Sydney Mars

Name: Dr Sydney Mars
Player: LemurLord
Description: A tall woman of 35, though she looks much older than that. She bears many wrinkles from stress and sunken eyes behind rimless glasses. Her hair is pure gray, going on white kept messy and shoulder-length. She's usually dressed in a heavy yellow and white labcoat.
Demeanor: Some would call her cold, but those who know her simply call her reserved. She has a warm heart for children, and if you can get her talking about her hobbies she'll never stop. She possesses a dry wit that she chooses to only reveal when it's most appropriate. She also can not stand the sight of blood.

  • Body
    • Strength: 7
    • Agility: 14
    • Endurance: 9
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 19
    • Wisdom: 17
    • Perception: 10
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 6
    • Will: 13
    • Luck: 5

Original HP: 22

  • Max HP: (Original HP - Major Wounds)
    • Major Wounds:
  • Current HP: 22

Attack (melee): 10
Attack (range): 14
Defense (phys): 8
Defense (dodge): 12

-That's Doctor Mars to you: Sydney has numerous PhDs and several Doctorate degrees in fields a common man would have difficulty in pronouncing (Bonus when dealing with matters related to the fields of theoretical physics)
-Mother's Intuition: Maybe it was from all the years staring down microscopes. Maybe it was all the long nights glaring at long equations on a whiteboard. Maybe it was the two kids she had. Whatever the reason, Sydney can be quite perceptive about small details (Bonus when picking out small details)
-Tougher Nut To Crack: From living with the death of her family to witnessing firsthand the destruction of her world, Sydney has grown a pretty tough skin (Bonus when resisting mental and psychological trauma)

-Not That Kind of Doctor: Sydney has no known medical training and, in fact, feels uneasy at the sight of blood. (Penalty when having to deal with injuries or working in the presence of someone with injuries)
-Pacifist: Sydney loathes weapons, preferring indirect means of dealing with opponents (Penalty when having to engage opponents physically)

-Two-way radio

Talent: Schrödinger's Cat Syndrome: Whatever Sydney did to wind up at Lockwood Hotel, it… did something to her. She can experience parallel worlds seemingly at random. These events cause minute changes to occur. A bullet's trajectory might be slightly off, someone makes a different decision.
Backfire: Sydney has very little control over this ability. If it occurs there is a chance that the results might not be in her favor.

When one normally talks about child geniuses a few common themes tend to arise. Building a massive machine in their parents' garage. Graduating college at a young age. Sydney Mars has done none of these things. She grew up with only average scores at school. When she graduated, though, the genius inside her blossomed. After her third PhD she married Trenton Mars and together they had two beautiful children, Georgia and Austin.
Sydney didn't let her scientific studies lack now that she had a family. She made headline news with her research into parallel worlds. Her team managed to create a 'Looking Glass' that could theoretically be used to view these alternate Earths
Tragedy struck, however, when Sydney lost her family. They were flying home from vacation when the plane experience major engine failure and crashed. Sydney was working in the lab at the time. The news devastated her.
Instead of letting the grief consume her, she used it to fuel her research. Despite the objections of her coworkers she accelerated her studies and pushed for more drastic experiments with the Looking Glass. Unbeknownst to her colleagues, Dr Mars had a much more ludicrous motive behind her work.
The time had come. Sydney set up the Looking Glass with precise coordinates. A world where her family survived the crash. She could see them, just beyond the machine. Despite the heated objections from her superiors, she reached out. She was so close. The machine began going haywire, it was simply not designed to pass matter between worlds. Sydney didn't care, she reached further, almost gracing the hairs atop her child's hair. The next few seconds were a blur. Then she woke up in Lockwood.

Sydney Mars sometimes feels phantom pains in her right arm. A side effect of the incident.
She was a dancer back in college. She often talks about it and can still bust a move.

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