Theodore Fitzgerald
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Theodore prior to Lockwood.

Name: Theodore "Fitz" Fitzgerald
Player: Aphex_
Description: Long, blond haired Scotsman, around 5'9", 150lbs. Wiry, not incredibly well defined but strong enough to hold his own.
Demeanor: Awkward, not sure how to talk to people. Practically a genius, save for when he's not. Goes days without sleeping, usually passes out and sleeps all day after a week or so of staying up.

  • Body
    • Strength: 12
    • Agility: 12
    • Endurance: 10
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 14
    • Wisdom: 18
    • Perception: 14
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 8
    • Luck: 7

Original HP: (10+10) 20

  • Max HP: 20
    • Major Wounds: 0, (DATE), (INJURY)
  • Current HP: 20

Attack (melee): ((12+12)/2) 12
Attack (range): ((14+14)/2) 14
Defense (phys): ((12+10)/2) 11
Defense (dodge): ((12+14)/2) 13

- High IQ - Theodore's IQ lands on the high side of the 190's, something that he won't hesitate to put to use… or pull as a card in an argument. (Wisdom)
- "I'm an expert…" - If he's even glanced at it, there's a possibility that Theodore knows how it works, inside and out. (Knowledge pertaining to technology.)
- "…on basically everything" - On top of his engineering knowledge, Theodore has a good amount of insight on the world at large… even if it is just through a video feed. (Perception)

- "…but I have no idea what this is." - If the time ever comes that Theodore doesn't know how something works, there will be some… unruly happenings with vocabulary. (- Wisdom)
- "Now's a good time to panic." - Theodore is, at least in Lockwood, a completely normal individual. The things that he encounters can sometimes send him into a bit of a panic. (- Will)

- Custom-built pistol. Keeps a variety of custom ammunition on hand. Trackers, rubber loads, you name it.
- Laptop
- Handheld Forensics Drone (for field use)
- Tablet (for drone control)
- Spare external hard-drives
- Flashlight
- Two-way radio
- A few changes of clothes

"I have a tendency to…" - Theodore's ability to quickly analyze a situation makes him a great multitasker. (Fitz can take two roll-required actions at the same time [He must roll each separately])

"…Overanalyze" - Unfortunately, Theodore has a bit of a problem with looking too closely at a situation. This can lead to a serious detriment while in the field. (Each action is an instant failure an Fitz cannot act for another turn [about 1 minute when not in combat])

Theodore was born to Mrs. Fitzgerald in Aberdeen, Scotland. His story truly begins around the age of 7, the beginning of his foray into engineering. He was quickly accepted into a variety of private schools designed for "gifted" children, which gave him the access to the only thing he really cared about: materials to tinker with.

This pattern would continue until university, where he would be accepted at the young age of just 16, graduating a year later. After that series of fortunate events happened however, the bad news came… His father had died in a bombing in London. This sent the young Fitzgerald into depression, causing his life to spiral and crash. He flunked out of University, left home, and began roaming the United Kingdom, couch surfing wherever he could.

His life began taking a step up after a while, around the age of 26, where he would be accepted into Imperial at London… but this worried Fitz, as he had no idea if he could make it once more after his previous failure. He worried and worried and then suddenly…

He woke up in a hotel room.

Miscellaneous: Fitz can do a decent American accent, which comes from watching a lot of television while couch surfing.

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