Cirith Vash-An

Name: Cirith Vash-An
Player: Nemi
Description: Cirith's current host is Alayna. Alayna is one of the dragon people from the Emerald World. She stands at about five feet eleven inches and weighs around one fifty pounds. She has a very slight reddish skin tone (Although it’s easily mistakable for lighting). She has very narrow-ish facial features along with black hair. Having near end of her human-like body stage she also has a built body structure.

Cirith itself is a heavy executioner's sword with a slightly curved single-edged blade. Four feet long and three inches wide, the blade is forged of some glossy-black material that resembles obsidian and seems to be lit from within by an icy blue light. It has a minimal hilt of bronze with a stylized 'wing' motif. The grip is about twelve inches long and curves slightly forward, and it is wrapped in red leather and held in place with silver wiring wrapped in quarter-inch spaced increments. The pommel is bronze and resembles a stylized falcon's head.

Demeanor: Generally pretty laid-back and even-tempered. Has a sort of annoying wry, pitying feeling toward most around it, and seemingly endless patience. Kind of a troll, too, and is perfectly happy to not have a particular objective or purpose after a few hundred years of bloodshed. Has a surprisingly dry and good-natured sense of humor. It can get crotchety after a while- damn kids and their ultraviolence and crabbiness.

  • Body
    • Strength: 16
    • Agility: 16
    • Endurance: 9
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 8
    • Wisdom: 8
    • Perception: 10
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 9
    • Will: 15
    • Luck: 9

Original HP: 24

  • Max HP: (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: (Max HP - Minor Wounds) 17

Attack (melee): 16
Attack (range): 9
Defense (phys): 12
Defense (dodge): 13

- Blade of the Black Empire: Cirith is a nightmarishly deadly warrior so long as it's using.. Itself. That isn't to say it's a slouch otherwise, but that it's very much specialized in using.. Itself. Melee when using the Black Blade
- Speed of Death: In war, speed often determines the victor. Cirith is astonishingly fast, far more than any host should allow. Agility for movement, acrobatics, etc in combat.
- Devastating Might: The Black Blade does some wonderful things for its host, namely pumping them up with eldritch strength. If you want someone to pick up heavy things, punch through walls, or the like, Cirith's (host) is your man. Or woman. Or genderless entity. STRONGNESS for lifting, breaking, pushing.

- Seen it All Before: Sometimes, experience leads one to understand and better find themselves in tune with their surroundings. Cirith instead is often terminally bored, taking a while to react to .. Much, really. Disadvantage on reactions
- Recklessness: Cirith's gone through a lot of hosts. While theoretically it knows and desires to keep itself alive, that doesn't always mean it does so reflexively, and so will often take hits it didn't really need to. Disadvantage on Dodging

-Two-way radio
- Itself
- Sectional Plate
- Leather and canvas backpack
- Bedroll
- Lantern with 3 pints of oil
- Dried food
- Change of underclothes
- 50' of silk rope
- Climbing tools
- Other ADVENTURING gear
- Fire Gem Key

Talent: Soul Blade: The sword is capable of summoning soul fragments of its past victims to perform simple tasks. A locked door, for example, might require the fragment of a thief to try to jimmy open. A book of magic might require the fragment of a mage to look over. Mechanically, this means that Cirith can give an attempt at trying something it doesn't know how to do with each talent use.

Backfire: Soul Cleave: Calling on its more esoteric abilities is highly hazardous. On failure, Cirith must attack its own host with a soulfire release, which can be naturally disastrous. Counts as a melee attack against itself, against PDef.

History: Aeons ago, in a distant world, there was an empire called Vashia. Ruled by powerful sorcerers, Vashia carved out territory from coast to coast of their home continent. But expansion begets enemies, and the Vashians earned foes of the greatest sort when their sorcerers began poking out into the worlds beyond their own.

So came the immortals. The Kuur Vash- "Empire Killers," in the Vashian tongue- descended upon them from within. Towering spiritual entities of wrath and fire, they were near unstoppable. Every Kuur Vaan that fell in battle would be reborn moments later from their own inner flame, and they seemed to make it their mission to slaughter every Vashian they could find. With mundane weapons and spells no longer sufficient, the surviving Vashian sorcerers banded together to forge weapons that could, perhaps, slay the immortals permanently by denying them the essence that reanimated their stony bodies. And so Cirith Vash-An was forged, its name a note to its own significance. It was not merely a blade of the empire, but it was a child of the Empire. And perhaps its savior.

Cirith was passed from hero to hero, cutting down Kuur Vash in battle after battle, often at the cost of the wielder's own life. And Cirith was fed to bursting by Kuur Vashi souls, Vashian souls, and thousands more. In the dying embers of its own world, Cirith woke, claimed by a Kuur Vaan champion as a trophy and carried by the extradimensional nomad warriors as a symbol. To their detriment. Used by the Kuur Vash, Cirith's cup truly ranneth over, and it dominated the champion's mind and body and promptly hurled itself and its host to another world entirely.

This process would repeat itself aeon after aeon, until finally, Cirith developed an actual personality. And it became tired. War was.. What was it good for, really? After its last host perished, it instructed the one who claimed it next to bury it within his master's vault, where it could rest in peace. Some hundred years later and the reverie was disturbed by a group of adventurers, the warrior of whom claimed the sword for her own. Cirith, unhappily, was forced to wake and was used to slay some super deathking of the dark citadel or the like, the death throes of which hurled Cirith and its wielder into oblivion.

At which point they woke up at Lockwood. Cirith really, really, really hopes now it can finally get some sleep.

Miscellaneous: Fond of scarves, hummus, and cool hats. Can go on and on about Vashian linguistics and a host of other topics it's picked up, but is generally lazy enough to not fact-check or catch up on what it forgets.

Cirith Vash-An was forged to eat souls, thus allowing its users to kill immortals. This has some interesting side effects in that Cirith itself has siphoned off bits of personality from its wielders and is, itself, a terrifyingly powerful melee weapon. Also there's the whole bit there Cirith Vash-An itself is the sword and, while it can be wielded safely for a time dependent on the wielder's willpower, it'll slowly start siphoning off the wielder's soul until it dominates and possesses their body, which is generally agreed to be a poor state of affairs. It can slowly levitate about on its own without a wielder, and it can communicate with a sort of weird whispering voice, but if denied a user it's generally useless.

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