Draugan Standen

Name: Draugan Standen
Player: Balthazaar
Description: Draugan is a fairly tall man of some 30 years of age, standing at about 6'3" tall. He is lean, and fairly muscular, with pale skin. He has a long face, straight nose and slightly sunken, intense blue eyes. His hair is about 2 ft long and dark brown, usually worn loose, or with the front tied back out of the way. He tends to wear a beard, and dresses in the clothes appropriate from his time. He has several scars on his body and face.
Demeanor: Draugan is a rather un-trusting man. He is very serious when it comes to matters of family, and fiercely loyal. He is a friendly man, wanting to make friends where he can, and enjoys to flirt, too. He believes in going above and beyond for the sake of those he cares for.

  • Body
    • Strength: 16 5+11
    • Agility: 10 5+5
    • Endurance: 15 5+10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 5
    • Wisdom: 10 5+5
    • Perception: 12 5+7
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 7 5+2
    • Will: 10 5+5
    • Luck: 10 5+5

HP (15+10): 25
Melee ((16+10)/2): 13
Ranged ((5+12)/2): 9
Physical ((15+16)/2): 16
Dodge ((10+7)/2): 9

- Fathers resolve: Is dad. Does stuff (In pursuit of finding and protecting his daughter)
- Land of monsters: Lived with monsters. Knows stuff (Can pinpoint ways to cripple or kill unusual life forms)
- Age of heroism: Lived in rad time. Is rad (Able to perform feats of great strength and valor when needed)

- Modernidity: Superstitious and unknowing of modern technology
- Fathers Desperation: He will do absolutely anything for his daughter

-Flashlight (Light wand)
-Two-way radio (Seer box)
-Steel reinforced leather armor
-Dane axe

Talent: Like quicksilver: Draugan is a deadly fast fighter when he wants to be, running in and whirling his axe like the wind and with great power. He can fell many enemies and hew down huge foes like this, or take out multiple targets.
Backfire: Savage blindness: However, sometimes he will swing too enthusiastically, and lose his axe… Rendering him useless until he finds it again.

History: Draugan was born in the country of Scandinavia, on the ragged coast. His world was about as advanced as that of normal humans was in medieval times, before the discovery of gunpowder. Magic ruled this world, with all manner of creatures roaming the world. And so it was that the conqueror Tyrus gained control of an army of the beasts and assaulted Scandinavia. Draugan was in the military, and served in the campaign to fight for many years, earning commendations as he went, and after a long while, Tyrus was killed. Still, the long trudge out from the capital to remove the remaining forces from the country took years.
It took a while for the nation to recover, and their economy was ruined. Draugan took it upon himself to venture out as a mercenary, venturing out and selling his sword, adventuring and Particularly raiding until the day he found lockwood.
Has a young daughter, Gyda, whom he is searching for.
He is very decent and honorable… For his time.

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