K311y and Belladonna Nightshade

Name: K311y or Belladonna Nightshade, depending on which personality is in control
Player: LadyKatie
Description: She has white blonde hair, subject to change, currently with bright red tips, and grey eyes, no matter who is in charge. Around 5'5 tall, and borderline skeletal looking. She appears to be about 15, but will claim to be 21.

K311y tends to wear brightly colored clothes with loud patterns, or t-shirts with 'ironic' or funny phrases on them.

Belladonna Nightshade dresses like the emo queen she is deep down in her dark, depressing soul. Tripp pants, converse, lots of black, band merch, and entire tubes of eyeliner.
Demeanor: K311y is incredibly random, bordering on randumb. She has a tendency to use l33tspeak. She will occasionally break up sentences, ideas, and conversations with things that don't fit in with what is being discussed, hence the 'randumb.' Her personality is more energetic than her twin's, as well as being more friendly and open.

Belladonna Nightshade (or just Bella) is the edgelord to end all edgelords. Everything relates to something dark and tragic in her past. She writes dark and depressing poetry, and will listen to emo music.

Both girls are very self centered. Neither personality is the 'dominant' personality; they share the body equally.
You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 7
    • Agility: 9
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 10
    • Wisdom: 10
    • Perception: 15
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 9
    • Will: 15
    • Luck: 15

Original HP: 25

  • Max HP: 25 (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: 25 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 8
Attack (range): 12
Defense (phys): 8
Defense (dodge): 12

- D3c0d3/Reading the Language of the Lost Demonic Gods: When half your brain is a jumbled mess of letters and numbers, and the other half might as well be in its own dark, poetic language, you get good at translating and decoding. (Knowledge/Wisdom)
- Clearly the Better Half/Tak30v3r: When one personality becomes weak, their shared mind puts the other up for control (Will, mental attacks)
-S00per/Smart: Both girls have their area of expertise. K311y is a savant when it comes to pop culture and the internet, while Bella can tell you almost anything you want to know about music and poetry. (Knowledge)

- We Share a Body/Tw1nz: Having two completely different personalities takes its toll on your mind and body. (Endurance when the non-active party is being baited out [which is easier than you think])
- Shut up!/ N0, y0u: While they can work together well enough sometimes, most of the time they can't. (Perception when what is being seen is up for interpretation)

-Two-way radio
-Two music players, one for each girl
-Various notebooks, sketchbooks, and art supplies belonging to Belladonna.
-One laptop, shared.
-Belladonna has a drawing tablet

Duality: It is entirely possible to have both personalities active at once. During this time, they are both mentally active and capable of making decisions. The personality active at the time of activation will always have control over the shared body. (Double rolls for mental stats, no penalty for disagreements.)
Night Night: If this fails, the personality that attempted to bring the other forward will be taken out of commission, and will be inactive for an indefinite amount of time, usually a few hours.

In the Earth where the girls are from, it is a well documented medical phenomena that if one twin's body is physically terminated in the womb, the soul will join with its twin. The merge is so seamless it is impossible to tell who is the host for the other personality. Thus is the case with K311y and Belladonna. The pair used to get along fantastically, up until around the age of 12, when they both discovered the internet and found themselves drawn to different things. Though they still shared more than you could possibly imagine, the two grew apart. In fact, they were too busy arguing to notice the asteroid strikes that took out their home world.
K311y's l33tspeak is an entirely fluff thing to help the players tell which of the two is speaking.
Belladonna was born Isabella, but renamed herself at 13, around the same time when Kelly started calling herself K311y.
While K311y is tone deaf, Belladonna is actually an accomplished musician. She can sing decently, maybe better if she had some training, and plays both the piano and the violin.
Bella may draw more, but K311y is the better artist. Most of "Bella's" artwork was actually done by K311y, with Bella saying exactly what she wanted.
Both coauthored the infamous fanfiction My Immortal
K311y knows Japanese

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