Bray 'Golden Tooth' Stratford

Name: Bray 'Golden Tooth' Stratford
Player: Lily
Description: Y'arr, Bray be a fine pirate. Tall, with a bushy beard, eyepatch, hook and wooden leg, and of course a gold tooth. He dresses in stereotypical pirate attire.
Demeanor: Bray first and foremost wants money, and isn't adverse to achieving it through dirty means, but hasa strong code of honour, and rarely breaks it. He cares for the lives of his crew, as long as they're loyal. Aside from this, he acts as any true pirate should, with lots of shouting and calling people landlubbers.

  • Body
    • Strength: 15
    • Agility: 7
    • Endurance: 12
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 9
    • Wisdom: 11
    • Perception: 7
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 16
    • Will: 13
    • Luck: 10

Original HP: 25

  • Max HP: 25
    • Major Wounds: 0
  • Current HP: 25

Attack (melee): 11
Attack (range): 8
Defense (phys): 13
Defense (dodge): 7

Swashbuckler: Bray is a fine hand with his cutlass and pistols, and gets an advantage to Attack when using them.
Salty Sea Dog: Life on the sea is hard, and Bray gets an advantage to Endurance in a nautical environment.
Imposing Presence: Bray can be fearsome when he needs to, and gets and advantage to Charisma when intimidating someone.

Eyepatch: Bray has one eye, and so can't see as well. He has a disadvantage to visual Perception checks.
Pirate's Booty: Pirates are a greedy bunch, and so Bray has a disadvantage to Will when significant money or valuables are involved.

-Two-way radio
-Four flintlock pistols, ready to fire. Take a while to reload.
-A bag of Pieces o' Eight

X Marks the Spot: Bray knows how to find treasure, gold, secrets- everything a pirate loves. When looking for them, he gains a bonus of +5 to perception (bringing it to a value of 12). His disadvantage still apllies for a visual check.
Read the Map Wrong: Of course, it's possible to be mistaken- when failing, Bray gets entirely the wrong idea and goes off looking in the wrong direction. A very wrong direction.

History: Bray was born to commoners, and had a fairly boring life, until he became a pirate at the height of the Golden Age of Piracy. It wasn't long until he became captain of his own ship, and struck terror into the hearts of sailors around the globe. He enjoyed this merey way of life for many a year, before the world ended in a storm of biblical propertions. With sea monsters.

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