Nathaniel "Covenant" Greene
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Covenant on his way to a commission.

Name: Nathaniel "Covenant" Greene
Player: Quin
Description: Covenant has short, blonde hair combined with a flat-ish, wide nose, and a square jaw. He stands at almost two meters, and has earned his nearly excessive musculature through years of hard work.
Demeanor: Happy and outgoing, as well as eager to do the job as quickly and efficiently as possible, Covenant follows orders as far as he can. His loyalty is steadfast, and his friends can always count on him.

  • Body
    • Strength: 15
    • Agility:10
    • Endurance: 15
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 10
    • Wisdom: 8
    • Perception: 15
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 11
    • Luck: 11

Original HP: 26

  • Max HP: 26
    • Major Wounds: None.
  • Current HP: 26

Attack (melee): 12
Attack (range): 12
Defense (phys): 15
Defense (dodge): 12
Healing: 9

- Field Medicine: While the minds of Esman may be advanced in technology, medical technology is still limited to basic first aid and leeching; half of these are in the training regimen of the Hunter's Hollow. (Applies to basic first aid)
- Blindsided: 1860s New Portugal: A marvel of technology! Even the less savory parts of town had Midnight Suns lighting the streets, making it that much more imperative to learn the ways of shadows if one wanted to pass unseen. (Applies to sneaking)
- Oceanside: The capital city of Azueira sits on a hill overlooking a bay almost thirteen leagues wide and eighty-two deep; needless to say, sea trading and whaling are sources of income for most of the town; in fact, every boy, at the age of 13, is subject to five years compulsory service on a sea vessel. (Applies to seafaring and knots)

- WHAT DOES THIS SMALL HUMAN WANT?! Covenant's ok at socialising with adults from his time period, but not children, mostly due to the parenting policy of "seen and not heard." (Applies to interacting with children)
- There's No "I" In "Team": Taking the expression quite metaphorically, Covenant, as a general rule, declines the offer of teamwork, preferring the speed and stealth of being a lone operator. (Applies to sneaking and agility while in a group.)


  • Flashlight
  • Two-way radio
  • Black, boiled leather armor studded with steel rivets
  • Two Eposteel tomahawks
  • Three flintlock pistols and one flintlock musket
  • 60 Eposteel shot
  • One Eposteel cutlass
  • Hunter's Hollow standard-issue field kit
    • 20 grams of rock salt
    • Iron cross
    • 100 grams of Eposteel dust
    • First-aid kit
    • Antivenoms
    • Nightweave cloak

Talent - Imbuement: A Hunter's weapons are bound to him from creation through the forging process. A small piece of his soul is worked into the Eposteel itself, allowing him to use it as a literal extension of himself, even when not holding it, though it takes concentration to do so. (On a success, Covenant can take control of his cutlass //or tomahawks without needing to hold them; this lasts until five turns have passed, Covenant is completely distracted from combat, or at GM discretion.)//

Backfire - Feedback: Distractions can interfere with the, for lack of a better term, telekinesis aspect of this, resulting in a feedback loop that incapacitates Covenant for three turns.


Lockwood Hotel is not the only place worlds have bled over into each other. Humans of all worlds have experienced it for as long as they have existed: powerful creatures of evil seeping into their worlds to do the Devil's work. Daemons, as the people of Covenant's world, Esman, would call them. As the daemons became real and present threats, the Hunter's Hollow and organizations like it were formed; archaeological evidence points to even the ancient Arduinians having a similar coalition of trained daemon fighters. Esman is geographically and climatically similar to our Earth, though historically and politically, it is quite different. At the time of Covenant's appearance in Lockwood, it was 1867; technologically, Esman was delving into the possibilities of steam power. Portugal was the world superpower, and the United States of America didn't exist.

Covenant was born on the coast of New Portugal in 1841, in the city of Azueira, the capital and trade center of the Eastern world. His parents left him as a child on the steps of the Hunter's Hollow, the East's daemon hunting collective, likely because they couldn't afford to feed him and wished him to have a good life. From the ages of three to thirteen, he was trained in the arts of stealth and combat in the Hollow's fashion. Afterwards, he was conscripted for five years of service into New Portugal's Merchant-Marines Corps, and returned to active duty for eight more years, culminating in, essentially, Ragnarök, as well as the destruction of his homeworld, before waking up one morning, face-down on the floor of Lockwood Hotel.


  • Good with knots and fixing steampunk things
  • Once split an apple on top of a man's head with a tomahawk from fifteen meters away without injury
  • Orphan, for all intents and purposes
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