Leo Bartholomew

Name: Leo Bartholomew
Player: WetBeard
Description: Caucasian, average height. Young features, messy blonde hair. Features resembling that of one from the British Isles. Wears a bronze colored cowl that has ornate designs. Always has his trusty goggles around his neck and never seen without tools.
Demeanor: Leo can simply be described has chipper, bright, and happy. Although this doesn't mean he lacks a serious or understanding side.
You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 6
    • Agility: 10
    • Endurance: 8
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 16
    • Wisdom: 18
    • Perception: 14
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 10
    • Will: 12
    • Luck: 8

Original HP:

  • Max HP: 20 (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds:

(Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
Water lung damage caused before arrival. -3 HP.

  • Current HP: 17 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 8
Attack (range): 15
Defense (phys): 7
Defense (dodge): 12

- Unconventional Supplies: Leo was never exactly given a funding, or at least not one that wasn't the pennies out of his pocket. He's had to scrounge up leftover materials, acquire what he can, and occasionally make for substitutes. (Buff to rolls for using substitute materials)
- Engineering Extraordinaire: Spending you free time in a district of mechanisms is a wonderful way to learn about said mechanisms. Ever since his childhood his father brought him to his work in the mechanical sector. Said time has paid off as now Leo has used such to start his own work in engineering and inventing.. And he's quite good. (Buff to rolls relating to engineering)
- Part of a bigger plan: Leo has spent more than a fair share of his time studying, observing, and dissembling small mechanical things like watches. He's read his grandfather's old blueprints front and back and this has taught him how to see the smaller things better. (Buff to Perception)

- This is a mess!: Leo was always one for organization, he can't stand disorganization or disorderly things they sort of just break him down a little. (Debuff to Will)
- I can't stomach fire…: Ever since the fire that took his father and nearly himself Leo can hardly perform in even highly heated places. (Debuff to Endurance, will)

-Two-way radio
-Ornate cowl
-Tools! Tools! Tools!
-Tool belt
-Grandfather's Workbench

  • Workbench includes one steam powered tool that can heat up to extreme temperatures and cut through bronze and some other metals. (Not including steel).


  • Blueprints include a simple yet weak lock mechanism, designs for a smaller and home use steam engine, and sketches of the Odyssey Island Expansion.

-Clocks and watches, so many.
-A locked chest that is internally padded, inside is one bottle of explosive nitroglycerin. Chest is always locked and kept under bed.
-Five weighted canisters filled with Helliarcium

Talent: The Great Inventor: Leo is an inventor, he creates new things to benefit himself, and everyone else. He's gifted at brainstorming and understanding how to solve problems, such a gift can only lead to such an inventor. He can make things like no other as long as he has the tools and materials.
Backfire: Sometimes it backfires…: Failure is the pathway to success - But before success there's just failure, and failure kinda sucks. Whether he cannot come up with the right idea or perhaps a prototype goes haywire and messes up is entirely GM discretion.


Before Birth

The world Odyssey is very notable for only having one small island and the rest being a vast, seemingly infinite ocean. The population of course was always limited by this, but it also grew people into quickly learning how to coexist as it was absolutely necessary. Slowly throughout the years the people grew more intelligent: They designed large ships to conquer the nearby infinite seas for food and even started a small government that kept population, livestock, and resources in check. Odyssey was slowly becoming a little utopia.
An invention by The Grand Inventor truly revolutionized the small world: The Steam Engine. Using a natural hot spot in the center of the island and water transported from the cove it was a miracle device. Soon enough the whole island was learning how to use and operate with the powerful form of energy. The power was transported using the sea floor's rich deposits of copper and tin to craft sturdy bronze pipes. Life was slowly becoming even better in Odyssey.

Birth and childhood

Leo was born near the end of the age of Steam, perfectly normal and healthy as a child. Life was becoming routine on Odyssey as The Grand Inventor passed away two generations before Leo's. Leo lived with his father and mother in a small home identical to most others, his father worked in the Mechanical District - The name given to the coast and hot spot area that The Steam Engine was built upon. While his mother was a seamstress and lived at home. Leo found interests in all the things that went tick tock in the world and the things his father brought back. Leo quickly found himself wanting to learn how all these things worked, and how to make his own.
The government however, wanted Leo to be a sailor. The conflict of interests caused Leo to be commonly outcasted. So, on his free time his father would take Leo to the Mechanical District, where Leo could watch and observe all the mechanisms he ever wanted.

A Slice of Fate

Throughout the years Leo was found to be a rather intelligent child on the spectrum, some (Mostly his family) dared to say his intelligence rival'd The Grand Inventor's. One day upon inspecting the pipes that transferred steam power throughout the world of Odyssey he traced one back to his own home, it went inside like most pipes but curiously found it dived into the floor at one point. This intrigued him and sparked his interests, why was steam being delivered below the home? He asked his father who was quick to investigate himself. They removed part of the floor board to revel a staircase to basement which they traveled down. Bringing down a candle they found something legendary, historic, and even a little curious:
The Grand Inventor's Workshop.
It was filled with books and mechanisms, a large board on the wall that was full of sheets and writing, and a papers and blueprints on a designer's bench. Such news was brought to the government, and upon inspection of forms it was reveled that The Grand Inventor was an ancestor of the Bartholomew family. Leo was fascinated and saw this has destiny: To be the next Grand Inventor. He spent more time in the workshop using the plethora of tools and notes to learn…

Fire and flame

Leo however did not spend any less time with his father in the Mechanical District. Everyone lived in bliss has no 'incidents' had ever happened prior.
This, however, would change.
Leo and his father walked on the wooden cat walks towards the cove, conversing about how life was going and about Leo's on future. A roaring explosion tore through the sky, The Steam Engine's pressure had built up and caused for it to explode. Sending flames and burning coal through the air. The old wooden catwalks were easy to burn.
Leo and his father were trapped, surrounded by fire. Leo in panic jumped off the catwalk and into the cove below. However hitting his head on the top of the catwalk's cover causing him to fall unconscious before splashing into the water.
Leo was recovered with severe lung water damage, his father was presumed to be among the many ashes that now filled the cove. To help him cope, his mother made him a bronze colored cowl.

The Grand Inventor's Test

Leo being young was quite resilient to the effects, however do to his injuries the government no longer urged him to pursue sailing. Even more so as they were focused on keeping the peace as Odyssey was without the power it grew so reliant on. Leo wanted to prove himself and stored away in his ancestor's workshop, reading and studying the designs behind The Steam Engine. Before confronting the government and proving his knowledge of the machine they gave him the permission to go with repairing it. Leo took a small work group and within two years The Steam Engine was fully operational again, but the government was not impressed with it. Claiming all he had done was copy the sheets.
Leo was near outraged by this, he found he had to prove himself in a new manner, and he quickly found out how. He would expand Odyssey.
He quickly developed a plan: Use Odyssey's natural pockets of Helliarcium (A gas very similar to helium, however being much, much more lighter). Using leftover materials from the explosion that left bronze plates strewn about Odyssey, he formed weighted canisters, and then using a vacuum method he managed to get the Helliarcium into them. He took these canisters to the government to prove his concept. They gave him permission to carry out the work, but he would not be funded or assisted. Leo quickly grown used to finding substitutes.

The Storm

Leo was hard at work designing a system using the Helliarcium gas, current designs mainly involved using a large balloon under a platform that would keep the platform afloat regardless of all the heavy buildings that would be placed on top of the platform. He was working hard in his ancestor's workshop when he heard the city beginning to cry - A panic was breaking out. He quickly went out to see what it was, sailors had pulled up into the port claiming to have returned after they spotted a massive storm off in the horizon.
Said storm was heading straight for Odyssey.
For the next few days people remained coop'd up in their homes in the calm before the storm. Leo found comfort of having his mother assist him in resting every night. Then, the final day arrived. The seemingly infinite black clouds in the horizon slowly moved towards Odyssey. One could even watch the blankets of rain being poured from them, watching the end from a distance. It was only a short time until it arrived to Odyssey. The storm proving too much - The waters rising above the island and covering it.
Leo would be the only one peacefully sleeping to wake up again, but in Lockwood.

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