Name: Xylene
Player: TheArcanist
Description: Xylene stands at 5'8" or thereabouts. Rather than skin and eyes and a mouth, Xylene has a faceless mould of white metal in the shape of a human body. On the front of her head rests a glowing cyan design in the form of a circle with a line straight through its centre vertically, with smaller perpendicular lines extending to her right, a viewer's left, from the top and bottom of the original. She's doubtless dressed in a typical magician's stage costume, with a black hat, coat, and pants. Rather than white gloves, she has the normal whiteness of her "skin", which is still a slight bit giving to the touch and is just as easily broken. Underneath her hat, rather than a head, is a mess of silent flames matching her "face" that feel no more than pleasantly warm, the interior of her head hollow.
Demeanor: Like many magicians, Xylene is a charming trickster sort, always wanting to either make people laugh or charm them into awe. She tries to keep her tricks harmless, though; she cares deeply about other people.

  • Body
    • Strength: 5
    • Agility: 12
    • Endurance: 6
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 7
    • Wisdom: 15
    • Perception: 16
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 18
    • Will: 8
    • Luck: 13

Original HP: 14

  • Max HP: 14
    • Major Wounds: Wound, date, HP taken.
  • Current HP: 14

Attack (melee): 8
Attack (range): 11
Defense (phys): 5
Defense (dodge): 14

- Escape Artist: Xylene has a few tricks up her sleeve for wriggling out of tight situations, usually the grip of a human hand or metal cuff, and on occasion a fancy escape box or two. (Agility)
- Master Bluff: You ever tried telling if someone without a face is lying? (Charisma)
- Seen This Trick: It's always good to be able to pick out what someone else is up to, no matter if it's to learn a new act or to see someone's tell in a card game. (Perception)

- Not The Face!: It's not that Xylene is fragile, but rather she's unused to a fight; she doesn't know how to take a hit punch or a stab. (Phys. Defense)
- Pacifism: Xylene's never come close to killing anything bigger than a fly, and she never intends to. Unless she's cornered with no way out, she's never going to try to harm a living thing. (Ranged/Melee)

-Two-way radio

Talent: Vanishing Act: Xylene can make a willing person disappear in a flash of her usual cyan fire by being within arm's reach of them and opening her pocket watch. For four minutes and forty-eight seconds (or until the watch is shut again) the person is effectively treated as though they were inside the watch, able to be passed through small spaces or taken in a coat pocket or anything else a watch could do, but they are also unable to take any actions. If the watch is destroyed the person simply reappears in a relatively safe place.
Backfire: Burnout: Xylene enters her own watch in a similar fashion, for about one minute and thirteen seconds. The watch is shut and cannot be opened by any means; even if it's destroyed, she remains inside until the time is up.

History: Xylene was just like any other of her trade, in a sense. She brought tricks never before seen and made the world watch as she, in the mystery that surrounded her, presented what many believed to be an amazing costume for all to see. Of course, the secrets that many of her tricks weren't mere slight of hand and that her visage wasn't crafted remained safely behind her nonexistent lips.

In actuality, of course, Xylene is not at all human, but something else entirely - not a jinn or a demon or anything like that, but rather a different being altogether. Not even her closest friends have been told exactly what she is, beyond what she is not. The frustration of those who believed conspiracy was afoot somehow or another peaked in a group of armed men who stormed the stage of a classic show on Broadway nearly two decades into Xylene's career, and as they marched up to pull off a mask that did not exist, she opened her pocket watch and simply vanished in a puff of smoke.

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