Jason "Frost" Blackwood

Name: Jason Blackwood

Player: Complete_Zero

Description: Jason has dark brown hair and amber eyes, which is usually covered by his some form of shades. He stands about 5'4" without his olive green ascot cap. When he isn't wearing his security guard uniform, he's likely wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans with a zip-up black and red jacket.

Demeanor: Jason likes to talk… a lot. He especially likes talking to women, but he's not usually successful with going anywhere with them. Being inexperienced with relationships, he doesn't usually like commitment. Beyond those traits, he has an okay sense of humor and he's not a smooth as he might think he is. He tends to gravitate toward bars, probably due the fact that he hates being alone, and drinking alone.

Body: 25
-Strength +3
-Dexterity -2
Mind: 30
-Cunning +3
-Calculation -2
Soul: 15
-Will +3

-Flying Aircraft +5
-Engineering +5
-Leadership +5

Base Attack: 27
Base Defense: 30
Reaction: 37

-Tactical Sword (0 difficulty / 4 damage)
-Law Enforcement Pump-Action Shotgun (-1 difficulty / 5 damage)

Specialty: On My Six!- Can grant other members of the team on a mission a small buff against defense or attack. Only one buff can be active at a time. Buff lasts for the duration of the enemy encounter. Only works if others are within earshot of Jason. (PLACE HOLDER, MIGHT CHANGE THIS!)

Jason was born in a fairly large city in Aeloya. As a young boy he loved planes and aircraft. His father, being a pilot, would sometimes take him down to the airport and let him sit in the cockpit. He would watch all kinds of airshows and learn all about how to fly a plane. One day, though, when his father was a part of a local airshow, something went horribly wrong. His plane stalled as he was doing a stunt and plummeted 60 degrees, straight into a field outside of town. The crash killed him instantly. Jason was devastated and wanted to honor his father by obtaining flying lessons and flying in the airshow in his stead.

When Jason grew older he joined the military as a fighter pilot. He and his squadron were very close. He earned the name 'Frost' because of his silence when around the group, often giving the "cold shoulder". He learned how to commandeer many types of aircraft including planes, jets, helicopters and others. He had truly believed that he lived up to honor his father in doing this. His career was a success, Jason had earned medals on leadership among his squadron. He was very much known for his successfulness on missions as a result of his leadership.

That is, until Jason was on a mission that changed his life. His squadron was sent to dispatch wyverns that were flying too close into civilian airspace. The wyverns got far too close, practically over the city. While the squadron was able to take them out, their falling bodies resulted in not only collateral damage, but eleven injuries and two civilian deaths. "Frost" Blackwood, the once notable leader of his squadron, was reprimanded and discharged. In the loss of his job, Jason moved to Tulgeywood to start a new life and work as a security guard. Nowadays, you can find him in a bar, drinking and trying to socialize.

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