Character Rules

We we'll be adding to this list constantly.

  • Characters can be from any time period
  • Characters must be human or humanoid such as can be perceived as human. Basically they need to be able to show up in our world without causing a riot.
  • Characters cannot originally appear in a copywritten source.

Character List

Name Player Title
Able Wixelt Organic Robot Not A Robot
Adnoki Ruumba Fae Frogish Sneak
Amelia Carter Talonair ONI Operative
Amy Campbell RosyBud Detective
Apphia gumbal1 Implacable Nightmare Host
Aris Leyton Wixelt Sort-of Magic Soldier
Cirith Vash-An Nemi Sword Spirit
Cordelia Geralds LadyKatie Vampire
Demar Soulless Sapient Dream
Draugan Standen Balthazaar Viking
Gehanna mrs_padri Princess of Hell
Genesis WetBeard Robutt
K311y and Bella LadyKatie Randumb and Edge Queen
Lawrence Wray Knight madness_ 19th Century Zombie Slayer
Leliel DiePotato Angel
Leo Bartholomew WetBeard Steampunk Inventor
Mariyah al-Nadiyah Nemi Awkward Jinni
Miles Tennen DiePotato Lucky Nobody
Montera Sou'Wester Kade Mad Hatter
Unknown (aka "Nona") lurkd Dimensional Drifter
Oran DrSavage Masked Man
Oskar Bertone Aphex_ Paladin Hunter
Percy T Geist DSJ Ghost Writer
Relyt Idgaf Kade (Big Nerd) Kade Some kid on Heelys (yes the shoes)
Admiral Osiris Complete_Zero Space Engineer
Saci mrs_padri Brazilian Trickster
Shevaun Kavanagh TheSpookanist Banshee
Snisk Nanoro Goblin Swindler
Sydney Mars LemurLord Dimensional Scientist
Travis Adams dragonwilder Undead steampunk combat medic
Theodore Fitzgerald Aphex_ Mundane engineering genuis
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