R Everell

Name: R. Everell
Player: KadeLeMuse
Description: Always keeps face and head covered by cloth, so all that's visible are two blue eyes set in very dark skin. Wears a turtleneck, gloves and slacks tucked into boots.
Demeanor: Stilted and calm in social interactions. Prone to staring. Not the most talented with words.

Body: 10
-Strength -2
-Agility +0
-Endurance +0
Mind: 26
-Intelligence +0
-Sense +3
Soul: 34
Charisma -2
Will +3
Constitution +3

Casting Defensively +5
Stoicism +5
Intuition +5

Health: 20
Base Attack: 18
Base Defense: 20
Reaction: 30


Walking staff (-2 Difficulty/3 Damage)

Specialty: Divining- R can roll soul to get a hint as to the future. Should this succeed, 1d6 damage is rolled and all rolls get a penalty -5 for rest of event. Should he fail, 2d6 damage is rolled and he is knocked unconscious for an entire day.

History: <you must unlock level 5 KadeLeMuse motivation to access R's history!!>

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