Shevaun Kavanagh

Name: Shevaun Kavanagh
Player: TheArcanist
Description: Short by many standards but tall by her country and times, Shevaun stands at 5'5" with darker red hair, deep green eyes, and a deathly pallor (or perhaps that's just the Irishness). She at least has the illusion of being rather beautiful, even if that's not always the case. Whatever she chooses to wear underneath she has a red-lined deep green cloak and hood over herself, traditional for a spirit like her.
Demeanor: Among those she trusts, at least, she's often relaxed and smiling, and surely more exciting than most dead people. Either out of instinct or habit, to those she's unsure of or dislikes she's cold and as much in control as she can be.

  • Body
    • Strength: 5
    • Agility: 12
    • Endurance: 6
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 8
    • Wisdom: 13
    • Perception: 15
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 16
    • Will: 19
    • Luck: 6

Original HP: 25

  • Max HP: 25
    • Major Wounds: Wound, date, HP taken.
  • Current HP: 25

Attack (melee): 8
Attack (range): 11
Defense (phys): 5
Defense (dodge): 13

- That Which Has No Life: Sticks and stones and broken bones all impede a body's ability to move, but bullets and arrows have more trouble hurting someone if there's no need for blood or organs. Explosions or boulders are a different story. (Dodge Defense against small arms/bows, etc)
- The Face of Fear: Simply put, banshees can be scary. It's half their job. (Charisma for intimidation)
- Unshakeable: Shevaun's been going bump in the night for the entirety of her unlife. Scaring her is an achievement, if it's even possible. (Will against fear)

- Old Bones: While she's tough, feats of great athleticism are generally beyond the dead. (Endurance for stamina)
- Uneducated: As a living warrior, Shevaun was taught a lot about tactics and the like, and even poetry - not so much about math and science and all that. (Knowledge for conventional schooling)

-Two-way radio

Talent: Keen: When Shevaun wails, enemies nearby become very strongly convinced that they are about to die. They may choose to flee; if they stay and fight, wounds inflicted on them from sources other than Shevaun deal 2 additional damage.
Backfire: Grief: Being able to inflict such fear of death upon others comes from having experienced it oneself. Sometimes trying to channel such powerful emotion is overwhelming, and Shevaun is overcome with the same fear she once felt. Her next turn is wasted, and until she has a minute or so to collect herself away from any immediately stressful situation she gains disadvantage on normal Will checks, and those she usually has advantage on are treated as normal (usually until the end of the scene or combat).

History: Long in the past in her own world, Shevaun was a swordswoman among the Irish Darini, a people renowned for their warmongering and general violence, the closest to the stereotype of wild island berserkers later perpetuated by the Romans - who were, against all odds, driven off by the Celts and their strange magic. While the Darini had power on their side, their bloody nature lent itself to those who would work against their people and not for it; in a cold-blooded killing, Shevaun fell not in battle but to bow-wielding bandits, which brought the rage that reanimated her as it did other murdered women: a ban side, banshee, woman of the barrows.

Of course, the rest of her time in her world was not very interesting; banshees do not bring death, only foretell it, though it may be persuaded. Long after she'd been an omen of death for those who had slain her, she still persisted, doing her work where it was needed and occasionally bringing the dooms of those she disliked a bit earlier - but hundreds of years later, still she remained, as her world stagnated to a close at the hands of the Morrigan, the three divine sisters who fuelled wars and the like - and one day simply awoke elsewhere, given a fresh chance to be more than she had been.


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