend the world around it, and it was then it realized it was not alone. Through the eyes of animals it could see and its vast forest of leaves could smell, smell the scent of thoughts, and great, slow emotions. She felt the presence of other minds, and sought them out. They were like her, all around her, vast and diverse. Together they tended the world, and communicated vast distances with one another, interlacing their mycelium to speak across a worldwide net, from the bottom of the oceans to the highest mountains to the bacteria deep inside the crust, the parasites sang to one another.

Together they formed something of a civilization, as much as sapient environments can have. They tried to cooperate and tolerate one another, but it would not last. For one of the entities that dotted the planet, somewhere, decided that planetary resources could be better managed if communication-response times between members were reduced. Their proposed solution would see all members but them destroyed, and consumed. In the gut of that ur-hyper-parasite, this world's Cain, brewed a biological weapon which would begin to hegemonize surrounding environments and entities as they weakened and killed their lifeforms. The world was changed forever when this virus was released. As it spread and Cain's influence grew greater, the others developed defenses, and weapons of counter attack. They sought to ensure their survival by bolstering their power by consuming those around them, and the world devolved into chaos. The world would become kill or be killed, and in the fires of the planet's first war, civilization would die.

The being soon to be known as All was caught in the battle, attacked on all sides by her neighbors as she frantically reverse engineered the viruses of her enemies and deployed them against them. In the fires of war she became a metal cannibal, devouring the minds and bodies of her friends and family, attacking and burning the forests, delving deep into the seas and choking ocean flows with algal blooms as she rained parasitic death into the abyss. Chaos reigned as the world made war with itself, all life devouring all others, terrifying new organisms springing up from the bio-forges of the worldminds to destroy one another. Species died out only to be replaced with new more terrifying and warped forms as disease and plague swept the planet, and the stench of sulfur and death choked the air.

In the end, whether by strategy or chance, only one remained. All stood, bloated and fat, the singular mind upon the world, mind a flurry with the cannibalized remains of the spirits of every other intelligence to once grace the planet with her, and she understood her loneliness. She had won. All was her, and she was all, singular and alone in all the universe, the memory of a life before war and pain so distant and unreal as to be meaningless. She fell to her task, and rebuilt the world, falling into a monotonous grind as she slowly rebuilt herself, now the biosphere of the entire world on which she dwelled.

The world recovered, slowly. But soon a light appeared in the sky. A trillion eyes looked upon the asteroid. The hammer. The deathblow for life, and a release from her torment, freedom from memories, she looked upon it and welcomed death. As the hammer fell, she died in fire, her flesh torn away and incinerated. She died screaming and was dashed apart to ashes, blown apart to the winds of planetary storms and spacebound stone. The destruction was so catastrophic as to be absolute. The story of life for that world, for All that lived, ended there.

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