James Charles Attaway
Leftenant Attaway

Name: James Charles Bernard Jacob Nathaniel George Attaway II

Player: Daedalus

Description: Brown haired and brown eyed James is a relatively normal-looking man who prefers to wear his uniform despite the occasion. Speaks with an English accent and tends to be very literal in his interpretation of speech.

Demeanor: James' predominant personality traits are his loyalty and sense of duty, to the point of fault. Once he's gotten a belief in his head or a flag to follow, he'll stubbornly and blindly cling to it barring extreme circumstances. Orders are absolute and his word is his bond. Also extremely distrustful of mages or anyone he considers a mage. Past all of this, however, James is a genuinely kind person who simply prefers moral simplicity.

You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 9
    • Agility: 17
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 13
    • Wisdom: 5
    • Perception: 17
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 10
    • Luck: 14

Original HP:

  • Max HP: (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: 20 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 13
Attack (range): 15
Defense (phys): 8
Defense (dodge): 16

- Folly of the Battlefield: It was very quickly realized early in the war for independence that the red coats the enemy wore did much to stick them out among the trees and grass. Shortly after this revelation someone had the bright idea to wear clothing that didn't practically stand out as a target then hide among the trees, rather than stand in a row and get shot. James' experience as a Minuteman taught him these valuable lessons in regards to concealing oneself from the enemy. (AGIL when hiding)
- He Cannot Have Gone Far: Tracking a person is much different than tracking an animal, and is far removed from tracking a mage. All of the above leave telltale signs of their presence, however, and James has done well to acquaint himself with these signs. (PERC when tracking)
- Better Make This Count: The downside to using primarily flintlock weapons is they don't carry much ammunition. Which is to say they don't carry any at all. When it comes down it it, you have to learn to make every shot count, and it helps if you can concentrate for long enough to line it up. (RNG when concealed from enemy)

- Blind Faith: James is a trusting sort, often naively. He's more willing to trust the word of a stranger than most. (Disadvantage on all Will rolls against speech.)
- Honorbound: Honor is something that James reasons separates us from the animals. His own personal standards sometimes interfere with his work. (Disadvantage on all attack rolls against women or if unarmed)

-Two-way radio
-Small alchemical kit
-Inscription chalk
-Cutlass (Ambassador)
-Flintlock Musket (Justice)
-Flintlock Pistol (Honor)
-Bottomless powder horn
-Spare bullets

Talent:Practical Alchemy:** James was trained as an Alchemist primarily, but the shop performed all sorts of occult services for a reasonable price. These skills have proved invaluable in his field of work, but he couldn't be bothered to remember everything his uncle taught him. What he does remember, however;

  • Runic Sciences: A chalk symbol marking that may be drawn onto something or someone to create simple effects. James only remembered two and can only use one at a time. These runes are very easily rubbed off and, being chalk, they also don't work on wet surfaces. The first is a light symbol, which produces a bright white light wherever it's drawn. The second is a fire symbol, which produces heat akin to that of a disposable lighter wherever it's drawn.
  • Transmutation: The foundation of alchemy, James has learned how to transform one material into another. The material in question must be uniform and small enough to fit in the palm of his hand and can only be transformed into another uniform material of the same shape, size, and state. Eventually the object in question will revert back to it's original material.
  • Simple Wards: Protecting oneself from harmful magicks is a priority in the Minuteman line of work. Thankfully James knows an incantation or two that can protect another (not himself) from targeted spells. This requires undivided concentration, however, and the wards can't protect from attacks that aren't magic based.

Backfire: Those Who Wield the Devil's Sword…: James' uncle was very thorough on how to avoid the negative side effects of playing with natural law of the world. Unfortunately, his nephew only ever half listened to him. Upon failure of Runic Sciences, the effect is the opposite to the one intended. With Transmutation, the object in question turns to lead and cannot be turned back. With Simple Wards, the effect of the spell is amplified by 25%. Luck also decreases by 2 with every backfire.


History: James Attaway was born on December 12th, 1751, in New Amsterdam City of the fledgling 16 Britannian colonies along the eastern North Columbia coast. At a very young age James was sent to Bostowne to study under his uncle to learn the trade of alchemy. While not exactly a savant in the field, he studied well enough to aid his uncle in running the family's shop.

Life in the Commonwealth, however, became more and more turbulent as time went on. The colonies had been founded on the original Puritanical beliefs of man free from the tyranny of magicks and unjust law, but the lack of representation in their parent government's parliament coupled with the constant oppression by the Oxford Occult University led to civil unrest. Britannia's response to this unrest was to simply send more soldiers and mages, which only worsened the issues.

This turmoil was especially evident in Bostowne. The Massacre on King Street (where Yale mages and Britannian soldiers, unordered, cast flames and bullets alike into a mob gathered to protest the latest tax law) and the Night of the Glowing Bay (where the Sons of Liberation tossed chests full of Mana potions into the Boston harbor) were prime examples of the growing dissatisfaction. James was present for both, having joined the Sons of Liberation after witnessing the Massacre. He would often attend the group's meetings in secret, much to the displeasure of his uncle who prefered to keep away from such affairs. James was certain that war was inevitable, and on April 19, 1775, his prediction came true with the first battles of Lexingtowne and Concord.

Eager to earn independence for his country, James enlisted into the minutemen to be among the first to fight Britannian forces. The bloody war raged for five years with James being present for great battles and awesome moments, such as when Paul Revere lit three candles in a church steeple to signify the redcoat's approach by air and the Battle of Bunker Crater. He was largely kept away from the front lines, however, as his skill in alchemy was better suited to turn soil to gunpowder and stones to bullets to supply his fellows.

His crowning moment came late into the war after he and his fellow minutemen were transferred into the more organized Continental Army, under the great General Benedict Arnold. The General's charisma and leadership was inspiring, and he led James and his fellows to victory when they forced the Britannian out of Bostowne and later when they braved the bitter cold battling Bergelmir The Terrible (A frost giant placed in the Delaware River by Yale mages).

Meanwhile, the Britannian forces were wearing thin. The war with Gaulia raged on in Europe and the once seemingly pathetic rebellion in Columbia had grown out of hand. Deciding to cut his losses, King George IV withdrew his troops from the colonies, finally granting them the freedom they had fought so hard for. So they began to rebuild.

While matters of government were being handled in New Pensylvania and the citizens of the infant nation were getting their bearings, the minutemen were assigned a new task; regulation of the mages still living in the colonies. The first laws written by the Third Continental Congress regarded the treatment of mages, and followed the original Puritanist ideal that magick exists to serve the common man. All who had any magical ability were to be kept careful track of, and it was the duty of the minuteman to enforce these laws. If any disagreed they would be imprisoned with guarantee of a trial, but any who fled or resisted arrest were liable to be hunted down and killed.

Throughout the United Commonwealth of Columbia the Minutemen became known as mage hunters overnight, and over the years their reputation grew to that of an elite force dedicated to protecting the common folk from magic users.

It was a Friday when the world ended. James was investigating reports of an illegal golem being constructed on Rhode's Island. The last thing he remembers was attempting to outride the very ground spitting beneath him, with both him and his horse being swallowed up by the earth.


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