Captain Kyean Sylvar
Captain Kyean Sylvar in a full suit of Mithril Hunter Captain armor.

Name: Kyean Sylvar
Player: Cezar

Description: She has blond hair that's usually braided and tied in a bun in the back of her head. Of course, Kyean is an elf. Thus, she has pointy ears and the like and healthy, smooth-looking skin. She also has icy blue eyes and will normally be seen wearing a set of Hunter Captain's armor as seen in the picture to the right.

Demeanor: Kyean is a generally nice woman. She accepts all kinds of people and cultures and hates to offend people. She loves to mingle with new people and is quite outgoing. She normally takes on a calm demeanor. On the inside Kyean is a strong, independent, proud woman and a natural leader. She isn't as scary as she can be when she's angry. She can be quite loyal when it comes to being led herself and is loyal to anyone she respects, not questioning their judgement if they are her better in that regard.

  • Body
    • Strength: 12
    • Agility: 19
    • Endurance: 15
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 5
    • Wisdom: 6
    • Perception: 17
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 10
    • Will: 11
    • Luck: 5

Original HP: 26

  • Max HP: 26
    • Major Wounds: 0
  • Current HP: 26

Attack (melee): 15
Attack (range): 11
Defense (phys): 13
Defense (dodge): 18

- The Huntress Captain— Kyean is an extraordinary huntress, capable fighter and outstanding leader. Leading her allies into battle comes easy to her, as well as the fighting itself. She's quick, agile and charismatic. Just as the Huntress Captain should be. Advantage to Charisma (Leadership).
- Woodland Raised— As a result of her being raised in the thick wood of the Great Forest, Kyean can climb and free-run with great skill. As a huntress, this skill is only amplified as she does it more often. Advantage to Strength or Agility (Free-Running; Climbing).
- Iron Willpower— Kyean is tough, both physically and mentally. When it comes to torture or mental intrusion, it can be difficult to bypass her mighty willpower. After all, her very culture keeps Willpower as a fundamental aspect of life and train it often. Advantage to Will (Mental Stress: Psychological and Mental Attacks).

- Stereotypical Charisma— A common stereotype among elves is that they are incredibly racist and are prone to rude comments. This might not be because they actually are being rude, but because they are misunderstood in their speech. Disadvantage to Charisma (Persuasion).
- Elven Physiology— The physical makeup of an elf is primarily focused on mobility, dexterity and speed. While they can be quite flexible and liberated in their movement, this comes at a cost of their strength. Disadvantage to Strength (Lifting or Pushing Objects). Note:Does not cover grappling.


  • A Mithril Elven Bow, a symbol of a Hunter Captain
  • Quiver of 25 Silver Arrows
  • A Mithril Elven Dagger, a symbol of a Hunter Captain
  • A Mithril Elven Sword, a symbol of a Hunter Captain
  • A Full Set of Mithril Hunter Captain Chainmail Armor

Talent: Spirit of Hope— When Kyean used her determination and willpower alone to survive the onslaught of darkness, something imprinted on her. Some spirit attached to her soul and became bound to her. While rolling, Kyean has the ability to invoke the power of this spirit and turn the hand of misfortune and use her willpower to overcome all odds. Kyean may roll this after any other roll. Succeeding this roll will cause the dice roll it was preceded by to turn into a critical success. She may roll this talent only once per day (Real day).

Backfire: When Hope is Lost— Sometimes the Spirit of Hope fails to be invoked. When this happens, it causes Kyean to panic. If there's no hope… what is there? Upon failing the roll of the talent, it will instantly cause the preceded roll to critfail, as well as the next roll to come.

The Darkness fell upon the Erinan plains and the land of the humans. Now, it was a smoking pillar of fire. That is all that ever came of it. The shadow crept across the plains and to the Great Forest. There, Kyean stood with her brothers and sisters in arms to do what all hunters did. Protect the Forest and protect the elves. It was a dark day, for the land had grown black and dry with the corruption. The leaves upon the trees had fallen like a cold, black winter. The end was coming, and all living things could feel it. The aura of destruction on the horizon.

The Hunters, known for their courage, determination and valor trembled on this day. The fear of death and the fear of inevitability. All of them knew it was over. Kyean turned her face up to the starless, moonless sky. A tear fell from her cheek and touched the parched ground and the hunters fell silent. The strong Captain… lost in her fear. It shook them.

Finally, she turned to them. Her cheeks wet, but her heart still strong, "Brothers and sisters… we stand here, at the end. There may be no tomorrow, for all we can see is the black smoke that rises from the great kingdoms of the world. We are lost… but that doesn't mean we are weak. We cannot beat this evil… but we can still show courage. So, stand up. Draw your swords, load your arrows. Because here we will show our honor. Our loyalty. And the Goddess herself will sing our names as the last hunters who died fighting a war they could not win. A strength of mind. For if we are to die, we die for those we love. We will die for each other. So, in the face of death we will stand. And we will shed our souls to prove to the gods above that we will not falter so easily!"

And when their courage filled, they drew their bows and swords to rally and fight as long as they could. For honor. Kyean's armor felt heavier that day— as if the cold hands of death rested upon both of her shoulders… beckoning. And in her tears, fear and pain she ran, right into the darkness. With all of her might she fought. Determined to kill as many as she possibly could. And as she took more and more blows, she grew more and more tired… and yet, she grew more and more determined. As the ground cracked and split open she fell to her knees, bow trained on her enemy. No matter how much she was in pain she didn't give up hope. And once she had proven her determination, Lockwood Hotel came and took her in.


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