Lawrence Wray Knight
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Lawrence Wray, c. 1870
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Name: Lawrence Knight
Player: madness_
Demeanor: Born in the early 1840s, Lawrence was raised a true gentleman. Chivalrous, brave, but still goofy in his own little way. Despite honing the ancient deadly arts of the Orient, Lawrence still retained his interest in books, smitten with texts from the days of old as well as classic Shakespearean plays.
You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 14
    • Agility: 16
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 14
    • Wisdom: 5
    • Perception: 14
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 12
    • Will: 10
    • Luck: 5

Original HP: 20

  • Max HP: 12 (20-8)
    • Major Wounds: Head Concussion or something, Lemur Run, 4/10/2016
  • Current HP: 12 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 15
Attack (range): 14
Defense (phys): 12
Defense (dodge): 15

-Dancing in Deadly Arts: Lawrence, from the time since he was a boy aged five years old to the time of eighteen, was trained into a deadly killing machine. He could pluck out an eye with two fingers, if he did not believe in fighting fair. His skills are fiercer than a mad bull, yet of course require the delicate grace of a gazelle. (Applies to Melee and Ranged, when using his fists and feet, his musket pistols or his katana.)
-Upper Crust: Being born into a high class family in the 1800s does have its merits. Speaking proper, riding animals, a generally classy life-style would give him a bit of knowledge when it comes to many things. (Applies to Charisma when he's acting like a gentleman, to Wisdom when dealing with proper etiquette, to Knowledge when it comes to where the utensils and plates should be on a table, and to Agility, when it comes to dancing.)
-Swordfighter by Day, Scholar by Night: Many a fine evening found Lawrence reading in his personal library, a plethora of literature, history, and cultural education stored in his head. At least, the 1800s equivalent of it. (Applies to Knowledge for anything that could be found in a book in 1800-1865.)

-What is this Machinery?: What's this? What's that? Do I press this button? What the heck am I doing? = Lawrence's thoughts when it comes to new technologies. Because, holy hell, what's a man from the 1800s to do with a smartphone? (Applies to Knowledge when it comes to any tech coming from the post 1800s.)
-Clumsy, just not in Combat: Lawrence, while being an astute warrior, is a blunderous soul. The only things he can be elegant and graceful in doing are fighting and dancing. He's a loud fellow, too. (Applies to Agility when used for being sneaky beaky like.)

-Two-way radio
-Remington, Model 1858, kept in a hip holster, three spare cylinders for quick reloading
-Six ornately engraved Flintlock pistol as well as holsters; one on his hip, two shoulder holsters, two back holsters, one in his boot.
-M1819 Hall Rifle, percussion capped, usually kept in room
-Katana, spread down four generations, stored in a lavish sheath.
-Rapier, made of a refined silver-steel alloy, with a brass hilt guard.
-A family of carrion flies, to detect the undead
-Personal Armoire, holding spare weapons, ammo, books, and clothes!

Talent: Lawrence has the anomalous ability to learn a skill relatively quickly from any denizen of Lockwood for a short period of time. Rolling a DC of 3 will allow him three uses of the skill, while a DC of 4 will be for four turns.
Backfire: The backfire will be the backfire of any skill he fosters from another player.

Born in 1848 to an elite family living Balsidon Park, Lawrence was raised by two parents in all forms of the aristocracy. However, the war with the unmentionables had been dragging on long before. In his reality, it was common for men to send their children off to train in the ways of the Orient, Japan for the wealthy, China for the wise. Lawrence trained in both countries, learning the deadly arts and combining them into a murderous mesh of maneuvers.

Lawrence joined the military right as he came home from training in the Orient, squaring against the undead's malevolent sieges time and time again. He quickly worked his way up to a colonel in the army, often being sent off alone on investigation missions inside the inner walls to weed out the smaller outbreaks along with his best friend, John Bennet. Of course, he did these investigations and such for six years. Then, the siege of London caused the head to fall faster than the body could have.

Things rolled downhill fast. The houses fell one by one like trees against the zombie scourge, good men joining the ranks of the undead by the hundreds. Soon, only one house remained. And one by one, the army of the unmentionables ran their way towards the final house in Rosings. John was one of the last to fall, leaving Lawrence to fend for himself against wave after wave of the foul zombies. The last alive, he found himself outnumbered, yet still able to slay over six hundred of the afflicted before falling to fatigue.

The last thing he saw before waking was the gaping maw of an unmentionable hanging limply before quickly centering on his face. A few moments later, Lawrence found himself blinking awake in a foreign place. Lavish in appearance, and safe in nature, the Colonel found it fitting to promptly go back to sleep.

Can speak Japanese, Chinese, German, French, and Italian with incredible fluency!

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