Montera Sou'wester
Doodle of Montera as the happiest person in the hotel.

Basic Info

Name: Montera Sou'wester
Player: Kade

Description: Montera's physical traits change often enough (even if they're always quite humanoid, keep around the same height, and the change is so slow it's barely noticed if a person is hanging out with them) that it's much easier to discern them by the loads and loads of hats they always have on their person such as in their pockets or tucked under their belt- only a fraction of them on their head.

Demeanor: Montera is a calm and rational individual, polite and open to socializing if not directly seeking it out. The only exception to this is hats. They seem to collects hats whether they mean to or not. Not only that, but hats make them disproportionately happy compared to anything else. This is, however, a compulsion they can't control even if they wanted to that subsumes everything else, even food, social contact, or other basic human needs if it comes down to it.


  • Body:
    • Strength: 8
    • Agility: 10
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind:
    • Knowledge: 10
    • Wisdom: 12
    • Perception: 14
  • Soul:
    • Charisma: 10
    • Will: 6
    • Luck: 20

Derived Stats

These stats are special and are created at character creation. They are derived from the above nine stats, each being a combination of two of them.

  • HP (10 + 6): 16
    • Max HP: 16
      • Major Damage:
  • Attack
    • Melee ((8+10)/2): 9
    • Ranged ((10+14)/2): 12
  • Defense
    • Physical ((8+10)/2): 9
    • Dodge ((10+14)/2): 12


  • My Lucky Hat(s): Montera has a… thing. It's hard for them to explain logically. But them gaining a new hat tends to have a direct correlation with something really, really good or helpful occurring.
  • Sight Clear of New Hats: As long as they have all the hats in the vicinity, they are calm and able to perceive things that much better.
  • Pretty Much Tailoring: You want a stupid amount of knowledge about cloth, clothing, and accessories?! Monty is the person to go to!


  • IS THAT A NEW HAT: If there /are/ hats that aren't theirs in the area, they get tunnel vision about getting the hat and their perception of everything else gets that much worse.
  • Rip Hat: The best way to lower Monty's will? Take their hats or destroy them.


  • Nine hats of varying styles.
  • 100 mini-hats of varying styles!
  • One beret.
  • A pointed hat with a feather.
  • A grey flat cap.
  • A white wide-brimmed sun hat.
  • A small silk top hat.
  • The hat from this picture.
  • A dapper top hat.
  • Two nice bowler hats!
  • This hat, too.
  • A silver diadem, made to look like intertwining seaweed with shells strung in.
  • A gas mask.
  • Plushies of all the things encountered in Hatland!
  • Even MORE plushies!!
  • A Key to the Kingdom of Hatland (IE: awesome multitool which includes in the two tips: knives, screwdrivers, nailclippers, pepper spray, emergency survival kit, and a candy cane)
  • A Phillips head screwdriver that can work with any sort of screw, no matter if it's Phillips or not.
  • A crowbar.
  • A stick with a shadowstone on the end, pretty useless for Monty.
  • A bucket.
  • Many spools of very thin, fine wire.
  • A weaving machine capable of weaving together thin, fine wire.
  • A phone book. Only a few of the pages are filled. There's a number for reception, mail, lost and found, pool, dining, kitchen, room service, cleaning, rooftop restaurant called the Terrace, maintenance, and lots of empty pages.


  • The Hats We Wear: Monty magically steal hats, then when they wear them they can access the memories, information, and knowledge of how to do things that the person had when they wore the hat.


  • The Hat Wears Me: Should it backfire, Monty gets temporary amnesia when they put on the hat, making them essentially useless and prone to doing stupid stuff that might ruin any plan that the group has.


In one universe, there was a planet. It was quite a lot like Earth, with beings quite similar to humans. There was, however, two big differences:

Firstly, the appearances of these people were always changing, slowly but surely. This meant that their identities was not based on their physical forms.

Secondly, what their identities were based on the hats each and every single one of them wore. Everyone had their own hat, their own identity, each and every hat unique and distinctive and purely that person's. It was considered a huge sign of trust for one person to let another wear their hat, because this would allow that person into their thoughts, feelings, memories, all the things that make an individual themselves. And while, as with all sentient races, there were problems, most of them were rather small in nature, making for a planet that was, altogether, rather happy and content.

That is, until, the universe started to end.

More and more of the life on their planet started to die off, including the humanoid beings themselves. More and more of them started to die off, leaving only their hats. Even then, the hats only lasted so long before they were torn apart or lost. One of them (un)lucky enough to survive was Montera. As Monty's friends and loved ones died off, the only things left of their identities- the hats- were found less and less. Monty started trying to hoard them, to try to at least keep some of part of them alive.

The more people died off, the more alone they became, and the more they tied themselves to the incorrect belief that they could bring people back through their hats. Collecting hats became that much more important, if only to try to bring them back at some later point in time.

It was only as they were on the brink of starvation, the universe close to ending, that they were able to come to terms with the fact that their plan was illogical and futile…

And then they woke up in Lockwood.


  • Monty is 96 folds old. One ruffle = one second. A wrinkle is 100 ruffles. A layer is made up of 54 wrinkles, and a pleat is made up of 16 layers. Three pleats, then, make up a petticoat. And about 32 petticoats make up a fold. So, basically, Monty is 26. :V
  • Ensoft Hapla, along with being the planet of hats, was also the planet of softcore druggies. Specifically, there was one the general population did once a month at most that promoted connection to the Tapestry of the Past (which their religion focused around) and also social harmony. Spiritual Weavers (essentially priests/oracles) and Thimbles (sacred, religious prostitutes/therapists) took it far more often, though.
  • Sexuality was actually a big part of their culture, along with polyamory. That's not to say everyone was sexually active, though. It just wasn't shamed or hidden away.
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