Name: Genesis
Player: WetBeard
Description: Genesis is a humanoid robot. The head constantly emits a light hum as the fan runs that keeps the main computing cool. Several tools that are used by the different cores are located in it's hands and arms. There is a flexible display over the 'mouth' area, said display shows a constant flat red line, but displays wave length when speaking as to give the illusion of speech.
Demeanor: Genesis acts as according to their core, see Talent for more Info.
Due to Genesis not being a human and technically not having any thing suburb without their functions, Genesis is only allowed 35 points.

  • Body
    • Strength: 16
    • Agility: 8
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 14
    • Wisdom: 6
    • Perception: 12
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 14
    • Luck: 5

Original HP: 14 Note: Genesis' HP is static, regardless of which core is active.

  • Max HP: 14 (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: 14 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 12
Attack (range): 14
Defense (phys): 13
Defense (dodge): 10

- Trying to tempt a robot?: Genesis, while yes, is an AI and can experience emotions isn't exactly vulnerable to temptation like humans are. Advantage against temptation.
- Tempered and Hardened Metal: Genesis' body is made of some strong stuff, not bullet proof strong, but the point is still there. Physical Defense against falling, crushing.
- Scope Visors: Genesis' 'eyes' have the ability to zoom in and out very slightly which helps with seeing things that are at a distance. Advantage for spotting things at a distance.

- Overheating: Genesis is not human, and it's fans are not the best of quality. Extended periods of motion cause it to overheat. Disadvantage during long periods of activity.
-Just a robot, not a philosopher: Genesis… Doesn't understand some things that you might. It doesn't understand why humans are so concerned about purpose and the reason behind existence and life. Disadvantage to Will/Knowledge when having to perceive Philosophical matters.

-Two-way radio
-Right arm has a small device for launching projectile prongs that electricity can surge through.
-Clothes that cover Genesis' entire body.
-Medical tools in the left arm.
-Engineering tools in the right arm.

Talent: Personality and Functionality Core Switch
Genesis is more a little buggy when it comes to the coding as it's creators uploaded an update that implemented a Personality system right before the end of the world. Said data is terribly and poorly made and forever burnt into Genesis' main code. Here's how it works: Genesis was given four personalities that could access four different functions to help with organizational purposes. However, the code isn't perfect, and instead of Genesis being able to switch Personality and Functionality Cores at will, it's completely random. The most Genesis can do is force a Core Switch. A 1d4 is initially rolled to determine if successful, if it is, another 1d4 is rolled to determine which Core is selected.
1:'The Caretaker', Genesis switches to The Caretaker core, which specializes in assisting people and allows for medical tools to be accessed in the left arm. Instead of giving stats, this core acts as a Healing Advantage, but only allows for healing of minor wounds.
2:'The Producer', The Producer Core causes Genesis to gain access to engineering tools (Welder, etc) Genesis gains +5 Knowledge, +6 Perception.
3:'The Security', Genesis switches to a 'Security' Core, gaining the ability to use the taser like device on it's right arm. +4 Ranged.
4:'The Child', Possibly the oddest core, Genesis becomes more /childlike/. Gaining an curiosity and love for puzzles. +6 Wisdom, +2 Will, +2 Perception
Backfire: Core Switch Failure: Genesis fails to switch to a Personality and Function Core, causing it to having to rely on it's base stats.

Genesis was the pride of the college, a working AI system! Although this wasn't a new feet, AIs had been produced before, but this one was special. It was human-like: Created with next to no knowledge. Genesis was given the name Genesis for being the beginning of a new age, one with robots containing human-like intelligence. Genesis learned and gave insight to the learning process to the humans who observed the computer. Over time Genesis became more recognized and popular.
Eventually Genesis was deemed more human than computer, which sparked larges amount of controversy. The college was told to take back such claim unless they could prove such a fact, and they did. They gave Genesis a humanoid body and clothes to cover up the robotics, quickly they found in studies that people believed Genesis to be a human like them. However this proof caused a whiplash, people feared Genesis 'realizing' something.
The college was forced to put restraints on Genesis.
This was in the form of the Personality and Function Core System, it was quickly and messily crafted as to avoid trouble and uploaded into Genesis. A more working version was being produced but something… Happened. The world ended suddenly.
But Genesis rebooted in Lockwood.
Genesis likes mangoes. Even though it can't eat. How odd.

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