Known Rooms

Guest Rooms
Everybody starts off with a king sized bed in a hardwood frame. The furniture is coordinated, and most everything is bolted to the wall. Each bedroom has an en suite bathroom, with a clawfoot tub that somehow has jets, and your favorite bathroom fixings. Any of these things can be changed, but you have to put in a request first. Things are cleaned or replenished as time marches on.

What can’t be changed though is the Tablet. The Tablet is first found on the nightstand with some basic instructions on how to use it. Nobody’s found a way to break one yet, the battery pretty much never dies, and there are a handful of apps. IC, most directories can be found here. All but two of them work anywhere you are.

Reception is like the lobby of any hotel, although instead of an exit, there are only a number of halls leading out and away from it and into the hotel. There is a front desk with a phone and a bell, and behind the counter is a back room as if for the clerk. There is a mail room behind the counter with boxes labeled for each room where their mail is delivered. There’s a gorgeous glass elevator that anybody and everybody can see, but it’s doors never open. The grand staircase only leads to the guest wings the PCs live in.

Lost & Found
Lost and found is about the size of a walk-in closet. There are deep bins in which lost - or mysteriously originated - items can be found, two on the wall opposite the door and one on the wall to the side.

The kitchen, supposedly, is where the food for the dining room is cooked. There are all the appliances and machines you would expect for cooking large amounts of food in a modern professional kitchen, all in a shiny brass. There is a telephone here.

Dining Room
The dining room functions like a buffet. Food is always warm as appropriate and appropriate for the time of day. There are plenty of tables. There is a hostess stand with a phone on it.

The Lounge has almost anything you could want to occupy your time. It has an unstaffed bar, comfy furniture, two large televisions that have a random display of shows, and music comes from… somewhere. Nobody’s found the source yet. A note on the bar asks you to please drink responsibly.

The Cinema plays a selection of movies every day, which you can find out on your tablet. It also changes what kind of seating is available depending on what the film is.

There's plants inside. There's a shelf of african violets, a row of geraniums, many kinds of herbs, a fiddle fig leaf tree, a bromeliad, money tree, philodendron, fern… There's a bench and extra florescent lights to promote growth. There's also a watering can and a faucet near the floor. The only room in the Hotel that has any sort of window, the glass ceiling doesn’t give you any clues as to where you are, just displays a starry night sky, clear blue sky, or a storm. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to it.

Swimming Pool
The room is tiled, both walls and floor. The pool is grey concrete, with blue and green mosaics. The walls are the same blue and green tile as the mosaics in the pool, and lounge furniture exists. Do remember there is no lifeguard on duty, and the depth varies.

The gym is a room with windows in the hallway. There's a wall of dumbells, a station with a weighted bar, a treadmill, an elliptical, a pull-up bar, a pull-down bar, a pull-over par, machines for your legs, core, and shoulders, machines for your arms, back, and feet. There's even machines that are nonsensical when being applied to a humanoid body.

A great big ballroom with an optional chandelier/disco ball. There is also a grandiose pipe organ located in this room.

A room full of books. It contains all possible combinations of letters in a nearly infinite expanse of shelves and ladders. For the sake of human sanity, management has seen fit to dedicate the first section of the library to books a common man might recognize. This section has numerous tables with lamps and a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

This is a rather impressive room. Set up to accommodate worship of any of a number of (at least) the top thousand most popular cross-universal dieties, the area is large, with many suites stemming off of it and many, many altars.

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