Báo Phùng
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Bao, fresh out of training.

Name: Báo Phùng
Player: madness_
Description: Standing at 5'8, Báo has brown hair and tanned skin from his time as a farmer. He wears a thin frame, yet looks tougher than his body.
Demeanor: Suspicious of everything, the Vietnamese guerrilla will poke and pry on everything he can to learn about his new 'friends'. He'll act friendly enough, though, if you piss him off… You really shouldn't, anyways.

  • Body
    • Strength: 10
    • Agility: 14
    • Endurance: 12
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 14
    • Wisdom: 8
    • Perception: 16
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 8
    • Luck: 5

Original HP:

  • Max HP: 20
    • Major Wounds: None so far.
  • Current HP: 20

Attack (melee): 12
Attack (range): 15
Defense (phys): 11
Defense (dodge): 15

-Soldier Extroardinare A soldier from the age of fifteen, Bao has killed more men than one could count on a dozen hands. He's an expert with the rifle, whether it be mowing down a line of men, or cracking open their heads with the wooden stock. (Applies to Melee, Agility, and Ranged, but only during combat that he initiates.)
-I Know the Land and It Knows Me To be a good guerrilla means that you have to be familiar with your environment. Bao knows jungles in and out; which plants have the cleanest leaves, how to glean water from certain mosses, and which trees have good stalks to eat, he'd know what qualities a useful plant would have. (Applies to Knowledge, but only when measuring the usefulness of plants.)
-I Will Not Bow The sheer determination that Bao wields when his heart is involed in doing something is… Quite frankly, almost unstoppable. A stubborn passion such as his is something that cannot be halted, dissuaded, or scared off. (Applies to Willpower, but only when Bao is being persuaded not to do something.)

-You're all Filth Bao treats everyone that isn't Asian like cow manure. This probably stems from the war, where his family was slaughtered in a massacre by a battalion of men. The event has made it hard to make friends with anyone. (Applies to Charisma, until he can relate with someone.)
-Country Boy Living and fighting in the grassy, wooded areas of Vietnam is where Bao is in his element. However, urban areas are a new thing to him. He'll be uncomfortable, tense, and somehow even more unfriendly than previously. (Applies to Agility, Wisdom, and Willpower, but only in urban areas.)

-Two-way radio
-AK-47, standard issue for the Viet Cong
-M1911, taken from a dead American officer
-Karambit, given to him as payment for honorable service
-Reserve ammunition and magazines
-Picture of himself, pre-war
-Pipe bombs, two on him at all times
-Nylon string, or woven bamboo strands

Talent: Bao is an expert at sniffing out traps and ambushes, having made many himself. He can make traps on the fly if someone's chasing them, or maybe don a disguise to ambush an enemy when they fail to distinguish the differences between friend or foe. Roll a d4 to see if Bao successfully makes a trap or disguise, then, a d6 roll for the potency of the trap made!
Backfire: Sometimes, traps can work. Sometimes, they can have an annoying backlash. Based on the type of trap or disguise made, a multitude of things could happen! It ranges from a premature explosion to Bao's AK-47 very obviously sticking out of his disguise.

History: Báo Phùng was born to a farmer and his wife as the third child in a poor family. He worked on the farm for most of his childhood, tending the rice fields and the chickens that made up his family's income. A simple childhood spent with his loved ones, Bao couldn't really ask for more. Then, the Vietnam War came. The Viet Cong were looking for young blood to train and defend their homeland. Bao's father sent him off with a blessing, and so he went to train in guerrilla tactics, getting a good feel for guns, traps, and tactics. He spent the good part of two years training, then another four as part of one of the elite guerrilla units.

The first year as part of the elite unit had Bao watch his whole family die helplessly at the hands of a massacre by U.S. Forces. The second year had Bao kill at least five hundred troops from the opposing side, from traps, guns, knives, his own goddamn hands sometimes. He didn't care. How could he? All he had left to fight for was his country, and damn, did he do just that.

Most Americans knew him by the name Barrage Bao, from the way he stalked patrols on his own then cut them down after he lined them up. Bao was trained more extensively than most soldiers, required to learn languages so he could slip past enemy lines and learn their locations, plans, sometimes even the names of their loved ones. Right before he has to slit their throats, of course.

The war ended, the days slipping by like wildfire. Bao was bored, tending to the fields that used to belong to his family. One day, as he was about to drift off to sleep, he heard the radio say something about M.A.D. And then he heard the soft whistling of a very large object falling. He scrambled outside, looking to see what had happened. And all he saw was the outline of a big bomb falling right into his rice fields, just before he woke up in Lockwood hotel.

Can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.
Very, very, very, racist.
Bao's Theme!

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