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Zeke at moment of birth.

Name: "Zeke"
Player: Nanoro
Description: An androgynous human person. Very average on all accounts, no real distinguishing features aside from the small tattoo on its forehead.

In combat, however, he's a whole different story. Zeke's face sort of peels away (yeah.) whenever he fires his "lance", and his otherwise usually nailless fingers split to reveal retractable claws.
Demeanor: … They act… Weird. Something about "Zeke" is just off, as if they did not fully comprehend how to human - or much else, for that matter. What little noises it makes are usually drawn out sighs and words, with the uncomfortability of someone who really does not know how to talk.
You have points left to spend.

  • Body
    • Strength: 18
    • Agility: 18
    • Endurance: 16
  • Mind
    • Knowledge: 5
    • Wisdom: 5
    • Perception: 13
  • Soul
    • Charisma: 5
    • Will: 10
    • Luck: 10

Original HP: 28

  • Max HP: 28
    • Major Wounds: N/A
  • Current HP: 28

Attack (melee): 18
Attack (range): 9
Defense (phys): 17
Defense (dodge): 15

- Unyielding Sentinel: The godweapons were first made as guardians, then as predators and finally as saviours. The first designs still linger in Zeke's being. (Advantage to Endurance against ongoing damages, and to pdef against environmental damage.)
- Advanced Metabolism: Zeke's tissue is composed of a low-level regenerative nanite synthflesh, meant to be able to repair any significant damage in the long-term without need of outside repairs. (Increased healing, roughly a third faster than that of a regular human being's.)
- Body of a God: Made to guard, kill and shield, Zeke's sole purpose is combat for the advantage of others. (Advantage to melee when friends are threatened, and for self defense.)

- Mind of a Child: Zeke is young, inexperienced and roughly as intelligent as a dog - at best. (Disadvantage with anything that requires higher intelligence.)
- Incomplete Soul: Zeke is not complete, nor is he mature. He is likely not even supposed to be alive, given the blatant corruption of his DNA. (All major damage gained is doubled.)

-Two-way radio

Talent: Godly Lance
Zeke is, while an incomplete one, a godweapon, a gun made of flesh. A being that caused the rise and fall of his realm. Within him still dwells the immense power bestowed upon him by his creators, ready to be aimed and released at anything before him - if only he knew how to fully use it.

On a roll of 3-4, Zeke fires a lance of searing energy, capable of dealing immense damage - 4d6 - to a single target. Against objects the damage is doubled. After firing, the ability is on cooldown for roughly 7 hours.

On a roll of 2, the beam fizzles and is unusable for roughly 7 hours.

Backfire: Unborn Child
… Unfortunately, Zeke's understanding of his power is more than limited, and it's likely for him to hurt himself. On a roll of 1, he fails to fire, and takes 2d6 damage.

In the realm of Godking Rulian the Fifth, all subjects had to keep under His rule. None were allowed to commit an act of heresy - such things included but were not limited to "free thinking", "holding shoes outside of appointed regions", "talking to a woman" and "talking ill of thy King".

In other words, the world was under utter and complete tyranny.

The Godking's warriors walked among the towering buildings of the Districts, towering above them and gazing down upon the subjects, making sure none would step out of line. All in standardized clothing, following the standardized schedule - freedom was unacceptable. It was not Safe. Anything not Safe had to be removed.

So many godweapons were made, many were never even born. Simply kept hidden, in stasis - one such case was "Zeke". Unborn, he was taken from his womb, hidden away far from the District by those who wanted to be rid of the Godking.

It was a shame that the Godweapons decided the Godking did not keep humans Safe.

It was a shame that the Godweapons decided that to be human was not Safe.

It was a shame that they decided Godweapons were not Safe.

In the ashes, Zeke yet incubated.

And then it was in the hotel.


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