Demar looks like a young, college-aged man of mixed descent. He's got tan skin, brown eyes and a scruffy head of curly hair. He wears baggy clothes and he overall seems pretty normal! To look at, of course. If one ignores the minor things here and there, such as a smile a touch too wide for one's jaw. Actual physical contact is much harder for him to pass, in which his skin is very soft and nice to the touch. Perhaps too soft. Actually, far too soft. If one pushes gently and firmly, one can easily press into his skin a solid inch or two before receiving any resistance. He doesn't really have bones or anything like that but he will be damaged as easily as any normal person. Any injury gives him away immediately though; he bleeds a mess of colors.

Demeanor: Demar could be seen as mostly spontaneous and chaotic. At first glance, he comes off as kind of a loud, obnoxious, wholly hedonistic fellow with pretty much no moral system. He struggles with basic empathy, logic, and self control. He prefers to go with the flow and exists as carefree as possible, striving to enjoy every moment life offers him. Underneath that, however, is a kind of existential confusion and concern, wreathed in an intense naivete that prevents him from adequately expressing his insecurity than random bouts of anger and sorrow. He doesn't understand many things and that lack scares him; of course, being randomly teleported and his world apparently ending doesn't help.

You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 13 (5+8)
    • Agility: 15 (5+10)
    • Endurance: 5
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 5
    • Wisdom: 15 (5+10)
    • Perception: 15 (5+10)
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 20 (5+15)
    • Will: 5
    • Luck: 7 (5+2)

Original HP:

  • Max HP:(5 Will + 5 End) = 10 (0 Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: 0
  • Current HP: 10

Attack (melee): (Str 13 + Agi 15)/2 = 14
Attack (range): (5 kno + 15 per) /2 = 10
Defense (phys): (13 str + 5 end)/2 = 9
Defense (dodge): (15 agi + 15 per)/2 = 15


  • Unbothered By Spoops: Demar isn't easily frightened by things that should be frightening. He even relates to them sometimes. He's right at home in the surreal, the nightmarish, the disgusting, even the seriously psychopathic.
  • I've Seen Something Like That!: If it's highly obscure, esoteric, or downright bizarre, Demar's probably had a taste of it and can figure out how it works. The weirder the better, as far as Demar's mental logic works. This applies in trying to glean information off obscure/bizarre objects, technologies, cultures, puzzles, entities and other circumstances.
  • With The Innocence That Can Light The Darkest Souls: Demar's naivete and carefreeness about the world is often refreshing and inspirational. He can come off as harmless, childish, sometimes even endearing in the live-in-the-moment way he experiences the world. Every morning is a miracle, every breeze a chance to play in the wind. His unassuming demeanor often means he can sweet-talk his way out of bad situations and get away with things he really shouldn't.


  • Self Control? Psssssh: Demar has no self control. He is about as capable of resisting compulsions as the average infant. It also means if something strikes him a certain way, he'll do it spontaneously. He can't resist temptations and this, paired with his hedonism, often has him in more trouble than he realizes.
  • Ugggghhh Normie Things: Demar knows distressingly little about normal society. He can hardly read or write, much less understand basic literature and culture. He even forgets things are solid sometimes, running into walls and doors with full expectation of sauntering through. He probably won't understand basic logic or philosophy, much less basic things like how common riddles or puzzles are. This applies when Demar is trying to learn or know about anything more well-known, anything from basic anatomy to popular mythologies to common sense knowledge.


  • Flashlight
  • Two-way radio
  • Clothes
  • Shiny trinkets he probably stole (keys, shiny rocks, cutlery)
  • A bunch of sweets and mints he took from the dining room


  • Surreality: Demar shouldn't exist. His very existence as something that also doesn't exist punches a little Demar-shaped hole in reality. Sometimes he can make the hole wider, allowing him to cause minor shifts in the world around him. He can use his essence as fuel to manifest pieces of the dreams he's made up of. He can have several individual summoned things at one time but each object can only last one turn due to reality pushing back on him. He also is incapable of summoning anything normal or mundane, meaning that if he needs to open a lock he can't puke up a lockpick but he can probably spit out something like a polka-dot anteater with a hard-candy lockpick for a tongue.


  • At War With The World: Demar, being an entity that shouldn't exist, fights a constant war with reality that tries to dispel him. When his attempts to break reality more backfire on him, a chunk of him is lost- in other words, he gains a major wound for every time his talent backfires. The very nature of this loss means that he also cannot heal major wounds gathered from backfired talents normally. He must instead be allowed to consume someone else's dream to replace what he's lost, which depends on a willing or unwilling host. If Demar feeds off a willing host, they roll WILL+WIS/2 and if it is greater than the major wounds he has this way, he recovers one major wound. If the host is unwilling, the host rolls WILL or LUCK vs Demar's CHA. If Demar wins, he recovers one major wound.

Demar honestly couldn't tell you much about his world other than his experiences from the inhabitants' dreams. Most of his existence as a dream entity was more or less without any sapience or thought beyond consumption and survival. Then, as he grew, he became more aware- this awareness was more or less the death knell of his species. Because the most sapient entities of his planet, probably something like humans, could only hold so much at once, he was more or less destined to be unable to feed and eventually starve to death.

He could tell you that the most advanced technology was flying spaceships and holographs- or were they contrived fantasies? He'd tell you that his world was filled with people forgetting their pants to school, zombie apocalypses every other week, nuclear winter and wild sex with very pretty humans- or were they all also just fantasies? In the end, he probably couldn't even tell you what started to end his world, or if it was even ending. He probably couldn't even identify his world to go back to it.

All he knew was that, he was going to starve to death soon, and lose all he had amassed. His body would be food for others of his kind, who would also eventually starve and die in the same. He sought a way out. He'd do anything for a way out. He looked for some way to break the barrier and live in the relative infinite space of reality compared to the tiny rooms of people's subconscious imaginations.

He didn't know what caused him to end up here. But he was here, he was real, and God, it hurt terribly. Everything was heavy. He had to breathe. He felt hungry. He needed to pee regularly. The world ached around him, softly, and everything he touched brought a bit of pain. A hotel room and a little welcome pamphlet greeted him and his newfound existence. He wanted to run to another dream but there was only reality.

If you shake Demar roughly, he jiggles. It's kind of funny.

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