Name: Aleyna
Player: Bunton
Description: Medium-length blonde hair. Looks kind of young. She usually wears normal clothes, but lots of layers.
Demeanor: Kind of awkward. She's also acutely aware of all the things in the world that can kill her. She likes country music and sweet food.

Body: 30

  • Dexterity +3
  • Strength -2

Mind: 20

  • Cunning +3
  • Learning -2

Soul: 20

  • Will +3


  • Tracking +5
  • Maneuvering +5
  • Stealth +5

Health: 20
Base Attack: 25
Base Defense: 25
Reaction: 20


  • Hunting Knife (+0 Difficulty/4 Damage)
  • Compound Bow (+0 Difficulty/4 Damage)

Specialty: Accurate Shot — Aleyna is a skilled archer and can shoot with deadly accuracy. This ability allows her to roll twice when using a bow and take the better roll.


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