Rock Lobster

Role: Lobster. Rock Lobster.
Director: Prior
Description: Damn handsome. Rugged, manly, but clearly in a caring way that'll attract a female audience too. Brown, perfect hair, blue eyes, beautiful jawline. Tall and broad in a reassuring and masculine way.

  • Body
    • Strength: 14
    • Agility: 10
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 16
    • Wisdom: 5
    • Perception: 20
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 10
    • Luck: 5

Original HP:

  • Max HP: (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: (Max HP - Minor Wounds)

Attack (melee): 12
Attack (range): 18
Defense (phys): 12
Defense (dodge): 15

- Chest High Walls: With a little bit of cover, any soldier can become an untouchable bastion of shootiness. Rock always has advantage when attempting to utilise cover.
- Hold X to hack the Pentagon:
- Gratuitous explosions:



-Two-way radio

Talent: Shooter Guy. Warblood 5 has the latest in generic FPS action. Regenerating health, recoilless guns, and a story so banal that even the twelve year olds will lose interest! When activated, Shooter Guy lasts until the end of the 'action sequence'. Whilst Shooter Guy is active, Rock has twenty seven ranged attack, eighteen physical defense, and does not take major wounds- his max HP cannot be reduced. He also regenerates d3 current HP per enemy turn in which he takes no damage, although he cannot increase his current HP beyond the point it was at when he initiated Shooter Guy

Backfire:Cutscene weakness. 'In Warblood 2 they killed off your character in a poignant moment of brilliant development. In Warblood 3 they killed him off in the sixth mission and it was kinda crappy. In Warblood 4 they kill off 2 seperate player characters and they ALL sucked. I can only presume that in Warblood 5 they'll kill him off when you preorder.' During a backfire, Rock Lobster takes double damage and cannot use any of his advantages. In addition, all damage he takes is a major wound.


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