Name: Leliel
Player: DiePotato
Description: A person who stands at about 5'11 and overall has rather androgynous features along with tanned skin. Their hair is bleach-blonde, but the roots for for some reason are turning black. Both eyes were once a hazel that changed with lighting and had gold flecks present but like a stain, black pigmentation is beginning to seep and cloud both irises. They're often wearing an odd mix of what look to be military fatigues that have an odd white-gold patterning to them, along with what appears to be a light, thin, metal breastplate that has varying scrolling and ornamentation. Their shoulder always has a bandage present that is changed regularly. Underneath said bandage is a piercing wound, that constantly seeps a black ichor. The wound has paled the surrounding skin to a sickly sheen, and has turned the veins around it black, trailing towards Leliel's arm and neck.
Demeanor: A passive person who often just goes with the flow. Can be serious, can be talkative, it's just a matter of the company.
You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 5
    • Agility: 17
    • Endurance: 8
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 14
    • Wisdom: 17
    • Perception: 17
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 9
    • Will: 8
    • Luck: 5

Original HP: (8 + 8) = 16

  • Max HP: 16 (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: 16 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): (5 + 17)/2 = 11
Attack (range): (15 + 17)/2 = 16
Defense (phys): (5 + 8)/2 = 6
Defense (dodge): (17 + 17)/2 = 17

-Weapons Live And Breathe: The organization of Angels that Leliel was once a part of used a complex system in order to determine the role a Soldier would play in the battlefield. Every soldier is matched and tied with a series of weapons that are alive. They bond with the user down to the spiritual level and build a relationship with them, accomplishing a number of tasks such as: Ensuring only the user is the only one to use their weapons, ensuring the weapon is perfect for the user, and also ensuring that no matter what the Soldier is perfectly in tune with the weapon. The names of Leliel's weapons are Fallacy, Dawn, and Hubris. Fallacy however was always Leliel's favorite and is the one they are most practiced with. (Advantage only applies to rolls with Fallacy)
-Gaze Into The Abyss…: Leliel was trained as a designated marksman and has found if you stare at something for long enough. The more you notice. The more you study something or an object, the more little ticks you see. The more things that don't make sense after awhile. The more you can use to your advantage.
-Godforsaken: The wound Leliel sustained did a few things to them. Condemned them from ever being able to be taken back, and also instilled a rather annoying side-effect of developing Forsaken attributes. While some are bad, most are rather helpful, such as enhanced reflexes which allows Leliel to often move out of the way of things before they realize they're there.

-Tainted: Before Leliel arrived at Lockwood they were involved in a major battle that resulted in them to be wounded by a Forsaken. While normally this would not be an issue, Leliel then proceeded to fight back, causing the Forsaken to bleed, and infect the wound horribly. As a result the poison that seeps through Leliel is slowly eroding their mind, causing them to often make questionable decisions regarding morals and also putting out the stench of putrifaction which more often then not makes it rather hard to hide.
-Morally Good: Leliel, when they aren't being tainted by their wound anyways, is a real stickler for doing the right thing. This can often make them closed-minded regarding more… illegal ways of doing things.

-Two-way Radio
-White-gold patterned fatigues
-Thin, ornate breastplate
-Fallacy: A long, ornate, sniper rifle that resembles a Dragunov rifle. Most of the material appears to be either made of a metal or has been painted a white-gold color. The stock is wooden, using what appears to be walnut, and along the barrel leading towards the muzzle is gold scrolling. The scope at the top is long and takes up a good half of the rifle, the material matching the rest of the same rifle. The magazine cannot be removed.
-Dawn: A machine pistol that resembles a KARD. Grip has gold scaling, and the rest of the pistol is painted white and has the same gold scrolling.
-Hubris: A re-enforced blade similar to a machete. Made of a material similar to blackened steel. The edge is a bright white.
Soul Reaver: The taint that's seeping into Leliel's soul is doing the same to their weapons. Because of the soul resonance that occurs they absorb the ichor like background radiation and can be called upon to channel a vicious amount of dark energies that when fired, eradicates the souls of those in the way… (If this shot hits a target then the target will receive a PHYS DEF debuff of 4 for 2 turns. Does not apply if the shot misses)
Corrupted: …However if Lelial channels this incorrectly they end up directing all of the energy though themselves, turning into a conduit for chaos and dark energy. Not only do they suffer damage both physical and mental, they're crippled for a long period due to the nature of their soul having to fight to stay in one piece. (4 damage from backfire or following GM discretion)

History: Lelial was born in what best can be described as a Bright Place. They wouldn't be able to tell you much else besides that other then that it was a great place. When they came of age though, they descended from the Bright Place and they were put into place to serve their… something. It wasn't a nation, but it was a place. A place they knew they had to fight for and protect. They were bound to defend against what were called Forsaken, the things that lived underneath the place they lived above. A large ball in the blackness, that was green and blue. Lelial was bound to their weapons and sent to fight before long. Time… passed, to an extent. It was all relative for the Bright Place and the Underneath. Lelial never aged, and they fought against the Forsaken for a long time. Eventually, things began to erode. The Sun that they went around started to dim, but even then the Bright Place was always there. As the Sun kept dimming, the Green And Blue started to burn like it. Maybe to try to make up for the Sun dimming. The Green And Blue became the Orange And Blue, as the people who lived there started destroying each other. The same people that had named them as things like 'Angels' and called The Bright Place 'Heaven'. As they declined, the Forsaken grew, and the Bright Place had to be defended. Lelial was in a tilted battle trying to defend a place on the Orange And Blue, after they were directed to stop the Forsaken that were sprouting up from turning it Black. They were doomed to fail, and those that remained started to retreat upwards into the sky. However, the sky… started to blot out. All the Soldiers that rose, vanished. Lelial kept fighting. And fighting. Until the sky started to blot out, and the Orange And Blue started to shake. All that Lelial remembers was a Forsaken's blood dumping into their wound when they woke up inside Lockwood.

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