Loomee and Ennse, respectively, in their formal wears. (Masks on, of course.)

Name: Loomee and Ennse don't seem to have last names. 'Lumens' is their nickname when talking about them as a duo.
Player: Kade
Description: They can be seen in the picture to the left. When not in the formal garb shown, Lumens wear long sleeved tunics. Loomee's is slightly more formfitting and the shorter of the duo (so as not to impede movement) with grey leggings underneath, while Ennse's tunic is longer, looser, and much more decorative in nature with a white (and equally loose) vest over top. Loomee's tunic is black with white stitching, while Ennse's is grey with black stitching. Neither of them take their masks off around anyone other than the other Lumens.
Demeanor: For two seemingly separate beings, it's how in sync they are in many ways. While this can include doing and saying things in complete synchronicity, this comes out far more often in them seamlessly complementing and compensating for one another's words and actions, such as adding to/finishing each other's sentences without missing a beat, Loomee scanning for clues and hints whiles Ennse reads and looks through the clues already gleaned for very important details that wouldn't be seen with just a cursory glance, etc. In fact, many times it seems as they communicate without even saying a word or looking at the other. It makes an odd sort of sense, then, that they are rarely apart.
This is not to say they don't have unique personalities and feelings distinct from one another, however, as they often speak and act in differing ways even as they act or speak in tandem. Loomee, while friendly and with a sharp eye for anything important or out of the ordinary, is not the most book learned of individuals and is quick to change her mind. Ennse, while very intellectual and steadfast in his thoughts and feelings, can be rather oblivious and unapproachable. It's only when the two are together that they can overcome those traits and act one whole, still-flawed-but-functional unit.
  • Body
    • Strength: 11 (Loomee)
    • Agility: 6
    • Endurance: 15 (Ennse)
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 15 (Ennse)
    • Wisdom: 6
    • Perception: 15 (Loomee)
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 15 (Loomee)
    • Will: 11 (Ennse)
    • Luck: 6

Original HP: 26

  • Max HP: (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 8
Attack (range): 15
Defense (phys):13
Defense (dodge): 10

- Shining in Spotlights: Unlike Ennse, Loomee knows exactly how to turn being the star of the show in her favor. Lumens prefer it that way. (PERS bonus when Loomee is being given more attention than Ennse.)
- Studying in Silence: Ennse, on the contrary, prefers not to be bothered with things such as socializing and being talked to when he's thinking. Lumens do their best to make that happen. (KNO bonus when Ennse isn't being addressed directly, and is instead talking to Loomee in partiular or both Lumens as a whole if they are talking to them at all.)
- Surviving in Synchronicity: However, it's only when both are together that they are most likely to scrape out of a situation alive. Lumens only have each other left, after all. (LUCK bonus when both are awake and nearby one another.)


-Two-way radio

Talent: Still Here- When in a tough situation, Loomee and Ennse can work together to get at least one of their capabilities to a high functioning capacity. (Roll a d1. On 0, one of Loomee's stats is increased by 1.5, with a cap of 20. On 1, one of Ennse's stats is increased by 1.5 with a cap of 20. This only lasts for three rolls of said stat.)
Backfire: Alone all the more- Unable to carry the burden, either Loomee or Ennse passes out, leaving Lumens' functionality at a lower level. (Roll a d1. On 0, all of Loomee's stats are halved and rounded down with Ennse as the only playable one. On a 1, all of Ennse's stats are halved and rounded down, with Loomee as the only playable one. This also effects derived stats, and continues until GMs decide the other Lumens wakes up.)


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