Name:Xaxymbro or other known as Gummi
Description: with pink skin and multi colored gummy snakes for hair, this jiggly bombshell has quite an exotic look from her bright yellow snake eyes to her shark like teeth. She stands at 4'5" with a curvaceous figure that moves smoothly. She may resemble a slime at first glance but it's easy to see her skin has surgery freckles that speckle her shoulders and face.
Demeanor: bubble gum air head with a chocolate chipper attitude.
You have 55 points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 5+10=15
    • Agility: 5+8=13
    • Endurance: 5+3=8
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 5+6=11
    • Wisdom: 5+2=7
    • Perception: 5+9=14
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5+2=7
    • Will: 5+2=7
    • Luck: 5+13=18

Original HP: 15

  • Max HP: 15
    • Major Wounds: (Damage Taken as Major Wounds. Put both the wound, date, and the HP taken.)
  • Current HP: 15

Attack (melee): 14
Attack (range):12
Defense (phys):11
Defense (dodge):13

-Wiggle room: since she is gummy girl she is able to wiggle and move portions of her body. (She gets a bonus to agility)
-Gummi snakes!: Gummi has over 2 dozen sentient gummi snakes as her hair. Despite being sentient they are ehx's eyes and ears as she has poor vision other wise. They are able to extend themselves up to five feet but become weaker the further the stretch out. (Adds a bonus to perception when searching or being the eyes and ears of the group in low light)
-On the tip of my tongue: Gummi has venomous saliva that is highly corrosive. She not able to lick objects to make them her own. The venom is able to be spit or used to melt through locks and other metals. Does not corrode through organic matter. (She gains a bonus to luck for how much it will melt)

-I DROPPED MY GLASSES!: Gummi has special eyes, when her snakes are sleeping she is probe to bumping into all sorts of things! She is extremely near sighted and relies on glasses when her babies are sleep. They can be easily knocked off her face when she does have them but most of the time she doesn't have them and prefers to keep her eyes closed cause she doesn't like how they make her look. (Weakened when snakes are tired at bed time which is during the day)
-Im a GUMMY!: she is allergic to water in most forms. Mists, poools, showers can melt the poor sugar lass.

-Two-way radio
-pop rocks fire starters
-bubblegum bandaids
-marmalade medical kit
-laffy Taffy rope
-candy glass daggers

Talent:Toffee vision: she can turn organic objects into toffee with her icy stare with out her glasses. This lasts for 5 rounds or until the person breaks free of her gaze then it only lasts for 3 rounds.( Bonus to strength)
Backfire:if used too much she slowly begins to turn to rock candy herself and her limbs will freeze in that position if used too long.

History: Xaxymbro was born in a world that was cold icy domain. Her mother a Naga gummi and her father a rockcandy golem. Her parents guarded an ancient evil that has been around for centuries. For the gods created the couple to gaurd the relic that he'll the only thing that could swallow the gods and earth whole and plunge the world into nothingness. In the years before her inevitable conception, her parents were polar opposites, one fought to destroy any one who come to take the orb from them, while the other hunted those down who did not even seek such evil. One day a man by the name of Ulyssus came through and took her mother's life. Her father became enraged and took his beloved wife's body to be reincarnated but alas her body was too damaged and he used some of his own body to try to resurrect her using the power of the orb. The poor man was sucked into the orb and as was his wife's body where he has implanted the orb to draw from it's magnificent power. Little did he know he had created life but it was Xaxymbro. In the 15 minutes of Xaxymbro being alive in her world it was agony she knew nothing despite looking like a teenager. She activated the orb with out knowing what was happening, thus pulling her entire world inside of her chest like a collapsing star.

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