Crafting Guide

Crafting Guide


The player must know what they want and provide a description of it.
The character must have the materials needed for what they want crafted.
Only base materials can be retrieved from Room Service, these should remain basic and simple.
Any other materials can be obtained via purchase or run.


First the character must obtain a basic knowledge of what they want made (This can be skipped if it makes sense that the character would already have knowledge of a subject). This can be achieved by going to the library and researching books, a KNO roll can be used to determined if the character is successful in learning. The DC for this roll should vary on the what is being crafted.
Next the character must created a design, which is simply a detailed description of what is being made and how it will work. This should ALSO include the process it takes to make said object.


Once the design has been completed the player must carry out the above process. This MUST be operated by an OPs and will require the player to go through several rolls to create what they wish. Failure may result in having to restart or injury.


After the item has been crafted it can be given appropriate stats if necessary.
The item should be added to the proper character’s page. (Owner, not necessarily creator.)

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