Amelia Carter

Name: Amelia Carter (Her real name is Lindsey Hale)
Player: Talonair
Description: 6'2", red hair and amber eyes, well-built at 80kg, classically beautiful with curves in all the right places.
Demeanor: Amelia acts confident, friendly, and loyal. Underneath the extremely well-forged mask, however, is an utterly ruthless woman, totally dedicated to her cause, however defunct that might be, and is able to totally detach herself morally from the actions she has taken.
You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 7
    • Agility: 13
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 14
    • Wisdom: 11
    • Perception: 14
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 14
    • Will: 12
    • Luck: 5

Original HP: 22

  • Max HP: 22
    • Major Wounds:
  • Current HP: 22

Attack (melee): 10
Attack (range): 14
Defense (phys): 9
Defense (dodge): 13

- Graduate of the NAVSPECWAR Sniper School Lindsey is a ferociously competent sniper and marksman, well-versed in the use of her weapons. Her massive technological edge doesn't hurt either.
- Any Means Necessary Being an ONI Section One operative breeds a certain approach to social situations, and rapidly teaches someone how to get what they need out of just about anyone, and how to tell when someone is being less than honest.
- Rapid Relocation Between being an ONI operative, and being an ODST sniper, Lindsey has had to learn how to rapidly make herself scarce from a situation, either to escape, or to find a better spot. AGILITY for acrobatics and fleeing.

- I Watched My World Burn The atrocities the Covenant has performed on humanity have left Ashley with a hatred, bubbling just below the surface, for anything that might pose a threat to humanity. She must take Will checks to avoid being hostile towards inhuman entities.
- Can't Trust Anyone Around Here ONI operatives are, as a group, the single most paranoid, ruthless, untrustworthy, backstabbing, ambitious, arrogant, amoral and, in many cases, ethically reprehensible people you are likely to ever meet. Lindsey is unlikely to be swayed from her convictions, even when it would be beneficial to everyone, and she is more or less unable to place her trust in anyone. A GM can call on her to make Will checks to avoid succumbing to her own latent paranoia.

- Flashlight
- Two-way radio
- UVH-BA ODST Battle Dress Uniform

  • Helmet: CBRN Unit (Scanner, rebreather), BSD-0 (IR lamp, IR Laser, and Night Vision Device), HUL (Hardened Uplink Module, cut through atmospheric interference and

light ECM and EMP interference for radio)

  • Torso: Assault/Commando (Extreme-range radio transponder, Hardcase, Softcase), Tactical/Patrol (Ghillie cloak), Tactical/LRP (Hardcases)
  • Arms: Tactical/Tacpad (Tactical Pad on wrist), Sniper Pauldrons (holds individual rounds), CNM (The Command Network Module, connects to UNSC Command and Control channels)
  • Legs: Tactical/Hardcase (Hardcase with charging port), Tactical/Autoload (Autoloader rig)

- M7 Silenced Caseless Submachine Gun (5x23mm round. 60-round semi-auto/auto SMG. Silencer, Foregrip, Red Dot)
- M6K Personal Defense Weapon System (12.7x40mm round. 6-round semi-auto M6-series sidearm, Police undercover variant. Built-in Muzzle Break/Suppressor, Red Dot)
- Sniper Rifle System 99D S5 Anti-Materiel (14.5x114mm round. 4-round semi-auto sniper rifle. ORACLE Scope x5/x10/x15, Bipod, IR Laser, Flash Suppressor, Ghillie Cover, barrel Jet Stabilisers)
- BR55 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle (9.5x40mm round. 36-round Select Fire bullpup rifle. Flash Suppressor, ORACLE Scope x3/x6/x9, Ghillie Cover, IR Laser, Heavy Barrel. Underslung 40mm Grenade Launcher)
- UNSC Close-Quarter Combat Knife
- Night Vision Device
- Holographic Tactical Eyepiece
- IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) tag
- Grappling Hook
- Bolt Cutter
- Rope
- ONI-S/Energy Disruptor Utility
- Spoofer
- Ammo and shit
- Grenades and shit
- Normal human clothes
- Tacpad
- UNSC Dress Uniform

Talent: Trigger Jockey Between rapid-fire weapons and a quick trigger finger, Lindsey is able to lay down a massive hail of fire. If her roll is successful, she may make two ranged attacks per round with advantage, on top of any existing advantage.
Backfire: This style of fighting does, however, lend itself to a magazine running dry at inopportune moments. If she backfires, she may only make a single attack every other round as she juggles between reloading her weaponry and attempting to put fire downrange.

History: Lindsey Hale was born on the United Earth Governments colony of Arcadia in the year 2525, at the very beginning of the devastating Human-Covenant war. Her world was glassed in the year 2531, and she was one of the few successfully evacuated, left an orphan by the Covenant attack.

She was placed in foster care on the UEG colony of Harmony, during which time she attended a UNSC military academy. During her school career she displayed an exceptional skill for languages, excellent range scores, and a natural talent for lying and manipulation.

It was these traits that caught the eye of the Office of Naval Intelligence, and following her graduation from the military academy was trained under ONI Section I. During her training with ONI she attended the Naval Special Warfare Sniper School due to her marksmanship and volunteered for Orbital Drop Shock Trooper training with the blessings of her mentor.

Rising rapidly through the ranks of both ONI and the ODST, she made the rank of Lieutenant-Commander (ONI, Naval rank), with the public rank of Lieutenant (ODST, Army rank) when her world ended. Following the resurgence of the parasitic race known as the Flood, the ancient Forerunner Halo array activated, wiping out nearly all life in the galaxy. Now only traces remain, those humans and Covenant races fortunate enough to be exploring within Forerunner shield worlds, or those in other protected locations.

Lindsey is only vaguely aware of this possibility, however, yet she clings to it fervently. If some of humanity has survived, then her mission can still be achieved; Destroy the Covenant, and preserve humanity at all costs. All costs.

Miscellaneous: Lindsey is somewhat of a polyglot, and coupled with her ONI training makes her extremely adept at languages, knowing English, Hungarian, Greek, Latin, Sanghelli, Kig-Yar, amongst others

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