Olivia Wolfe

Name: Olivia Wolfe
Player: Balthazaar
Description: Olivia is a rather pretty young woman, standing at 5'8" and 24 years old. She is very pale, with thick brown wavy hair to the middle of her back. She has a good figure, and a delicate face, with large, narrow brown eyes and pronounced cheekbones. She tends to wear old fashioned clothes, favoring warmer attire.
Demeanor: Olivia is a very driven girl, being quick to jump in and defend the helpless, and take down those she sees as abusing their positions. she likes to laugh and dance, and is fond of animals, though she is also a little bit of a thief. Can be very professional and good at putting up a facade.

You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 5
    • Agility: 15 5+10
    • Endurance: 15 5+10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 9 5+4
    • Wisdom: 13 5+8
    • Perception: 8 5+3
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 15 5+10
    • Will: 15 5+10
    • Luck: 5

Original HP:

  • Max HP: 30 (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: 30 (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 10
Attack (range): 8
Defense (phys): 10
Defense (dodge): 12

- Heroics:Being a freedom fighter means pulling a lot of crazy stunts that probably shouldn't work to make up for your lack of numbers. As such, Olivia has had to get pretty good at improbable actions in a fight, unlikely escapes, and making a sacrifice to allow her friends and comrades a chance at escape.
- Undercover Survival: Being a captured freedom fighter trying to relay information to the outside involves a lot of sucking up and doing what your captors want, but a lot of snooping and spying. Olivia's had experience with that, and can be very manipulative towards those unfriendly to her, and subtle in her actions, especially when being watched.
- Doesn't Hurt To look like this: Olivia is strikingly pretty, and she knows how to use that against the enemy. She's more than happy to chat people up, seduce them, use her looks to get into places and whatever else she wants.

- Help Help I'm Being Oppressed: Olivia is from a world ravaged by war and under the thumb of the fourth Reich. As such, she has gone without healthcare her entire life, living in the cold and the wet. This has left her vulnerable to illness. (Disadvantage to health when there is a chance of infection or illness of any kind)
- Conditioned: After her time as a prisoner of the fourth reich, Olivia found herself obeying orders from people who seem to be in a position of power, if only to avoid another beating. (Disadvantage to will when faced with authority)

-Two-way radio
-Heavy bolter rifle
-heavy pistol
-combat knife

Talent: An Ice Person: Olivia was exposed to Element 115 in the womb when the Dandenong Versuchsanlage experienced a catastrophic explosion, showering the neighboring settlements with the experimental element. As such, Olivia developed the strange abilities most do when exposed to 115 in the womb. She can generate and manipulate ice and water.
Backfire: When these powers go wrong, they go /badly/ wrong. When failing to use her power, her core temperature drops and she can go into shock, develop frostbite, pneumonia, or even drown in water generated in her own lungs.

In October of 1990, The Dandenong 115 Versuchsanlage underwent a catastrophic meltdown, releasing toxic vapor all over the entire state of Siegeria (Formerly Victoria, Australia), a detail that Jack and Liz Wolfe thought little of in their Gippsland home, some 20km's from the city of Kohlebergwerk Stadt. However, upon the birth of their daughter on February 19th, 1991, they were informed of the repurcussions this would have on their family. Little baby Olivia had been exposed to Element 115 in utero, and as a result was to be classified a mutant. Taking this blow on the chin, they raised Olivia until she was three, at which point they sheltered a young couple for a weekend. all seemed well until a month later the SS knocked on their door and took Olivias parents away for questioning and re-education. Olivia fell into the hands of the Kinderbetreuung, and was placed in Frau Gottermuns home for wayward girls. There she lived until she was 12, recieving no formal education outside of how to work on the weapons assembly line to be sent to the wehrmacht.
However, it was Olivias luck that eventually, one couple wasn't bothered by her mutant status. Till and Karlie Lindemann, a young couple, with Till being former wehrmacht, adopted Olivia, taking her to their home in south Gippsland. They lived in a nice home, and taught her to read and write, and the trio were a happy family. They were also strongly resisting the German occupation. Her new parents would leave most nights to sabotage and fight the Germans, and when she turned 16, Olivia joined them. She started small, and over the years progressed to more and more important runs and missions, eventually being brought to their elaborate hideout in the ruins of the old coal mines from the previous century. At the age of 19, she became a member of the Z-force, running out into the night and doing the most dangerous missions they had, albeit as an apprentice. Eventually, she developed a crush on Jack Forester, the leader of their infiltration force. As it had it, the feeling was mutual, and the pair ended up a couple.
But it wasn't to last. On one of her runs with Z-Force, Olivia, her commander Dean-o, and star agent Greg were pinned down in a firefight in a port town. Knowing they wanted to capture and interrogate the senior agents, Olivia threw herself at the Germans for capture, buying her squad mates the chance to escape.
Olivia was questioned, but had no vital information to give. After a time, it was decided that she be given to the staff of Fort Outtram as labor. Upon arrival, she was set to work in the kitchens, where she started listening for secrets, but was eventually sent to the manor built on one of the surrounding hills to serve Oberst Jaeger Burgstaller, the commander of the state. There she was violently trained as a maid, and commanded to do whatever she was told by the staff. She weathered this with discomfort, but knew others had it worse, until an officer by the name of Herrick Bieber took an interest in her, at which point her life became much harder. It was only when she was assigned to a new guest of the house that she had any relief, due to this guest being Jack Forrester, infiltrating the Manor to try extract her. On his return visits, he would ask for her, and the pair developed a plan. He would arrange for her to care for his dog in the kennels, at which time she would be met by the extraction team who would take them all away.
It was a months waiting, but eventually the plan was set in motion… Until Herrick discovered them. The fight was brutal, and left Jack missing an eye, and Herrick with a caved in chest. Olivia was saved and taken to the forest outpost. she was there for all of three days before she saw the great worms destroy her world forever.
And then she found Lockwood.

Hails from a world where a fourth Reich has overtaken the world.

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