Aris Leyton

Basic Info

Name: Aris Leyton (Eloah-6072 Seraph-1)
Player: Wixelt

Description: Aris is a young human woman (she is 25 at her introduction, for reference) of about average height. She has medium length cropped black hair and bright, somewhat golden coloured eyes (she will, however, claim that this is as a result of the heavy exposure to magical energies she's had in her job; and that they used to be green). She has well defined facial features and a small pin-like piercing in one ear. When she is off-duty, she wears a black vest shirt and some light grey slacks; or more recently a more 'sci-fi ish' black vest shirt with ocassional yellow trimmings, with some darker grey slacks. When on-duty, she wears armor similar to this over the top, albeit with more runes on it.

Demeanor: Overall, Aris is rather friendly, as well as a little cheeky at times. Being a low-ranking member of the now presumably annihalated Order of Asmore, Aris has a strong will to aid others. If she believes your cause to be a good one or to be beneficial to the majority, she will stand by you on it. Aside from this, though her tactical skills aren't bad, she can often be a little impulsive (hence her low rank), and high emotions, such as panic, get to her easily if she does not know what's going on or lacks the support of her squad (who she watched die).


You have 100 points to distribute among the 9 stats, but no stat may exceed 20 or be below 5. The stats are divided up into three core stats and further divided from there making a total of nine stats.

  • Body: 42
    • Strength: 17
    • Agility: 12
    • Endurance: 15
  • Mind: 29
    • Knowledge: 10
    • Wisdom: 8
    • Perception: 10
  • Soul: 29
    • Charisma: 9
    • Will: 13
    • Luck: 6

Derived Stats

These stats are special and are created at character creation. They are derived from the above nine stats, each being a combination of two of them.

  • Max HP: 28 (End.+Will)
    • Major Wounds: N/A
    • Current HP: 28
  • Attack
    • Melee: 14 ((Str.+Agi.)÷2)
    • Ranged: 10 ((Kno.+Per.)÷2)
  • Defense
    • Physical: 16 ((Str.+End.)÷2)
    • Dodge: 11 ((Agi.+Per.)÷2)


  • A Wizard Did It: Aris grew up in a reality where magic, though somewhat technological in many of it's appearances, was readily available. As such, her knowledge of magic, even if it isn't the kind she's used to, is likely to be better than others in many cases. (Counts towards Knowledge, though only in situations where magic is involved in said knowledge.)
  • I Am Not An Eel: Order armour is designed to be effective in many aspects of protection. In particular, due to most guardians carrying around a Spark Cannon, the armour is designed to repel electrical incursions of all kinds, and is more resistant against them. Aris, having a damaged Spark Cannon, is appreciative of this. (Counts towards Physical Defense, though only in situations in which Aris is wearing her armour)
  • Sisters In Arms: As mentioned, Aris will stand by her comrades if she sees their cause as just. This extends to the field, where her sense of justice in this regard will lead her to make an extra effort to aid her allies should they need it. (Counts towards Will, though only in situations where she is attempting to aid characters who she is on good terms with.)


  • Wooooo…: Aris is impulsive. Notably so. It's why she didn't make Seraph (squad leader) and was stuck as a common Eloah ranked guardian. This impulsiveness can, in situations where a plan needs to be developed quickly; such as in a firefight; impede her better judgement. (Counts towards Wisdom, though only in situations where quick thinking is required.)
  • I Can Swing My Sword… And That's About It Really: Aris is well trained in melee combat, both with her energy sword and with her bare fists. However, this is as such to a point where she has ignored (or was at least not told) to learn any other melee technique. As such, using any melee weapon other than her sword or fists leaves her at a bit of a loss. (Counts towards Melee, though only when Aris is using a melee weapon other than her sword or fists.)


  • Flashlight
  • Two-way Radio
  • Standard Issue 'OoA' H-4653 Spark Cannon
  • Standard Issue 'OoA' A-559 Energy Sword
  • Standard Issue 'OoA' 'Eloah'-class Field Armor; Third Generation Design.
  • Pictures of presumably deceased family members.
  • 'OoA' idenfication badge.
  • Lucky Necklace (piece of gold wire with an oddly kite-shaped piece of smoothed grey stone looped onto it). Doesn't wear this anymore, in favor of the other necklace mentioned below.
  • A page ripped out of the young adult novel 'So You Want To Be A Wizard'. There's a hexadecimal number scribbled across the bottom. The code corresponds to a door leading to a world with two suns. (Received in a hotel letter on 27th January 2016/Day 2)
  • A Lockwood Hotel welcome pamphlet. (Received from the mail-room on 29th January 2016/Day 3)
  • A brand new copy of 'The Little Guardian That Could', one of Aris' favorite books from when she was a little girl. (Received via room service on 30th January 2016/Day 4 after a request for a book that she recognized)
  • A large medical book of some description. (Received via room service on 30th January 2016/Day 4 after an urgent request for knowledge on how to attach a drip)
  • A pack of standard playing cards. (Received from the Lost and Found via Monty on 31st January 2016/Day 5)
  • A set of 20's swimwear. (Received via room service on 1st February 2016/Day 6)
  • A string bikini of some kind. (Received via room service on 1st February 2016/Day 6)
  • A full, up-to-date copy of the 'World Scriptures' from Aris' universe. (Received from Sophos on 11th March 2016/Day 45 after beating 2 of his 3 riddles)
  • A candy knight plush toy from Hatland. (Received from Monty as a get well gift on 13th March 2016/Day 47)
  • A simple rusted chain necklace with a single gold piece strung onto it. She wears this constantly now. (Recieved from a little girl after Aris saved her from dying in a cold cavern pit on 22nd May 2016/Day 117)


Spark Cannon ('Max Setting'): A heavy duty energy weapon given as standard issue to all guardians working under the Order of Asmore by the virtue of them being surprisingly light-weight. It is capable of several settings. On the 'Normal' setting, it acts as a sort of energy blaster, capable of firing once every few seconds (see that as Aris' normal ranged attacks). However, when switched up to it's 'Maximum' setting, it is capable of firing a powerful beam of magically enhanced electrical energy that lasts several seconds, provided it has time to charge up. If this is used 5 times, the weapon overheats and will only function on the 'Normal' setting. Also note the, because of the kick of the 'Maximum' setting, Aris needs to lie down, hold it firmly and rest it on small, fold-out legs in order to fire it safely. The success roll then requires a ranged roll, but ignores dodge attempts.


The Spark Cannon was designed to be flawless on the battlefield. However, during the conflict immediately prior to Aris' arrival in the hotel, her Spark Cannon was damaged. Because of this, if fired incorrectly on the 'Maximum' setting, the energy will backfire into the gun, causing it to burn out completely for a period of time, leaving Aris with no means of ranged attack whatsoever. (This burnout will last for 20 IRL minutes.)


Aris Leyton was born to a relatively poor family on Asmore, in the red planes under the shadow of a great volcano. From a young age, it was apparent to her parents that she idolised the Order of Asmore, a massive, independent organisation (more of a pseudo-military, really) who out of a sense of honour and justice, sought to keep Asmore and countless other worlds safe from the things that lay in the darkness, as well as those who sought to cause upset or destruction. Her parents could see what she would want to do when she grew up, but didn't want her to throw her life away, as many of the Order's offensives, whilst valued heavily by many worlds populations, often ended in the loss of countless lives.

But as she grew up, her interest in the Order, though becoming less of an idolisation and more of a general goal in life, persisted, and eventually her parents relented and let her go. At the age of 18, Aris joined the Order's training regime. Throughout the regime, she was trained in the use of basic weaponry (both melee and armament), as well as in a number of squad based tactical strategies. Her prowess would have earned her the rank of Seraph. Her attitude, however, did not; as she was noted to be impulsive when not being supported by a squad who could keep her in check, and additionally wasn't as well suited as a leader as others were (a key point for anyone in a rank of Seraph or higher). So when she had completed training, at the age of 21, she was given the common guardian rank of Eloah, and was assigned to an active squad.

In the years the followed, Aris partook in a number of small offensives in what, happily, was a time of relative peace. Over that time, she came to know and befriend her squad mates, many of whom she formed close bonds with; bonds that, had things been different, would likely have lasted a lifetime. But it was not to be.

When Aris was 25, worlds began to be attacked. Some chaotic entity, called Payovouzoch by some older scriptures, would descend upon a world extinguish all life and tear it to pieces, and then use the portal network that most worlds relied on to get around to move onto another world and do the same. Countless Order offensives were launched to try and stop it. All failed without a single surviving guardian returning to recount the slaughter. And then the entity came for Asmore.

As the world crumbled around them, the remaining Order forces collected at the Core, their headquarters, and attempted one last stand to defend their home. Obviously, it was fruitless. As reality itself was torn asunder around them, the Order could do nothing but fail. Having been there with her squad, Aris didn't even have time to scream as she watched her entire squad and everything around them get torn to shreds in a nanosecond. Then she woke up.

Time Of Arrival: 27th January 2016 (IRL), Day 1 (Personal Perspective)


  • All of Aris' technology runs on magical energy as a power source, meaning it lacks the problems that regular electrical devices have (such as EMP shut-down and the like), but is more succeptible to sabotage via mystical means or otherwise.
    • Notably, since her Spark Cannon uses electrical energy as ammunition, things such as EMP attacks may dampen it's abilities.
  • A full overview of Aris' armour's appearance can be found here.
  • One of the members of Aris' squad was called Danon, and had significant medical knowledge.
  • In Aris' universe, there was a holy text known as the World Scriptures. It wad formed from the Bible being merged with the holy books of several other races due to their similar messages and themes drawing most of the same conclusions. In the Order of Asmore, following it's teachings is optional. Aris does not devoutly follow it, but believes in some of it's ideas.
  • Though the year lengths and layouts in Aris' culture were the same as in modern day, for the sake of simplicity, Aris identified, at the time of her arrival in the hotel, it being 521 AE (After Exodus). This is approximately equivalent to a year shortly after 3100 AD.
  • Aris is homosexual in preference. It's not really an important point at present, but given that it's been implied, that fact is being noted here so it is not contradicted in the future.
  • In Aris' universe, due to the exodus to Asmore, cats are an endangered species.
  • Aris' body and mind are currently shared host to the being Payovouzoch, who destroyed her universe. At first it gave her nightmares to make her tired, then took over her body whilst she slept. In order to stave off hurt anyone, Aris, once she found out, took up refuge in a caged room. She will not leave until a safe way of dealing with Payov arises. Luckily, the Hotel is dampening Payov's abilities, preventing them from destroying the universe again and overpowering her mind.
  • As soon as Aris finished her training, she was called out on a special mission on the world of Aeter, before she could even be assigned to a squad. The battle was a massacre, the only one of it's kind she was in before the fall of her world, and she barely survived. Doctors told her she would likely have lasting scars from the incident, though she luckily retained none.
    • Notably though, in an alternate timeline where a version of her became a mechanic rather than common guardian (something that Main!Aris was annoyed about not having put the effort into achieving after finding that out), the scars were lasting, and can still be seen around her ears.




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