Character Rules

We we'll be adding to this list constantly.

  • Characters can be from any time period
  • Characters must be human or humanoid such as can be perceived as human. Basically they need to be able to show up in our world without causing a riot.
  • Characters cannot originally appear in a copywritten source.

Character List

Name Player Title
Amelia Carter Talonair ONI Operative
Amy Campbell RosyBud Detective
Cirith Vash-An Nemi Sword Spirit
Cordelia Geralds LadyKatie Vampire
Demar Soulless Sapient Dream
Draugan Standen Balthazaar Viking
Elias Dantes ArseneLupin Inquisitor
Gehanna mrs_padri Princess of Hell
K311y and Bella LadyKatie Randumb and Edge Queen
Lawrence Wray Knight madness_ 19th Century Zombie Slayer
Leliel DiePotato Angel
Mariyah al-Nadiyah Nemi Awkward Jinni
Melanie Sikes Odocoileus Void Human
Miles Tennen DiePotato Lucky Nobody
Montera Sou'Wester Kade Mad Hatter
Unknown (aka "Nona") lurkd Dimensional Drifter
Nóri Ingólfsson Cocoa Gun Knight Errant
Oran DrSavage Masked Man
Oskar Bertone Aphex_ Paladin Hunter
Percy T Geist DSJ Ghost Writer
Relyt Idgaf Kade (Big Nerd) Kade Some kid on Heelys (yes the shoes)
Shevaun Kavanagh TheSpookanist Banshee
Snisk Nanoro Goblin Swindler
Sydney Mars LemurLord Dimensional Scientist
Travis Adams dragonwilder Undead steampunk combat medic
Theodore Fitzgerald Aphex_ Mundane engineering genuis
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