Miles Tennen

Name: Miles Tennen
Description: A man. That's about as best can be described with Miles. His actual appearance is very hard to actually define, because of the fact anyone who sees him only sees a blur of a man that's a bit forgettable as a result. He looks fuzzy, like a bad photograph. Said blurry person looks like it's Caucasian, with darkerish brown hair, and a broader build. He more often then not wears suits and such with a hat.
Demeanor: Amiable all around.
You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 15
    • Agility: 15
    • Endurance: 8
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 9
    • Wisdom: 9
    • Perception: 5
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 15
    • Will: 7
    • Luck: 17

Original HP:

  • Max HP: 20 (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: 20 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 15
Attack (range): 10
Defense (phys): 10
Defense (dodge): 10

-Just A Blur: Miles has the rather odd predicament of being from a place where no one was unique outwardly. Everyone was a blur to the others, and forgettable. Life moved on as it did, and it was an otherwise normal world, but in these parts where everything already has a shape, it makes him easy to forget about. Advantage on VISUAL Sneak rolls
-Luck Smiles On The Faceless: Miles also has the very odd fate of being someone that's often smiled upon. It's hard to really pinpoint why or how, but even in the dull world that he lived in, the best of things always happened to him. He would find loose change on the ground and when he bent down to pick it up a dollar would be blown past him, he would always arrive just in time to cross the street, his keys would be where they were supposed to be. Always just a lucky one. Advantage on Luck rolls
-One-Two! Miles' day job was mainly that of a tax broker between companies, but whenever he had time he always went down to the gym to box. He loved it, always was a good way to blow off steam and to learn how to defend oneself. Advantage on UNARMED melee rolls

-My Back Ain't How It Used To Be: When Miles was a younger man he was a fairly fit man. But as the years went by he found it harder and harder to stay in shape, until one day he hurt his back trying to lift too a dumbbell the wrong way. His back hasn't been the same since. Disadvantage on LIFTING STR rolls
-Times Have Changed: Also when Miles was younger, things were less technologically advanced. There weren't these computers and such around, there were locked safes and file cabinets. Disadvantage on TECHNOLOGY knowledge rolls

-Two-way radio
-The clothes on his back
-Pack of gum
-Hat on his head

Fortune Favors The Bold…: Miles in retrospect is less coincidentally lucky, and more forced lucky. Luck can't not follow him around, and he doesn't realize this many a time because of how subtle it normally is. It can't be away from him, and whenever he's trying to do something daring it tries to help him. Call it what you will, him being a probability bender, him having a guardian angel, him just being smiled upon by the gods. It will still save him and others, often in ways no one can expect. Can only be triggered during a dire event, something that if it fails will either result in serious harm of himself or another, or something along similar lines depending on GM discretion. If the roll for this is successful it effectively will negate the situation that is causing the drastic situation, in a way that can be assumed as just being pure luck. If Miles and his team are about to be bashed to pieces by a goliath's club, the club will coincidentally just fail as it begins to come down, cracking and bashing the goliath's head. If Miles and his team are about to come under fire from a group of colonial soldiers, a spark from their muskets will just luckily fall into one of their powderhorns. It always has to be luck based.
…But It Frowns Upon The Meek: However, sometimes good fortune goes too far. What his luck tries to do, only ends up making things worse. His god will smile so much it'll start to bleed, his guardian angel strikes down too hard. Take your pick. If the roll fails, the luck will proceed to be so great it hinders. Most usually in a way that harms Miles more then anything else. The goliath's club will snap, but then crash into the ground it causes a rock to start tumbling towards the team. The colonial soldier's powderhorn goes up in flames, but causes a massive forest fire all around the team. Take your pick.

History: Miles is from a version of Earth where everything was bland. Bland bland bland. Nothing was really unique, not the people, not the world, it was all just there. And it was all the people who lived in it dealt with. Miles himself was raised in this world not knowing much else. He lived a typical life, he was raised through kindergarten into high school. He was an athlete, played football, went to college to study business. He never really thought much about the odd world around him, because no one did. It was the norm. He himself though, was more then a bit unique. He was always lucky, just a smidge more then everyone else. In school he would always score just on the brink in classes to have the next letter grade up, in athletics he would always gain just a little more traction with each step to run faster. He didn't think too much of it for the longest time, that is until he was nearly in a fatal car accident, but was saved by the fact the person who hit him had veered minutely to the right at the very last possible moment, causing his car to skid sideways into the sidewalk of the street he was in, instead of right into the middle of an intersection. At that point in his life he figured one thing. He was really good at not dying. That is, until the world ended all around him and he woke up in Lockwood. But, does this show how unlucky he is?

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