Relyt Idgaf

Name: Relyt Idgaf
Player: Kade
Description: Human, with a face, hair, ears, nose, mouth, and eyes, and all other normal traits. :|
Demeanor: (How they act) Rel is a rather childish guy. He gets excited rather easily over weird things and sometimes asks things most adults wouldn't think to. Along with that, he's rather socially awkward and oddly carefree about… well… everything. Other times, he tries to act cooler and more mature than he actually us, but just comes across as a huge nerd. He is SUPER social, though, to the point of not noticing the discomfort or irritation of others when he pops up.

  • Body
    • Strength: 5
    • Agility: 17
    • Endurance: 9
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 5
    • Wisdom: 17
    • Perception: 17
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 8
    • Will: 17
    • Luck: 5

Original HP:

  • Max HP: 26
    • Major Wounds: 0
  • Current HP: 26

Attack (melee): 11
Attack (range): 11
Defense (phys): 7
Defense (dodge): 17

- A Loser On Heelys: Rel as has had a lot of time to practice the use of Heelys. It's gotten to the point where he's better at the than he is at just plain running. (Bonus to AGI when using his lame-ass rolly shoes mostly meant for children.)
- Healing: For those who don't know, bored children (and teenagers) can do very dangerous, dumb shit when left alone. With no one to kiss his ouchies all better after dousing them in Neosporion or to set his arm in a splint/cast if he broke it, he had to learn to do all this stuff himself. (Healing is 17)
- Can't Catch Me!: Even after not interacting with people for ten years, Relyt has never lost his natural skill for not getting tagged by others.(Bonus to DODGE when the one doing the attacking is human(oid).)

- HOW DO I PEOPLE AGAIN: As social as Rel can be, he still hasn't interacted with people for over ten years. Suffice to say, his social skills can be lacking around others. Which sucks because he LOVES being around them. (Penalty to CHA when interacting with humans/humanoids.)
- Fourth Grade Education: Even in school, facts slipped his mind easily. Compound that with not having book learning for more than a decade, and it shouldn't be surprising that he hasn't learned anything formal since then. (Penalty to KNO for anything past what he could learn in fourth grade.)

-Two-way radio
-His super lame NEON GREEN Heelys

Talent: MOOOM I NEED A RIIIDE Rel, having messed around in the hotel and on empty worlds for so long, knows how to summon doors where he wants them to be (as long as it is a logical place for a door), essentially allowing him to teleport to different areas by stepping into the Hotel at one place and stepping out at another. (up to GM discretion whether it's okay to use this talent of course.)
Backfire: YOU'RE GROUNDED YOUNG MAN Sometimes, though, the Hotel doesn't seem to particularly like this and locks him out of the room, making it so he can only watch and talk to everyone else through the key for while before it lets him back inside. (current GM decides when he can come back in)

History: Relyt was born to a middle-class family in the US of A on Earth, in the year 1999 CE. He was always a high-energy kid who had his own place on the junior track team and was somewhat well-liked in class, even if he wasn't always brightest when it came to keeping facts straight in his head and was sometimes too nosey for his own good.

Cue one day when he's nine-and-a-half, he suddenly ends up in a bed at Lockwood Hotel when he had right before hand been walking home with his friends and some of their older siblings from track practice.
He, unsurprisingly, had no idea what the hell was going on. It was only after exploring that he found out, apparently, his world had ended?? This only confused and panicked him more.

He then set off to try to find proof of this world-endy stuff or maybe to see if there were his friends or family or just, well, ANYONE around. He got the first part when he discovered the other worlds accessible by the Hotel- all empty of sentient life, all dead in that way. No people, though. At all. So, at the very least, it seemed like the world-endy thing might be true??

So, with that out of the way, he did what he could: he kept exploring, used and abused Room Service to the best of his ability, and perfected his hobbies while slowly gaining other ones too. It got to the point where he discovered a lot of the Hotel's secrets and even figured out how to use the ever-shifting landscape of the hotel to essentially teleport.

He was left alone to his own devices for eleven years. Until, one day… there were other people around???


  • His name is one he created himself by reversing his first name then adding some internet lingo as his last name. (he still think the 'f' stands for 'frick')
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