"Never forget who you are, because the world will be happy to remind you."

Name: Apphia
Player: gumbal1
Description: Apphia, standing at 5'1'' and weighing in at 110 lbs, looks the rather cheerful sort, always dressed in bright purples and greens ("Dye is common now?! Amazing!"), clothes rather covering to mask the extensive scarring that covers her olive skin. Her left eye is a deep brown, while her right eye is a horrid collection of scar tissue gotten from an incident involving a hot knife and several angry villagers. As a side affect of her condition, her hair (usually kept in a braid) is completely white. She's nearly always seen with an enthusiastic, if crooked smile.

Oryacova, at [UNDEFINED] in length and weighing in at [ERROR] lbs, resembles a malformed, ever-shifting, somewhat reptilian amalgam of bone, tendon, and ichor when it manifests. Allegedly, the form it has when it isn't adapting to this universe's physics is far worse.
Demeanor: Apphia is really cheery! Sure, she's potentially the host for something the villagers called "an abomination unto our lord", "a heathen display", and "proof of the inherent bloodiness of her kind", but that doesn't (outwardly) get her down!

  • Body
    • Strength: 8
    • Agility: 8
    • Endurance: 20
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 5
    • Wisdom: 5
    • Perception: 5
  • Soul
    • Charisma:9
    • Will: 20
    • Luck: 20

Max HP without major wounds: 40
Current HP: 40/40
Major wounds: None since arrival! Apphia is happy with this.
Attack (melee): 8
Attack (range): 5
Defense (phys): 14
Defense (dodge): 5

-The Unbreakable Apphia!: Apphia is determined to live a happy life, no matter what! It helps that she's stupid resilient to an almost supernatural extent. (Resists flagrantly brutal attacks, outright assassination attempts, or attacks that, if survived, would make a good, if unbelievable story)
-"I understand this!": Apphia grew up with occultists all her life, even if she didn't notice at first. As such, she's picked up a thing or two about the occult (Benefits in dealing with the occult, with an emphasis on the West European scene).
-"Because deep inside, I know everyone can be good, even if they don't think so.": Apphia's just so relentlessly positive and goodwilled that it's hard to hate her without knowing that she's actually a conduit for a horrific, nightmarish abomination of bone and ichor (General pacifism in convincing others not to kill her).

-A Conduit for a Horrific, Nightmarish Abomination of Bone and Ichor: That's a thing that exists. Sucks for Apphia, cause it means holy stuff like Magen Davids and mezuzahs affect her negatively (anything that could go wrong from being bound with an unholy abomination, faith based, social based, or otherwise).
-Oblivious: Apphia's really fucking bad at noticing things. One time she got stabbed in the back by a fellow villager, and it took her several hours to notice anything wrong (Threat perception).

-Two-way radio
-Medical supplies

Talent: Oryacova's Mount: Apphia loves all her friends (what little she had on account of her eccentricities and affliction), but most of all, she loves Oryacova, the nightmarish horror inhabiting her at all times. She can even invoke its power when she needs it, on occasions. Powers include, but are not theoretically limited to:

  • Amass: As an avatar of bone, ichor, tendon, and general negativity, Oryacova has the ability to forcibly attract bone, ichor, and tendons, and, to a lesser extent, things made out of such.
  • Break: Turns out being an ancient bone horror means you're pretty fucking strong, and hurt things rather effectively. Not that Apphia really wants to hurt anything.
  • Translate: Oryacova's rather old, so it's learned quite a bit of languages now (languages are typically excluded to Old World antiquity).

Backfire: Oops: Typically, when Oryacova is invoked, Apphia stays in control. Sometimes, Oryacova is the one in control. Unfortunately, Oryacova is horrifically violent, misanthropic, vindictive, and petty. Not typically things Apphia approves of.

History: Apphia was born in the tiny hamlet of Bronsford, a Scotts-Welsh Impirial Colony located in the Iberian Peninsula, on 2/31/1134 N.D.D., to an impoverished Sephardi Jewish family. She was, by all means, a healthy birth and, and as per Imperial regulations regarding healthy births, was forcibly baptized by the state.

It wasn't too bad, really. A bit stressful, maybe. Okay, maybe kinda very stressful. Maybe stressful enough that she ended up the perfect vessel for an ancient eldritch horror. Who knows, that was years ago.

Quite fortunately for Apphia, this got her a lot of inexplicable friends (likely occultists, but friends is friends) growing up. None of them seemed to be village natives, because most of the actual village natives were quiiiiiiiiiiite miffed at having a vessel for a monstrous demon exist in the hamlet. This, fortuitously, meant she had a surprising amount of support from strangers growing up.

And on the other hand…

Apphia probably did not have the best childhood, as growing up not only possessed by a monstrous spirit, but doing so as a Jew in a highly antisemitic environment might produce. Quite fortunately for her, Apphia seemed to possess a near complete imperviousness to an almost supernatural extent to flagrant injury (likely the result of the bone monster inside of her). Even things like having an eye gouged, being sent to the stockades for days at a time, and outright backstabbing couldn't get her down!

And Apphia lived on, taking up medicine (as was the family practice), living her life in a hamlet of questionable friends and overwhelming enemies, a horrific monster of hate and rot her only real friend, up until she found herself in Lockwood.

  • Likes sewing, which she originally learned in a medical context
  • Keeps a handmade doll with her. It unfortunately smells, mostly of ichor and anger.
  • Her home reality diverged around 200 B.C.E., following a mass revolution in the Gaulic occult scene that lead to occult practices becoming widespread around the world, resulting in an increased militarization among many religions far beyond even the base reality's.
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