Name: Gehenna
Player: mrs_padri
Description: Gehenna is a slight girl, covered in visible burn damage. There's a noticeable patch touching her hairline where hair won't grow. The rest of her hair comes to her shoulders with bangs in the front and is well cared for. Her body language is closed off and private.
Demeanor: Gehenna has a noticeable stutter around humans or perceived humans as well as anyone she feels uncomfortable around. The more comfortable she is, the clearer she speaks, but if she's uncomfortable enough, the stutter can be debilitating. She is not only uncomfortable around people; she also despises humans. She is very cynical where they are concerned: she does not believe in anything from human kindness to love. But that's because she was raised that way: underneath it all, she's a sweet, shy girl.

  • Body
    • Strength: 0 5
    • Agility: 4 9
    • Endurance: 4 9
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 9 17
    • Wisdom: 9 17
    • Perception: 9 15
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 4 9
    • Will: 6 13
    • Luck: 5 6

HP: 10 22

  • Max HP: 22
    • Injuries taken:
      • Bomb damage to chest -10 4/10/16
  • Current HP: 22

Melee: 2 7
Ranged: 9 16
Phys: 2 7
Dodge: 6 12

-Demonic Reputation: In demonic circles, Gehenna is known to be protected and favored. She has an easy time dealing with evil-oriented people.
-Occultism: Having lived in an occult world, she has vast knowledge of and experience with the occult. She is more often than not accurate in that regard.
-Unshakable Doubt: Gehenna was raised in a world where everyone had an ulterior motive and no one could be trusted for anything. It is hard to get anything past her.

-Demonic Reputation: In demonic circles, Gehenna is known to be protected and favored. She has a difficult time dealing with good-oriented people.
-Hellfire: Gehenna is used to warmth. Constantly. In normal environments, she wears a sweater. If there's snow outside, she's not going to do too well.

-Two-way radio
-Charcoal pencil
-Books from the Library
-Guardian Imp
-Emerald Throwing Knives (x2)
-Flintlock Pistols with Silver Bullets (x2)

Talent: Gehenna can open portals to Hell and summon imps to do her bidding. Upon arrival, she communicates her will in one simple command, which the imp must then carry out before returning to its own plane.
Backfire: The magic of Hell is failing as the world dies. Sometimes upon summoning an imp, the magic knots and the imp is compelled to do the opposite of Gehenna's command.

History: As a child, Gehenna was a resident of an Earth planet. At the age of four, she ended up trapped in a fire. Whether or not this was the fault of any individual or the result of a malignant or ritualistic intent is impossible to discover for sure at this point, but the demon Moloch took note of her screams as she burned and took her as a sacrifice. Instead of letting her die, he raised her. The reason for this is also unclear: who can ever really know the reasonings of a demon prince? But the result is clear: Gehenna. Eventually, the princes began to disappear. Chaos began. Those left scrambled to pick up the pieces. More disappeared. And then, Gehenna herself disappeared: this time, to Lockwood.
Her name from before the fire was Julianna.

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