Elias Dantès

Name: Elias Dantès
Player: ArseneLupin
Description: Elias is a lean but toned man who stands in at 5'9. He has short blond hair and a clean shaven face. He has an almost perpetual cocky grin on his face unless you piss him off or he gets serious.
Demeanor: Elias has a tendency to take things lightly, even fights to the death. He is fond of making stupid jokes that most people wouldn't find funny. He also has a terrible habit of hitting on any decent looking girl, although he's quick to back off if she's not interested. If he thinks you're lying to him however his entire demeanor shifts and his Inquisitor training kicks in. He will interrogate those he suspects of falsehoods with no remorse.

  • Body
    • Strength: 13
    • Agility: 14
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 6
    • Wisdom: 15
    • Perception: 10
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 12
    • Will: 15
    • Luck: 5

Original HP: 25

  • Max HP: 25 (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: 25 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 13
Attack (range): 9
Defense (phys): 11
Defense (dodge): 12
Healing: 15

-Blade Fighter: Elias has been trained in bladed weaponry all his life, and this training has paid off very well. Advantage to Melee while wielding bladed weapons.
-Inquisitor's Eye: As an Inquisitor, Elias is skilled in detecting deceptions and half truths. Lying to him generally isn't a good idea. Advantage to Wisdom when detecting lies.
-Healing Light: Divine Magic is a go to source in his world for healing, and that's still mostly true now. Although his limited magic makes it a tad harder. Grants Access to the Healing Skill.

-What's Electricity?: Elias is from a very different world, so technology tends to baffle him most of the time. Disadvantage to Knowledge Rolls related to Technology
-My Armor Is Not Bulletproof: It turns out Leather Armor is not good at taking bullets. Go figure. Disadvantage on Physical Defense Rolls against Bullets and other Advanced Ranged Weaponry

-Two-way radio
-A Light Set of Leather Armor
-A Set of Underclothes
-A Necklace With A Crocodile Charm Hanging From It
-A Book of Prayers

Talent: Divine Grace: Elias was an Inquisitor of the God Sobek, this granted him various spells as part of his worship. Unfortunately his available spells have been severely limited by his world's destruction, leaving him with only his healing spells to fall back on. On a successful Divine Grace roll he can preform a Heal check, but instead of taking the middle dice for a Minor Wound and the lowest dice for a Major Wound, he may take the Highest and Middle dice respectively instead.
Backfire: God is Dead: On a Backfire his tenuous connection to his dead god causes a backlash effect, causing him to roll a Ranged Attack against himself that he has to defend with Physical Defense.

History: Elias was born to a family of priests in a world that others would call fantasy. His childhood was full of combat training and learning the various prayers to his god Sobek, The Great Crocodile Of The Nile. Once he came of age he was accepted into the Order Of Inquisitors, a sect of priests dedicated to finding heretics and aggressors of their religion and punish them accordingly. After a few years of adventuring in the name of his god the world started to destabilize. As the earth started to crack and fissure, they all saw their god appear in front of them. He was weak and told them that there was nothing he could do for them anymore before he succumbed and died. Elias ran up to his dead god and tried to shake him awake, unable to believe that the being he had worshiped all his life was gone just like that. When he made contact with his scales, he felt a strong shock from his divine power and fell unconscious. When he finally came to consciousness he was in The Lockwood.
-Finds himself praying to Sobek out of habit
-Is absolutely horrid with any kind of technology
-Speaks in a Spanish Accent

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