Cordelia Geralds

Name: Cordelia Geralds
Player: LadyKatie
Description: Cordelia is strikingly beautiful, with long black hair that is usually curled or pulled up somehow, pale skin, and ruby red eyes. And no matter what era her clothes appear to be from, they always have a few things in common; expensive looking and completely covering her neck. Speaking of her neck, it's covered for a very good reason. It's incredibly scarred, especially around the windpipe.
Demeanor: Cordelia will never outright insult you, unless she does. Even then, it's likely to be framed in a way you may be unsure of whether or not you were just insulted. Despite being very friendly, she looks down on most everyone. It's almost patronizing. If she does like you, you have nothing to fear.


  • Body
    • Strength: 15
    • Agility: 17
    • Endurance: 17
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 9
    • Wisdom: 9
    • Perception: 12
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 7
    • Will: 7
    • Luck: 7

Original HP: 24

  • Max HP: 24 (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: -1 (4/10/2016, Plot Run) (healed 4/15)
  • Current HP: 24 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 16
Attack (range): 10
Defense (phys): 16
Defense (dodge): 14

- Fangs: What more can be said about this? She has fangs. And they're sharp as well. She might not bark, but she sure as hell can bite.
- Blood Buff: Cordelia gets a certain… rush after consuming fresh blood. The more adrenaline, the better.
- Supernatural: You don't live as a vampire for over 200 years without learning something about the supernatural world.

- Stranger: Life outside vampire society is completely alien to Cordelia now. Sure, she can talk to people well enough, but social customs are just so different.
- Creature of the Night: While nearly invincible at night, Cordelia was not meant for the day. If the sunlight is intense enough (gm discretion), the first stat to take a hit is perception, and with it ranged. Prolonged exposure hits all 3 physical stats, as well as melee. In extreme circumstances, the GM can call for a pdef check against a 1d20 vs intense sunlight. Damage taken this way is only minor damage, and heals normally.

-Two-way radio
-Black lace parasol with a sharp silver tip.
- Sketchbook, and pencils.
- Browning M1919 Machine Gun (BITCHES. LOVE. CANNONS)
- A fire axe that is on fire
- SHINY spiked knuckles (+6 melee in Madruns. unless told otherwise I will act as if roll cap does not exist)
- A flash drive and some documents from some Lazarix group
- A pair of shiny silver pistols
- This Knife, which she stole from a nazi
- Mask ( and matching dress from Oran.
Talent: Drink up… -Blood is a magical thing for Cordelia. Well, not just blood. Life energy, really. It can heal a surprising amount of injuries.
Backfire: Soul Siphon -However, it doesn't always work. Playing with life energy isn't always a sure thing. If she fails to heal herself, the consequences can make a bad situation worse. For half an hour, you have a much weaker vampire on your hands. (Strength Debuff)

Cordelia's story begins 241 years ago, on the night where she became a creature of the night. She simply woke up in an alleyway covered in her own dried blood with no idea what happened to her or why, and an unfamiliar set of fangs poking into her lower lip. She wandered the city for days, lost and confused, until she was found by others of her kind. They took her in, cleaned her up, and taught her how to adjust to her new life. They even found her old family, who gave her the name Cordelia Geralds, which seemed right to the fledgling vampire, even if the people themselves were complete strangers. But she belonged in a different world now, the dark side of New Cardstaff. Life, or unlife, was good for Delia, who only rose in the ranks as far as she wanted to go, powerful enough to say she had power but not so much to where she actually had to do things. Or at least it was until it wasn't. Her new family began dying out, faster than they could ever hope to replace. Until it was just Cordelia left in what felt like an abandoned city. A strange, unfamiliar life still pulsed around her, but to Cordelia, her world was gone. And that's where Lockwood came in.
Cordelia likes to paint
She has painted this on the wall in the Rec room:

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