Quintan, The Last Watchman

Name: Quintan, The Last Watchman ("Quintan" or "Q" are acceptable)
Player: TeslaTornado
Description: Tall, gaunt, and pale-skinned, Quintan is a haunted-looking man with a lined, sallow face. Sharp amber-yellow eyes peer out from deeply-recessed sockets presided over by a high forehead and thin, sharply-sloped brows, placing his expression in a permanent half-scowl. He is narrow-shouldered and long-armed, his spidery fingers constantly working themselves over or occupying themselves with any of the numerous trinkets and bangles that cover his person. He walks in a perpetual slump, his eyes trained on his feet, always looking as though deep in - or perhaps lost in - thought.
Demeanor: A strait-laced, stiff-lipped and stoic man bound in the traditions of Cambrian society, despite the fact that "Cambrian society" is little more than a ghost of a memory being carried forward by its last constituent (Quintan himself). Droll and humourless save for the occasional snarky quip, Quintan is slow to embrace new mannerisms and cultures, despite an innate curiosity driving him to learn more about the world around him (albeit from an incredibly privileged, superior perspective). A mild egotist and major perfectionist with a moderate God complex.

You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 5+7 = 12 (7)
    • Agility: 5+4 =9 (11)
    • Endurance: 5+5 = 10 (16)
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 5+15 = 20 (31)
    • Wisdom: 5+12 = 18 (43)
    • Perception: 5+10 = 15 (53)
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 5+2 = 7 (55)
    • Luck: 5

Original HP:

  • Max HP: 17
    • Major Wounds: "I have all of my limbs in place. The Lord willing, I'll keep them that way."
  • Current HP: 17

Attack (melee): 6
Attack (range): 17
Defense (phys): 8
Defense (dodge): 12

- Watchman's Guide, Ch. 8, V. II: "A Watchman's primary duty is the Execution and Enforcement of Cambrian Law; verily, in order to perform his Most Solemn Duty in the most effective manner possible, a Watchman must be well-versed in the Legal Statutes of both the Empire and his Elected Province, in All its Forms and Permutations, lest he be found Remiss and be Removed From His Appointment." (Knowledge - Legal, specifically Imperial Cambrian and Cambrian Provincial, with an increased comprehension of other legal systems analogous to Cambrian statutes - early 20th Century English, American, etc. etc.)
- Watchman's Guide, Ch. 21, V. XII: "A Watchman is to bear in mind at all times that he is the Primary Executor of the Magister's Will in the Provinces, and that he must bear himself up and hold himself with all necessary Grace and Authority, especially when dealing with Elements of Provincial Life that would be deemed Unsavoury or Criminal by Citizens of the Empire." (Charisma - Intimidate checks against criminals, people of poor moral character, or those caught in acts of wrongdoing.)
- Watchman's Guide, Ch. 4, V. IX: "The Pursuit of Justice and Security is considered by most to be a Metaphysical one, to be pondered aimlessly by Philosophers and Academics; the Watchman must have a Firm and Implacable Grasp on how literal this phrase can be, and must be in Acceptable Physical Condition and ready to Pursue and Detain the Unjust at a Moment's Notice, as though he were a Hound of the Abyss itself." (Agility, when in pursuit of a declared target, fleeing criminal, or suspicious individual.)

- Watchman's Guide, Ch. 82, V. XVIX: "The Chains of Rank are a burden, and are not to be trifled with. Fraternization with Provincials and Common Citizens of the Empire beyond the Execution of the Law are severely looked down upon, and considered grounds for Summary and Immediate Discharge from Tower." (Charisma: Severe penalty in daily interactions and/or interactions not directly linked to accomplishing a mission goal.)
- Watchman's Guide, Ch. 49, V. IX: "The Watchman's standard-issue equipment is of the Highest Quality in the Empire; as such, Employment of Inferior Equipment in the Pursuit of a Watchman's Duty is Grounds for Summary and Immediate Discharge. The Magister's Light is a Superior Tool and is More Than Sufficient for any Watchman's needs." (Attack (Ranged/Melee): Severe penalty to all rolls not involving the Magister's Light or Quintan's truncheon.)


  • Flashlight (Tossed dismissively into a corner of Quintan's room)
  • Two-way radio (Tossed dismissively into a different corner of Quintan's room)
  • Watchman's Uniform
    • Overcoat (Double-breasted Loden wool overcoat with affixed cape and stand-and-fall collar, knee-length, with integrated hooks for duty belt and slits for accessing inner tunic pockets; brown w/ red piping, brass buttons.)
    • Tunic (Single-breasted serge wool tunic with two button-flap hip pockets and two inner breast pockets, additional integrated hooks for duty belt; brown w/ red piping, brass buttons.)
    • Shirt (Button-down long-sleeved cotton formal shirt with mandarin collar and cufflinks; white, horn buttons.)
    • Trousers (Loden wool fall-front trousers, interior buttons for affixing suspenders; brown w/ red piping, horn buttons.)
    • Boots (Mid-calf height leather cavalry boots, small fastener at the top of the neck for adjusting fit to calf, heel and toe irons, hobnailed; black.)
    • Suspenders (Leather suspenders.)
    • Duty cap (Loden wool overseas-style cap worn for formal/ceremonial purposes; brown with red piping.)
    • Hat (Brown felt wool bolero-style hat, 3 1/2" stiff brim, brown grosgrain ribbon.)
  • Duty Belt
    • A heavy, brown leather belt with a bronze-alloy buckle embossed with the symbol of Tower (naturally, a tower). Eyelets are interspersed along its length, reinforced with brass grommets, with the intended purpose of hanging utility pouches, equipment, and sundry other items from them. Presently, the belt is occupied by two hip-pouches, one copy of the Watchman's Guide in a waterproof leather butt-pouch, one leather truncheon holster (to the immediate left of the buckle), and a bracket for the Magister's Light (to the immediate right of the buckle), where it is stowed whenever it isn't directly at hand. In a pinch, can be used as a pretty gnarly knuckle-duster.
  • Truncheon
    • Oiled oak truncheon, approximately 15" in length, with brass-alloy studs and a cord-wrapped handle. Hurts like a bitch to get hit with.
  • The Magister's Light
    • For all appearances, a heavily-ornamented brass bullseye lantern with a rear-mounted handle and small reservoir of… Something hanging between the two apparati. It is almost completely mundane, save for the fact that it always glows with a comforting amber light, and apparently never requires fuel or ignition.
  • "A Guide To The Duties, Regulations, And Strictures To Which All Watchmen Must Adhere, Eighth Edition, Anthologised"
    • A small leatherbound text with vellum pages, graced with text so small as to be almost indecipherable without the use of a magnifying glass. Comes with its own handy carrying pouch.
  • "Laws of the Cambrian Empire and All of its Provinces, Twenty-Seventh Edition, Annotated"
    • Contrasting this is a huge volume, easily fifteen hundred pages in length, containing every law, statute, codicil and regulation ever put into practice in the Cambrian Empire, from its foundation to the present day. Naturally, Quintan protects this with his life.

Talent: Treatise on the Employment of The Magister's Light

  • "The Magister's Light is potentially one of the most powerful tools in the Arsenal of a Watchman; indeed, it is the only One that will often be necessary in the Execution of His Office. It is a Lantern, crafted as both a Symbol of Rank and a Deadly Weapon only to be used in Times of Great Personal Crisis or when the Lives of Innocents are At Risk, capable of casting a Great Burst of Just Flame upon the Watchman's chosen target, inflicting damage upon the target that is almost assuredly Lethal without protective garments.
    • The Magister's Light is an odd device; a piece caught somewhere between a bull's-eye lantern and Bloodborne's "Rosmarinus," fueled by a single thaumaturgical core. Normally only used as a light source, the Magister's Light is also capable of unleashing pure, unadulterated fuck-you in the form of a cone of flame extending several feet away from the lens, inflicting (obviously) severe burn damage on the target if they are not correctly projected. Activating the Magister's Light requires a successful Talent check, followed by a Ranged check to ensure that the maximum amount of burniness is successfully placed on target. (Mechanics: Adds +2 damage to every Ranged Attack roll made using the Magister's Light; ATK - DEF + 2 = Damage)

Backfire: "Treatise on the Employment of the Magister's Light (cont.)"

  • "… Henceforth, the Magister's Light shall only be used as a Lethal Weapon; to be treated with the Respect and Gravity that the intended Purpose of such a tool merits; and shall not be used for Acts of Foolishness or Revelry, including but not limited to: Passing Oneself As A Deity to Uneducated Provincials, the Pacification of Innocent Arachnids in Tower Washrooms, and the Lighting of Any Type of Smoking Paraphernalia."
    • Despite being designed with the ability to vent a large gout of flame from its lens at any given point in time, with the right provocation, the Magister's Light is still - like any good incendiary weapon - hilariously unstable. And, when used irresponsibly or without proper precautions, it will, occasionally, violently explode, coating everything in its vicinity with magically-summoned fire. This is considered Bad For One's Health, and also damages teammates in addition to Quintan himself and anything else in the vicinity. (Mechanics: Damage calculation is ATK - DEF - 1 = Damage.)

Histories are for those with no more pressing occupations than to pontificate and wax nostalgic for things that are well beyond their grasp. I suppose I fall into that category, now that my station is… Unable to be maintained.

I was born humbly, and did little of import for the majority of my life; my adolescence was unmarked by any ill will on the part of my family or colleagues, I was academically inclined and also something of a dab hand in foot-races and pugilism. I had, from an early age, been interested in opening a legal practice, and had initially intended to specialize in Cambrian criminal justice. With the rise of the Eighteenth Magister's Cabinet and the institution of the Tower as the primary legal authority throughout the Cambrian Empire; however, I found my life was about to make a sudden and abrupt alteration in trajectory.

The Tower sought me out shortly after my graduation from university (if it could be called that, considering how short my stay there was). I was inducted as a junior Watchman at roughly nineteen, and completed entry training at twenty-three years. I was assigned to what was to be my first and final posting, the Ninth Tower of Province Four Hundred and Eighty-Three, twelve years and seven months ago, approximately - this is, of course, assuming that time in Lockwood passes at approximately the same rate as it does, or did, in Cambria. During that time I prevailed over a large number of disputes regarding territorial claims, matters of adultery and sexual deviance, physical altercations, various murders, and several other rather mundane occurrences, with the assistance of the eight other Watchmen posted in my Province. It was a fulfilling life, if rather droll and repetitive at times.

The End crept upon us slowly. Reports of inactivity from other Towers in other Provinces had begun trickling in at a very slow rate beginning very near the beginning of my term as a fully-fledged Watchman; though these were not uncommon things - occasionally, very occasionally, a dispute in a new Province would result in an uprising, and although a Watchman is powerful and rarely something to be trifled with, and the full might of the Empire stands behind him, they will inevitably fall given the advantage of simple numbers. And the silent Towers were in districts known for their states of political turmoil. We thought very little of it. And then…

And then Towers began going silent much closer to us, and at a much higher rate. We began querying the Central Tower for advice in proceeding, and the resultant response was usually something along the lines of, "The situation is well in hand. Continue performing your duties, Watchmen."

When Tower Eight went silent, the response remained the same. Tower Six, the same.

When Tower Nine was all that remained, my jurisdiction was roughly the entirety of Province Four Hundred and Eighty-Three. I became overstretched, often working several days without rest to cover the relatively large geographic expanse that was the Province. My contact with Central was limited, as was my ability to inquire as to the state of my brother Towers. As a result, I initially took the silence of Central Tower to be a simple oversight.

And that thought continued until the final month of my posting, after having heard nothing beyond the borders of my Province for three months.

And on the final day of that month, I awakened here.

Now, is there something else you needed?

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