Name: Mariyah al-Nadiyah bint Asif 'Abd al-Bahiyya al-Dimashqiyah
Player: Nemi
Description: Mari looks, more or less, like any other 19-year-old human. Dusky skinned, with smooth black hair, she's a touch over 1.8m tall and weighs maybe 12 stone. (or, for Americans, about 5'10" and about 170 pounds). Skinny-fat, round-faced and flat-chested, Mari's not really physically imposing or impressive in the least, although she has taken to actually standing up straight of late. Her motions are a little too smooth and she doesn't quite match her stride to her actual movement, but perhaps the biggest clue to her actual origin are her dimly-glowing orange eyes. They can flare up in intensity and brightness when she is excited, and similarly, serpentine swirling designs across her skin may glow that same orange. Mari has a soft, slightly scratchy voice and a midlander English accent.
Demeanor: Mariyah is an even-tempered, good-natured person with social anxiety. Well meaning and inwardly sunny, Mari can sometimes get very excited about one thing or another, a trait that's let her weather the apocalypse remarkably well given that the Lockwood Hotel is a space with plenty to get excited about.

  • Body
    • Strength: 10
    • Agility: 10
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 15
    • Wisdom: 15
    • Perception: 10
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 10
    • Will: 15
    • Luck: 5

Original HP: 25

  • Max HP: (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 10
Attack (range): 12
Defense (phys): 10
Defense (dodge): 10

- University Student: Knowledge. Mari went to university. Or well, at least one year. She's got a whole smattering of general academic skills, the most important being knowing how to study and how to find what she needs. Academics when research materials are available and time is available for study.
- Gotten Through Worse: Will. Mari might be gloomy, but there's not really much worse out there than what already has gone through her head. It's hard to make her give up or panic, and she excels in crisis situations. Will against fear and panic.
- Out of this World: Agility. Mari is from a world parallel to that of humans, and so she's not entirely bound by human rules. She can be quite difficult to notice or bizarrely quick and flexible as need be. Stealth amongst crowds and acrobatics when traveling through difficult terrain.

- Noncombatant: Mari's a civilian who never grew up with all that much hardship. She really has no place anywhere near a battlefield, has never seen a gun in-person, and her only experience with knives is cutting vegetables. Disadvantage with Melee or Ranged attacks.
- Not Quite Here: Being of smokeless fire, Mari's not very robust in the world of solidity. Physical injury can do a lot more to her than it would a native. Disadvantage against physical damage.

Mari was fortunate enough to have been carrying her university carry-all when the apocalypse hit. That doesn't mean she has a lot, but it does mean that some very precious things are with her.
-Two-way radio
- Clothes!
- Bottle with ~18 Days of Anti-Depressants
- 2 Bottles with ~24 Days of Other Daily Pharmaceuticals
- Smartphone with charger
- Laptop with charger
- Sociology textbook
- Programming textbook
- Art History textbook
- 3 notebooks
- 3 pens, 2 mechanical pencils (with 1 lead canister), an eraser, a metal ruler, a protractor, and a bottle of white-out
- Keyring (Shaped like a cat, with house key, dorm key, car key)
- Wallet with 4 English pounds, 24 pence, student ID, driver's license, Red Cross CPR certification card (out of date), 1 debit card, 2 Target gift cards (with 8 pounds 47 pence on one, and 31 pence on the other), a McDonald's receipt, health insurance card, an old library card (still in the name of Zakaria), a Greggs' loyalty card, and a pharmacy loyalty card.
- Tiny stuffed toy cat (shut up)
- Big scissors
- Folders of homework and syllabuses and lecture notes and other defunct crap
- Yarp's "Phone"
- Candy Knight Plushie

Pity so much of it is useless.

Talent: Jinni: Jinn have been (rightly) ascribed certain peculiar supernatural abilities when in the human world. The ability to conjure and manipulate fire, the ability to turn invisible or incorporeal, to possess or transform into earthly creatures, to travel great distances at extreme speeds, and even to grant wishes are all capabilities supposedly held by jinn. Mari hasn't really had the opportunity to try any of this.
What she CAN do, at least right now, is disperse into invisible and incorporeal form, or to change her shape into a human or animal or object. Maybe she can do the rest. Who knows!
Backfire: I Have No Idea What I'm Doing: Mari is hardly the epic jinni of the ancient stories. If her power use backfires, then she gains disadvantage on her next Talent attempt- she rolls two 1d4s and takes the worse of the two. She really, really needs to figure out what she's doing.

History: In myth, the jinn were free-willed creations of Allah, formed of smokeless fire and given the breath of life to contrast the also free-willed humans, whom were formed of mud and clay. It was often believed that the jinn, whom dwelled in a world parallel to that of man, were akin to demons: wicked supernatural beings that could possess or bedevil unwary humans.

When jinn leaders learned of this, they were rather cross, and diplomacy between the jinn and mankind became somewhat tense. But with so many parallels and little competition for space, eventually jinn and men were considered, if not equals, at least close enough that it didn't matter all too much. Step forward about a thousand years and we see jinn cities the equal of humans'. Earth has its Cairo, its Tokyo, its London and New York, whereas their Earth has more or less the same. There's some travel between the two, some minor wars and the like. Nothing too serious.

Mariyah al-Nadiyah, born Zakaria al-Nadiya on March 13th, 1997 in Damascus, was a fairly ordinary jinni. Bland home life, family moved to Birmingham, England, to get out of Syria come the Damascus Spring, parents were educated enough to get decent enough jobs in civil service… Stable home life, relatively easy integration into Western culture, Mariyah should have had a much better time growing up. Unfortunately, she had a far harder time with things amidst a particularly English tendency toward exclusion of non-whites. Internalization of childhood troubles meant Mariyah blamed herself, and a serious of unfortunate incidents would have ruined her were her parents less on-the-ball. Mari ended up graduating from secondary school with a hefty scholarship and an acceptance letter to Durham University, partly by virtue of intelligence and diligence and partly thanks to an abject lack of social life.

University was meant to be her time for rebirth, a chance to figure out who she was, get her life started properly, and generally get things on track. Sadly, halfway through her first year the world ended.

Miscellaneous: Knows English and Arabic.

Is, in fact, a Muslim.

Got a lucky rabbit's foot, giving her +10 to Luck.

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