Amy Campbell
Amy Campbell, circa 2013

Name: Amy Campbell
Player: RosyBud
Amy is a very logical person, analyzing and examining what comes her way. She isn't a sociable person, but will talk to others.
  • Body
    • Strength: 6
    • Agility: 12
    • Endurance: 8
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 17
    • Wisdom: 14
    • Perception: 18
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 15
    • Luck: 5

Original HP: 23

  • Max HP: 23
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: 23

Attack (melee): 9
Attack (range): 17
Defense (phys): 7
Defense (dodge): 15

- Investigator Amy was born to investigate and to inspect, a natural curiosity in mysteries and whatnot. As an adult, she was a well-known detective, because of her natural skill with examining crime scenes and figuring many details with only material evidence.

- Never Shoot First Killers typically shoot back when their cover is blown or they have to escape from the law which allows law officials to be able to shoot back in defense. So being that Amy wasn't one to attack or even allowed to, she was good at defending herself and not killing the enemy
(Ranged when on the defensive and /not/ trying to kill the enemy)

- Pistol Pete There's only one gun Amy will ever need and that is her trusty pistol, at her finger's reach, right where it belongs. That is to say, she has never used any other type of gun besides her M&P. Even if that means that she is rubbish with any other type of gun besides a pistol, she's much better than normal with her pistol when using it.

- Bad Experiences Because of the lock on her memory and what not, Amy is unfortunate enough to remember experiences, bad or not, with clarity, a photographic memory if you will. This causes any events that hurt her mental state to do so with a vengeance.

- Pistol Pete There's only one gun Amy will ever need and that is her trusty pistol, at her finger's reach, right where it belongs. That is to say, she has never used any other type of gun besides her M&P which significantly lowers how well she uses guns beside her Smith & Wesson.

-Two-way radio
-Father's fedora
-Smith & Wesson M&P .40
-A notebook with pens
-Various books
-A chocolate bar
-Rolleicord Model K3 - 510
-35mm camera with different lens as listed below:
50mm lens
28mm lens
-Color Print Film (ISO 2OO)
-Tape Measure
-Pack Of Cigarettes
-Cell Phone

Amy has the uncanny ability to, when she makes physical contact with the region closest to the brain or what would be considered the brain that a corpse possesses, to see the world 10 minutes before the death of the victim. She can explore the area in a circular region that has a diameter of 50 yards. The world will be frozen as Amy can see how the corpse was situated, positioned and other facts before death and who the assailant or assailants may be. This lasts for as long as she wants it to before ending it.
If somehow Amy fails her roll, she will be placed in the constructed reality like before, but this time, the world will be unfrozen along with the assailants and the corpse before they were dead. Amy will be visible to them and them to her and she can be injured for the short period of time she is in the reality.

From birth, Amy Campbell was a peculiar person. Born to two simple parents in Birmingham, a city and metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, England, little Amy was not a very normal child. From a young age, she grew a fondness for the unknown and the mysterious, watching various movies and novels, particular novels being those of Agatha Christie's and Truman Capote's. Her interest in investigations of various degrees or manners were furthered developed by the fact of her father being a detective that would often stay up late in his work. He enjoyed her company and fascination, helping to add to the festering curiosity. Amy, on her free time after doing her homework and chores, would visit him at work during the day time, traveling the streets with permission.

It was all well until her father was murdered in cold blood. It was sudden, tragic and heartbreaking for the little wanna-be detective. Amy and her father were a duo, a daughter-father who would help each other out with their work and shared a common interest. As an investigation shed some light on her father's mysterious death, revealing that a few of the criminals that he had put away in prison ordered their mooks to kill the investigator for revenge. Feelings of fury began to fill Amy as she was showed her parental figure's body to identify it along with her mother. Uttering a final goodbye, she laid a kiss on his forehead, remembering the way he did so to her. This was when her uncanny ability reared its ugly face. Amy opened her tear-filled eyes to see the her father standing by her side, backed into alley as three criminal stepped forward with their guns. In an effort to save her life, he put her into the dumpster, slamming the lid so the gunfire would not injure her. After hearing rapid shots, Amy finally returned to the real world, in the emergency room. She appeared to have gone in an unresponsive state. From that day onward, she wore the fedora given to her in memory of her loving dad.

As Amy reached adulthood, she followed in her father's footsteps, becoming a detective and eventually putting away her dad's killers in jail as well. She took an interest in the anomalous and paranormal, to an extent. Of course, she never found anything in real life and she never told a soul about her ability which proved handy in many cases. Life was.. okay for her. That is until one day… various stars in the night sky were simply disappearing, gone. The world watched in horror as the night sky became pitch-black, a few stars still around, spotted. This continued until.. finally all the stars were gone.. and then.. the Sun. Chaos, anarchy and looting began as typical in the situation as the temperature dropped to 0 degrees Celsius in a week. As the months went by, chaos went on until the surface temperature was -73 degrees Celsius as the first year without sun passed by. The Earth was dead. However.. Amy, herself, awoke in Lockwood, confused.


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