Name: Oran
Player: DrSavage
Description: Always clad in a different outfit and a mask, Oran's appearance changes constantly. A full face mask of a different sort and usually another cover for his head as well is usually seen, though at times his shaved-bald head with its multitude of scarred and burned flesh can be seen as well, though it looks hardy and strong, not fresh and vulnerable. Beneath his outfits, his eyes are a crystalline blue with a dark sclera. The rest of his body is similarly burned. It is thought that the face beneath looks to be skull-like in appearance.
Demeanor: Oran's mood and personality vary nearly as much as his outfits, quiet and thoughtful at times and boisterous during others. The only constant seems the adamant and staunch refusal to remove his mask, though he does abide requests to remove his gloves.
You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 7
    • Agility: 11
    • Endurance: 7
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 15
    • Wisdom: 15
    • Perception: 15
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 10
    • Will: 9
    • Luck: 11

Original HP: 16

  • Max HP: 16
    • Major Wounds: 0
  • Current HP: 16

Attack (melee): 9
Attack (range): 15
Defense (phys): 7
Defense (dodge): 13

- Knife to Meet You! Oran is a master of knives in combat, both in melee and especially ranged battles. There aren't many that can match his skill. (Bonus to Melee and Ranged when using knives)
- We All Wear Them. Having been clad in his masks a rather long time, Oran is extraordinarily comfortable talking to and persuading people while wearing it. As such he is much more charismatic when clad in his masks. (Bonus to social interactions when masked)
- They're Everywhere. Having worked with both people and fabric has helped Oran in more than one way. He is able to read patterns and anticipate patterns in his crafting and interactions with others. (bonus to dodging and crafting)

- You Like Them Too? Oran is easily distracted and can get rather absorbed if he is around fanciful masks or costumes. (Affects Soul rolls made when in areas or opponents with costumes and fabrics)
- Hellfire. Related to his somewhat mysterious past, Oran does not deal well with large, open, uncontrolled flames, a forge, lighter or fireplace are controlled, a burning floor, tree or curtain is uncontrolled. (Affects perception rolls)

-Two-way radio
-Crafting tools (for various, numerous materials, including but not limited to porcelain, metal, wood, cloth…)
-Various Masks
-Knives (Ranged)
-Knives (Melee)
- Gloves (Various materials)
-Various costumes and clothing

Talent: Becoming The Mask. Oran can don the pure white, blank mask that he carries with him at all times. Calling it the Phantom, the mask transforms and changes to whatever the situation may call for, per GM discretion. The mask will transform and affect Oran, helping him through whatever the situation may be. An example being a hazmat suit in a dangerous environment, an opaque space suit in zero-g/space, or a scuba suit in water.
Backfire: I Am The Mask. Oran will become lost in the identity, or lose his identity all together in the Phantom, subject to whatever it is become at the time for a short while.

History: A world where identity was everything. A world where one's face held the entire life, nay, the entire identity one could have. This was the world that the being calling himself Oran came from. Living his life as an expert craftsman of many a material including wood, porcelain, and more, Oran earned a fair amount of wealth in his world. However, due to an accident that Oran has refused to speak of, his body was warped and ruined by flames and debris, the piece most important to his world, his face, scarred and burned beyond what many thought possible. As a result, his status, his identity, and much of his wealth was lost. Having nowhere else to turn, Oran began crafting masks and costumes, selling them to the underground world where people wished to hide themselves, something his world frowned upon but would give some tolerance to. Increasingly enraged by his abandonment, he began to become a rogue, thieving and threatening those who dared to delve into who he was before. In the middle of one of his greatest heists, an artifact was activated that had been long thought dead…and he woke up in the Hotel. There one instant and here another. Or so he says.

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