Assange Kaiser

Name: Assange Kaiser
Player: Prior

Body: 10
-Strength: -2
-Endurance: -2
Mind: 30
-Intelligence: +3
-Wisdom: +3
Soul: 30
-Will: +3

-Aeloyan History
-Magic (metal)

BaseAttack: 20
BaseDefense: 20
Reaction: 30

-Medium-calibre pistol -2 difficulty / 2d6+2 damage
-Dagger 0 difficulty / 2d6 damage

The Engram Suit
Assange can equip and unequip the Engram suit as he wishes, subject only to a brief (ten or so minute) series of preparations. The suit dulls his mind and saps his thoughts, but gives him significant physical strength alongside it.
If he attempts to equip or unequip the suit without any preparation then he takes d6 health damage which recovers slowly over time. He must wear the entire suit to receive any bonuses, and it is the placing/removing of the final/first piece which hurts.

Body: 35
-Strength +3
-Agility -2
-Endurance +3
Mind: 5
-Intelligence -2
Soul: 30
-Charisma -2
-Constitution +3

-Resisting ambient damage
-Magic (metal)

BaseAttack: 20
BaseDefense: 32
Reaction: 17

-Mace -2 difficulty / 2d6+2 damage
-Unarmed +2 difficulty / 2d6+2 damage


The Kaiser family is an old and rich one. Directly owning the main iron mining and steelworks network for the entirety of Aeloya, they grew strong off the back of the thousand year war, branching into military and thaumaturgical fields, but always keeping their core interests in "the three Ms", Mining Melting and Manufacture. The family home is an imposing grey manor streaked with rain and soot more often than not, and the members of the clan are expected to grow the same way- strong and dour, and more than a little cunning.

Born to the Kaiser family, Assange was always a problematic child. Born sickly and weak, a childhood growing up by the mines did nothing or his constitution. Plagued by illness from his first day to the day he was sent to live with relatives in the forest, he inherited none of the family resilience or implacable stubbornness, spending most of his youth secreted in his room with a pile of books and a jar of his breath medicine.

What Assange did inherit however was the cunning that had made his family strong. Whilst this was nothing really of note- there was not shortage of smart Kaisers- he decided to make his mark somehow. He pooled resources, called favours, and eventually had an accomplishment to call his own- the Mark one Engram suit. A colossal metal shell from which any man could match the physical power of the strongest of their kind. With it he could stand before his family, proud to be their son.

In theory. It needed testing first.


Engram Suit:

Concept image found in Kaiser Mining Corp. artistic department. Back reads "he says it needs fewer spikes and a smaler weapon. Honestly these people have no taste.
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